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Iran to the Rescue in Syria Plus: Roots of the Syrian Conflict

Eretz Israel as established by HaShem
Where's Syria on this Map?  You might well ask!

In yet another brilliant geopolitical chess move, Vladimir Putin has outsmarted the West on the Syria crisis.  He has arranged for Russia's ally Iran to step up and defend Syria's air space if Turkey and Saudi Arabia follow through and invade...with boots on the they have threatened.

There would not be the same international fall-out if Iran started bombing the invading Turkish and Saudi if Russian planes were doing the bombing.  USrael/NATO cannot complain too much if Iran comes to the aid of its neighbour and ally in the region...keeping the conflict local, so to speak.  And if they are encouraging their allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to illegally invade a sovereign country...and Damascus gives permission to Iran to defend its air space...what's the prob?! have to hand it to the Putinator...just when the West thinks they have him on the ropes, he jumps up and dances around like Muhammed Ali..."Dance like a butterfly...sting like a bee!" lol.

While on the subject of Syria.  Moscow resident Israel Shamir wrote a very good analysis the other day that is well worth reading.  I particularly love the part where he says something that I've often noted in the past.  The West, in their demonization of their "targets du jour" always accuse them of being "one of the richest men in the world".  They said it about Ghaddafi, Saddam Hussain and now Putin...and they're saying it about Assad.  What is this all about?  Well, I say that these people worship Manon and Greed themselves and project that evil characteristic onto their enemies.  As Shamir's very hard to hide "billions and billions" of dollars in offshore accounts.  So stop it already!

Here's a good background on the Roots of the Syrian Conflict by Syrian Girl:

8 Reasons why the New World Order Hates Syria
by "Syrian Girl"

Here are some other good links I've collected over the past few months on Syria:

Rebels holed up in Syrian Towns holding people's health to ransom.  BBC up to usual lying tricks intimates otherwise.  The West insists it cares about Syrian civilians and says their original invasion onto sovereign Syrian soil is predicated on Assad gassing his own people. Here is a recent letter to Lavrov and Kerry requesting they co-ordinate statement absolving Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad from gassing his own people in 2013.

An American General recently admitted that ISIS has chemicals and has used them in the past. That was, no doubt, the false flag used to attack Syria.

The long term agenda of USrael is to break Iraq and Syria up into 8 smaller statelets that are controllable by the Ziofascist entity.  I would add Turkey to this group. I agree with my blogging colleague Penny for your Thoughts that Turkey is also in the crosshairs.  They would like to use some of Turkey's southern territory to carve out KurdIShtan.  The Kurds (some of them) are pals with the Ziofascists...dontchaknow.  An independent Kurdistan is the worst nightmare of Turkey.  They have fought, literally for centuries now, to prevent such a happenstance.  How USrael could EVER entertain the idea of doublecrossing its "NATO partner" by fomenting such an uprising is beyond me...and is hubris beyond belief!

Speaking of hubris...and the little borderless entity...did you know that Israel has already granted oil rights in Syria to Messrs. Murdoch and Rothschild?

Yes, Israel is a manhunter....and this coming week is a make or break week for their wet dream Ersatz Israel project.  As mentioned in my earlier posts, there is currently a race to Raqqa, a city in northern Syria, going on...if the west reaches it...their ISIS rebels will have a safe haven in Syria (theoretically)...if Russia, the Syrian army (and now possibly the Iranian air force and/or boots on the ground) get there first...then Syria will be liberated...and the plot to destroy the Middle East (and start WWIII) will have failed...


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