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UPDATED: CawRANT Events #18

UPDATE:  February 12, 2016 I have updated my Arts and Crafts page to include my latest sewing project.  You can visit the page here...or click on the link above...Enjoy!

CawRANT Events #18

Children's TV in a nutshell

Well, folks, the greencrow is baaaaack from a week and a half long hiatus from blogging.  Rest assured, I was working very hard however, re-honing my dormant skills as a caregiver to a toddler. (her parents were on a week long Caribbean vacation). Now THAT's (parenting) hard work. Among other necessary evils (like changing diapers)...I had to re-acquaint myself with children's daytime TV. It's a jungle out there, folks.  Well, a cartoon jungle, at least. There are currently two major themes in children's cartoon programming...animals (almost all the characters are animals) and outer space. The outer space/distant galaxy/star wars meme was disturbing to me. It seems that children are being set up to believe that trips to outer space will be common occurrences when they become need to preserve the planet we're on. No mention, of course, of the Van Allen radiation belts.

I also noted that cartoons directed at older children, say between 6 and 12, are mildly salacious...with sexual references and gross biological references. The worst example of this was a cartoon about a boy who's best friend is his butt. No kidding!  there was this boy (with no butt) who had a big drawn naked butt as a separate entity accompanying him on adventures...including meeting a dinosaur who also had a separate butt. Who thinks up this garbage?...and worse...who approves it for children???!!! "Beam me up, Scottie".

Outer Space Discovery?

Related to the children's version of space exploration, I note that scientists have come up with a new theory of the universe...a discovery of the gravitational elements that Einstein alluded to many years ago. You know what I think? Never mind that Einstein has long been discredited...his wife basically wrote the theory and he, as a male, took credit for it. But there's a Truth litmus test in the Space Exploration issue...just as there is a litmus test in current geopolitical issues. In the latter, as I've said many times...the Truth litmus test is 9/11. If an analyst doesn't factor in the crimes and lies of 9/11...they have NO credibility. In the case of outer space...if the analyst/scientist doesn't admit the existence of Van Allen radiation belts...they cannot be believed on any other aspect of the issue.

In reviewing other current events that occurred while I was on hiatus...I noted that the following trends continued:

Canada ordered to act as spoon....for Israeli "stir the pot" project in Northern Syria and Iraq

Canada has stopped flying it's war jets over Iraq but has now been tasked with "training" and arming Kurdish fighters. This will really ingratiate Canada with it's NATO partner, Turkey...NOT! Again, the main point to take away from all the political grandstanding and media hype is that Canada does NOT have an independent foreign policy. We're told what to do and we do it...whether it is in the long term best interests of Canada or not. In this case, Canada should stay away from the half-baked no-win imbroglios--cooked up by the neocon, Ziofascist monomaniacal warmongers. Canada should forge positive relationships with all nations based on Canada's best long term interests.

ZIKA (Ziofascist-Instigated Killing Agent) virus controversy 

I note that most of the alternate media has agreed with my "first out of the starting gate" assessment of the Zika virus as being yet another Big Pharma/WHO scam. It's difficult to believe they would try to pull another one of these patently false "virus" scares so soon after the media demise of the Ebola scare. They really do play the sheeple for suckers. One of the biggest "tells" is how there is always a geopolitical angle to the "virus" this case...Brazil has been targeted because it is going to hold the Olympics next summer and, as a charter member of MUST be demonized, isolated and terrorized. But, in this case...the virus meme has fallen flat. Maybe they should announce that a meteor is heading straight for Rio.

The "Dean Scream" Redux

Looking at the US electoral I always enjoy doing...I noted that the one-trick ponies have pulled out the age old tactic of making the candidate...look like a nutbar.  This worked very well a few decades ago with the Howard Dean "scream" where "dirty tricks" saboteur moles in the M$M tweaked the audio of one of the populist candidate Dean's speeches to sound as if he were screaming like a madman.  Then they played soundbytes of it over and over...drilling it into the pea brains of the sheeple....until Dean's candidacy was destroyed. Now they're attempting the same strategy with Trump. They tweaked his speech to make it sound like he said the "F" word.

Candidates vying for job of Comander-in-Chief Torturer

In a bizarre and surreal development, the candidates are vying with one another as to who will commit the worst war crimes (including torture) if elected. This is prima facie evidence that the US is past redemption as a state. It also shows how not solving 9/11 and bringing the culprits to justice wreaked a catastrophe for all Institutions of the US government. The candidates should be charged with threatening and conspiracy to commit criminal acts for even making these disgusting "promises". Once any criminals are above the law...ALL society is in mortal danger. Even the cavemen knew this. BTW, did you know that the origin of all law is rooted in the human necessity to sleep? The cavemen knew this...and worked out arrangements of trust and/retribution amongst their they wouldn't be robbed or murdered in their sleep. All law evolved out of this. Anyhooooooooo......

Yes, the US electoral campaign has sunk to new depths in both quality of communications and the now commonly-accepted fraudulent counting systems. But I continue to stand by my prediction made at the end of last year (2015) that Trump will NOT be the Republican candidate when the election proper finally gets under way. I note Trump had a "emergency" when his plane landed last week...this could be the sort of thing that will ultimately end his candidacy...IMO.

