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UPDATED: "Don't Read This Book" - Government

UPDATE:  February 23, 2016 Vancouver Sun's columnist, Ian Mulgrew, the same reporter who's writing the reports on the Terror Patsies Trial, has come out and said that the public's right to free speech and press supersedes the pain and suffering caused to families by the publishing of Pickton's side of the story. I heartily agree, Ian. Now get back to covering the Terror Patsies Trial...I'm sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen to those two.

Robert Pickton tells an undercover police office how many people he killed.

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A very disturbing chapter in British Columbia history has come back to haunt many of those who remember those days...or who were involved through the loss of loved ones...or were involved in the investigation of the most prolific mass murderer in provincial history....according to the police and courts.

Here is a report on the latest developments in the Pickton Pig Farm Saga from the Vancouver Sun:
copied in its entirety below and I will offer some thoughts and comments to follow:

Possible Robert Pickton memoir 

prompts outrage, appeal from

B.C. government

Pickton found guilty of murdering

26 women, though he allegedly bragged

about killing 49

METRO VANCOUVER — British Columbia will look at passing legislation to prevent offenders from profiting from their crimes after a book reportedly written by serial killer Robert Pickton was published.
Premier Christy Clark said Monday that the province will examine laws already on the books in other provinces and could copy what has been done elsewhere.
"I am at a loss for words. To think about the pain that he's prepared to willingly cause all of the families of those people who he murdered," Clark told reporters in Vancouver.
"I have trouble understanding it and I think people will want to know that their government is doing everything it can to want to stop him from profiting from this at the very least."
Solicitor General Mike Morris has asked online book retailer Amazon to stop carrying the 144-page book titled "Pickton: In His Own Words."
Amazon could not be reached for comment, but on the website the book is still listed, but is currently unavailable.
There is no confirmation that Pickton actually wrote the book, but a statement from Morris said the province is investigating every means possible to ensure the 66-year-old, who was from Port Coquitlam, will not profit in any way.
Pickton is serving a life sentence for the second-degree murders of six women and is being held at Kent maximum security prison near Agassiz, about 120 kilometres east of Vancouver.
Advocacy group Victims of Violence In Canada says on its website that four provinces, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, regulate whether an offender can profit from their crimes, such as through book revenues.
Citing privacy laws, the Correctional Service of Canada said it cannot provide details on an offender's file, but "it has been made aware of the book that has been published and understands the content may be offensive to some."
It said in a statement that federal offenders aren't allowed to profit from recounting their crimes "if it is determined that doing so would be contrary to the objectives of an offender's correctional plan or if doing so would pose a threat to safety of any individual, including victims, or to the security of a federal institution."
People serving sentences in federal correctional facilities have limited access to computers, but do not have access to the Internet or to email. The service said prisoners are able to communicate with members of the public in writing and are entitled to privileged correspondence.
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Earlier reports said that families of the murdered women have
asked that nobody buy or read the book. A woman police
officer who got entangled in the botched investigation
and was traumatized by what she went though, has also
asked that nobody read the book.

Considering the absolutely disastrously botched investigation
...that had police ignoring downtown eastside residents
yelling at them in their police cars as they drove through the area, shouting: "Go and search the Pig Farm...that's where
the women went!" Police apparently ignored the "tips"
because the Pig Farm wasn't their district
...the Pig Farm was out in Port Coquitlam.

Today, the Pig Farm lands are a nondescript subdivision
behind a huge shopping strip. Everybody has a story to tell
about close brushes with "the devil"...who prevailed
over what happened on those lands...including yours truly.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's I was involved in a
Non-Profit organization for Children and Families. We
fund-raised to cover expenses of renting and running a drop-in
and support resource for caregivers of small children. At one
of our board meetings, one of the board members suggested
we rent the "Piggy's Palace" (Barn?) on the Pig Farm' and
throw a dinner or some other such event and reap the profits.
The board member said this was a common way to raise
money as the owners of the pig farm were big supporters of
community projects. Well, thankfully, it never got past
the talking phase.

Another incident, a few years later, I was working at a regular
job and my boss, who was from Hong Kong was having
family visit from back home. As a special feast in honour
of their visit, he wanted to serve a roast suckling pig. As he
told us a few years later, after the story broke, he made
local inquiries where you could get a fresh suckling pig and
ended up out on the pig farm...accompanied by Robert Pickton,
in the actual barn...choosing a pig...which he then roasted,
served to his family and ate. Everyone my boss told that
story to ended up gagging upon hearing it.

You see, the pig farm was where, allegedly, the women
were murdered. Pickton would bring parts of their bodies
to a rendering plant in the downtown East Side where
the body parts would be mixed in with the other
rendered materials. much crap was published about that trial, lies
and cover-ups...we'll probably never know the truth
about what happened there. I have said on this blog
that I think the police are likely guilty of more than
negligence. There is certainly more than enough guilt
to go around. I would probably read the book if I
found it lying around...say on a coffee table somewhere
(gag). And I don't wonder at all about the desperate
torrent of pleas coming from the authorities NOT to
read the book. What was it that investigative
journalist Gary Webb said? "Authentic Journalism"
is writing about something that the Government
doesn't want you to know."


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So where can I read it?

greencrow said...

Interesting question. I don't know. I know that a criminal is not allowed to profit from his crime so I wonder if the book ever saw the light of day. I would also like to read it. So if you find out more about where to obtain it. Post another comment letting me know.