Tuesday, February 23, 2016

UPDATE: Ceasefire in Syria: Putin has Globalists by Short and Curlies

UPDATE:  February 25, 2016 It appears that The Saker is in general agreement with my analysis as stated below.  Of course he does provide a lot more empirical support for his conclusion that Putin and Russia have gained a surprising and important victory in Syria.  Here is "We are Change" also concluding that Russia has won a victory (temporarily at least) in Syria.

President Putin Announces Russian/American Agreement
Re: Cessation of Hostilities in Syria
(video above courtesy The Vineyard of the Saker)

There have been a lot of interpretations regarding the recent Russian/American Ceasefire Agreement in Syria.  Here are the basic principles of the Agreement...my comments and thoughts will follow:

- Putin says the phone call initiated by Russia...Russia is now taking the lead in Peacemaking activities throughout the world...no longer standing by watching chaos and disintegration of states;

- He says that the negotiators built on the trust and rapport that resulted from the successful negotiations to remove Chemical Weapons from Syria (also initiated by Russia);

- Cessation of hostilities on Feb. 27th is predicated on the successful completion of the process of notification of the US and/or Russia by the combatants on Feb. 26th that they are on board with the Agreement between Russia and the US;

- Clemency will be given to all combatants who agree by the 26th;

- Terrorists, who have been identified as such by the United Nations Security Council (ISIS, al Nusra, etc.) will NOT be given clemency and will continue to be targeted by Syria army, supported by the Russian air force;

- The US and Russia will monitor the ceasefire via a hotline and a committee of monitors;

- A series of negotiations re process of "transition of authority" in Syria will begin in Brussels. The current Syrian government and official opposition will be involved in these talks. President Dr. Bashar al Assad has already announced elections to take place on April 16th, 2016.  The announcement did not make it clear whether these elections will include leadership such as the Prime Minister and Presidency;

- shortly after the ceasefire takes effect, international aid will be permitted to flow into Syria.

- Putin makes it clear at the end of his announcement that, unlike what happened in Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, etc., this is NOT a unilateral action but is based on established principles of International Law and the United Nations charter.

There is always a huge risk for failure in these Agreements. I'm sure the "usual suspects" will be perched (metaphorically at least) high in the towers, sniping at both sides, (a la Maidan) to get them fighting amongst themselves again.  There could be a false flag or two in the offing in an attempt to sabotage this Peace Agreement.  But Putin seems to have all his ducks in a row.  The Agreement has the same comprehensive, step-by-step, cessation of hostilities, withdrawal of combatants and implementation of monitoring arrangements as his Minsk I and II tours de force.

In all the western JM$M efforts to diminish and demonize Vladimir Putin...his qualifications for office are rarely publicized.  Putin has a master of laws degree.  He is a lawyer +.  His training was in international law and agreements.  This is his Forte.  His ability to see the big picture and ignore petty wrangling and personal attacks is nonpareil.  No one knows what strings and leverage he pulled and used to get this deal. For whatever reason...Putin has the globalists by the short and curlies and he's squeezing.  We could be seeing the beginning of the end of the Ziofascist, globalist, neocon, military/industrial, bankster rampage over this planet....seeking to impose a "unipolar" tyranny...and...

....a return to the rule of law via the United Nations.  If this is achieved, we can then move forward as a species to the far bigger battle to save the planet's environment. Viva Putin!

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