US military/industrial complex getting an @$$-kicking in the retail department

As I've noted on many occasions, all modern wars are fought to determine what country gets to sell (and thereafter control) its military hardware to vassal states. The warmongers make money from war...and that's the bottom line. Lately, there has been a largely under-reported two-pronged crisis facing the US military/Industrial complex. The US's flagship fighter jet...I believe it's called the F-15....has been found wanting technologically. Of course, this is the jet that Canada and other vassal states were (and are) being forced to purchase with our tax-payer dollars.

At the same time, several non-vassal states are purchasing the far superior Russian equivalent...the Sukhoi-30.

False Flag Alert! Iran and Indonesia are planning to buy Russian fighter jets

Yes, folks, horror of all horrors, Iran and Indonesia have made noises that they are about to purchase the Russian product. The most threatening aspect of this, in the view of the neocons, is that these weapons need a lot of training and upkeep. The state that purchases them also purchases a long-term military/client status with the this case Russia. This is how Canada and all the other vassal states became militarily subservient to the purchasing their (faulty) hardware. It also came out during the Turkish shoot-down of the Russian jet that the purchaser is required under the contract to notify the seller every time the plane is being used. Now...what kind of sovereignty is THAT!???

And, finally, speaking of the US flawed military...a very strange story came out of RT this morning. Apparently, this past Wednesday, the US flew two war jets over Aleppo in Syria and bombed nine buildings...some thought to be hospitals. THEN...the US blamed the whole war crime on Russia! Russia denies and,as Mike Rivero of WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM comented:

The US Air Farce! The same outfit that LET 911 happen and the same outfit that bombs hospitals,weddings,schools and funerals. I have to believe the Russians on this one!
Two US Air Force A-10 warplanes carried out airstrikes on Aleppo Wednesday, destroying nine facilities, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported. The same day, the Pentagon accused Moscow of bombing two hospitals, despite no Russian flights over the city.
“No Russian warplanes carried out airstrikes in Aleppo city area yesterday. The nearest target engaged was over 20km away from the city,” Konashenkov stressed, adding that on the contrary, airplanes from the US-led anti-ISIS coalition were active over Aleppo, “both aircrafts and UAVs.”
The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry drew attention to the stunning similarity of the situation with the American airstrike on the Medecins Sans Frontieres hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, and the US bombing of the positions of the Iraqi army in Fallujah.

Mike forgot to mention the infamous Tarnak Farm Incident...which false flag attack on Canada back in 2003 started my personal Internet activist career. The US is truly the most corrupt and criminal nation on the planet...and, with the current slate of criminal candidates running for office...this is reaching the point of no return. Here's a list in poem format that outlines the gravity of the situation:

10 Signs That America Is the Most Corrupt Nation=By= Gary Corseri(A poem based on an article by Juan Cole—at Truthdig.)
1. Wealth DisparitiesTrickle down economics
Is an excuse For the rich to piss on the poor.
So, look up, ye wretched of the Earth!

We’re happy to piss on your faces
While you cry out for “more”!
2. Human Carbon Emissions I deny with a straight face
That I’ve anything to do
With the CO2 I haphazardly spew
From my Lotus, or my factory—
Bringing to you
The latest baulbles I’ve convinced you
You can’t live without.
3. Endless Political Campaigns Ridiculous to think they last a year or two
When, in fact, they’ve been going on
Since Washington chopped down the cherry tree
In quasi-actuality,
Then dressed in military garb
Impressing all the delegates
He was best-suited to make us “free.”
4. Lobbyists, bankers, bribesExcuse me for being
Unpolitically correct,
But wasn’t that the very thing
The “self-radicalized,” reforming Jew
Got so upset about when he threw
all those money-changers out
Of the Temple?
5. Not Prosecuting the Villains of the Meltdown What else is new?
When Polk invaded Mexico
And our legislators cheered him on,
Did anyone besides Thoreau
Cry “foul,” let’s end this now
Once and for all?
6. Bloated Military Budgets Forget the nitpicking, if you please!
It’s not easy to maintain
A thousand military bases around the world,
“dedicated to the proposition”
That we’re the “exceptional” people
And God loves us best!
What’s a couple of trillion bucks mislaid
Got to do with “bad guys” slayed?
7. Our Prison-Industrial Complex 3 Strikes and you’re out—
Works in baseball, why not crime?
We’re a sporting people, and besides,
Better to pay the minimum-minimum-minimum wage
To polish belt buckles for the troops
Then deal with marchers in the streets
Squawking about “fairness.”
8. Domestic Spying How else control a restive group
Of malcontents out-of-the-loop
Of what the country stands for?
When everyone fears everyone
Everyone will get a gun.
Fear’s the friend of governments
Seeking to steer malcontents
Against each other.
9. Insider Trading & amp; Revolving Doors If I’m spying, why wouldn’t I
Occasionally lapse,
Profit from some Great Collapse
I see coming down the gilded pike?
If prices of a stock should spike–
and my foreknowledge tells me when—
why shouldn’t I collect a million,
put the kid through the Ivy League,
take my seat on the Corporate Board?
10. Asset Forfeiture Why shouldn’t our cops seize what they can?
Could anything be more American?
Forget your Citizens’ Rights’ complaints!
They’re neither paid nor trained for being saints!
Gary Corseri  []

It's great to be back blogging.  Thanks to everyone for their patience during my absence. I look forward to any comments you might make on the above issues.


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