Monday, February 15, 2016

UPDATED: God Help America!

UPDATED:  February 15, 2016 Must Read analysis of the Trump Candidacy.  What He Said!

Ted Cruz booed off stage for demanding that audience
agree with him that "If you're not for Israel,
 you're not for the United States"

I have to admit I didn't know a lot about GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz right up until the last few days. In fact, I had never watched him give a speech. Above, is a seminal video of Ted Cruz attempting to speak to a group of Christian Americans. He makes it clear right out of the starting gate...that he's not there to listen or even dialogue with his audience. He's there to make a pronouncement of abject fealty to Israel...and to declare that anyone who doesn't agree with him is ipso facto "unAmerican".  

It is actually quite shocking to watch the see Cruz's flinty eyes and his mean, threatening verbal and body language. When the crowd begins to become restless and boos...he dismisses them with a wave of his Imperial hand and walks off the stage. And this is the neocon favourite for the Presidency?!

Alternative blogger and Washington beltway journalist, Wayne Madsen, reported recently on Cruz's family background. Apparently, his father, Raphael Cruz Sr. worked in the oil business back in the 60's.  Cruz Sr. rubbed shoulders with oil associates of the Bush Family in the southern US, particularly in Texas and New Orleans. While living in New Orleans, he was also part of the large Cuban CIA-sponsored expat community that has been connected (by investigator Jim Garrison, amongst others) with the Kennedy assassination. When I read that...all of a sudden...Ted Cruz's candidacy made more sense to me. I know for the neocon Ziofascist cabal who control the United States, a candidate must meet two criteria:

1.  Unquestioning and proven loyalty to Ziofascism;

2.  Bloody (blackmailable) hands. While Cruz may not have bloody hands himself...the possibility that Cruz's father was a covert op in the CIA, and one of the cabal that shot President John F. Kennedy down like a dog in the streets of Dallas, Texas, might qualify the son, Ted Cruz, for the puppet job of President of the United States. After all, being connected with the Kennedy assassination (Bush Sr. was in the CIA and present in Dallas during the Assassination of JFK) has done wonders for the Bush Family, particularly the sons, Dubya and Jeb. 

Meanwhile, Cruz seems to be holding his own in the GOP debates....keeping a low profile on the debate sidelines...while Trump and Jeb Bush (a "made man" by virtue of his criminal activities during the fraudulent (s)election of GW Bush and during 9/11 in the "flight schools") slug it out.  

After watching the snippet video of Cruz speaking in the video above...I now know why Trump continually calls Ted Cruz a "very nasty man". It's evident that he is a very nasty individual. God help America....should he be elected...and God help Canada. I've said on this blog from the time of the announcement of Cruz's candidancy that, due to his past Canadian citizenship, Cruz appears to me to be the ideal "change agent" ram through a long planned North American Union between the US, Mexico and Canada.

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