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CawRANT Events #19

CawRANT Events #19

It's a grey but mild day on the West Coast. The daffodils are beginning to bloom and Spring is in the we post on this Leap Year Day. Happy Leap Year, everyone. I hope some females will get up the gumption and ask their male partners to marry them. It's the one day every four years that this is acceptable : ) Time for a RANT!

Bank of Canada rips up own charter and 'spreads em' for international Bankster Cabal

First on the Agenda is the sad news that the Canadian Supreme Court is indeed bought by the cabal. The evidence of this is the recent decision to ignore the Bank of Canada's charter and throw out the "Comer case" re disbursement of Canadian Revenue that is based on the Charter.
The COMER case has been ongoing for several years and it was one which was looking to return the Bank of Canada to its pre-1974 mandate of offering interest-free loans. In their case, COMER argued that there has been an extensive breach of the Constitution, when it comes to the current monetary system in Canada. Galati, on behalf of COMER, was arguing that there has been an abdication of executive and parliamentary duty when it comes to the Canadian budget, and that the actual revenues are not presented to Parliament. 
You won't find any reports about this landmark legal decision in the JM$M (including the taxpayer funded CBC).  That's not their job. Their job is to disseminate disinformation at the direction of the international cabal. IMO, this decision, like every other federal legal decision coming from the Canadian courts has the purpose of "harmonizing" our institutions and policies with those of the US. Period.

Carrot or Stick?  What leverage did Putin use to get Syrian Agreement?

The Russian/American Syria Peace Agreement agreed to on February 22, 2016 and effective as of February 27, 2016 still appears to be holding. I said in my previous post about this Agreement that it is yet another example of the superlative (running out of adjectives here) diplomatic victories of the Grand Chess Master, Vladimir Putin.  The obvious question that arises is: (although you will never see this question posed in the JM$M) What leverage did Putin use against the West to get this deal? What was the carrot and what was the stick? I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest (because we may never find out) that the leverage was Iraq. I read some months ago that the "independent" government of Iraq (that has arisen from the ashes of the war perpetrated on it by the US) had asked Russia to do the same thing in Iraq as it was doing in Syria...i.e., bomb the bejesus out of the foreign-backed mercenaries "Terrorists" that were attempting to hive the northern half of Iraq (and Syria) off in order to create a whole lot of tiny balkanized states to give to Israel-friendly minorities...such as the Kurds.

So...according to my theory...Iraq formally requested assistance from Russia.  Russia decided that confronting the Western-backed "Terrorists" in Iraq was a bridge too this point in time at least.  So what Russia/Putin did was say to the West, "Look, we've been asked by Iraq to formally come into their country and bomb your proxies. We could do this......or, you might just want to back off Syria and formalize that in a Peace Agreement. In other words, we will leave Iraq with you to continue long as you leave Syria. Facing the humiliation of having Iraq go to the UN to formally request Russia come in...the ZioAtlantacists may have decided to back off Syria...for now. Of course, we know that the Ziofascists never back off permanently. This is because, as I keep repeating...they literally have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to achieve their global dominance.

Speaking of secret leverage

I keep wondering what leverage the man pictured below has with the Canadian (and foreign?) government(s).  Victor Li (now calling himself Will Baker) was convicted of the hideous crime of stabbing a young male stranger seatmate to death on a Greyhound Bus travelling through the Canadian North a few years ago.

Killer Vince Li who has changed his name to Will Baker

Not only did Victor Li kill the 20-something young man but he decapitated him, castrated him and began to cannibalize him. What went on was so traumatizing for the other passengers and first responders, that a police officer who was first on the scene later committed suicide due to PTSD. Well, the killer not only did not spend a lot of time in jail...but he was diverted to a psychiatric hospital and then to a half way house. Now he's almost free...according to the story linked above. What a remarkable recovery! When the story first broke in the CBC...I kept asking the same questions on the Comments Forums. There have never been any answers to the following fundamental questions:

1.  What was this man's background?  Where was he born and raised?  What was his training?  Was he ever associated with any military group and/or large corporation(s)?

2.  Why was he travelling on the Greyhound bus? (which company, "coincidentally" was forced to beef up its "$ecurity" as a result of this incident).

3.   What was his psychiatric history from his early days?  Was he ever in any mind-altering program such as MKultra?  In that regard, we need to know every place he lived in his life prior to the crime...Did he ever live near a military base?

4.  What are his family connections?  Where are his parents living?  Is he connected with any religious/military/political groups?

As you can see, these are not rarefied questions I'm asking...they're fundamental questions...that the media should have provided the public with answers to. As it stands...this crime and its aftermath seems to indicate that this guy had good connections, at the very least. It also shows how pathetic the "investigative journalism" is in this country and how easily we can be led to accept the most preposterous of legal outcomes....based on little or no information.

Switching gears...or maybe not...

The Assassination Threats against Donald Trump are coming in fast and furious

Nearly every day there are new reports of some individual or media source making thinly-veiled assassination threats against Trump. Tomorrow is supposed to be "Super Tuesday"...a whole lotta primaries where Trumps' likelihood of winning the GOP nomination will either be raised or lowered. Every time it is raised, the threats increase exponentially. Some readers may think that I am Pro-Trump. I'm not. Overall, I am absolutely repulsed by the lack of quality candidates in this race. All the candidates are, IMO, unfit for office. Some of them should even be in jail.

Regards Trump, all I am saying is that he's scaring the dickens out of the secret cabal that grabbed power in the coup of 9/11. This group of murderers is terrified that the Trump "Bull in a China Shop" will careen around, once elected, and break all their carefully arranged lies and liars...their fixed court system and corrupt prosecutors, their secret jails, their paid off Pentagon Generals...their corrupt financial systems (particularly the Department of the Treasury) etc. Not because Trump would want to clean up the augean stables of the US Government...but because he doesn't know where the skeletons are buried...and he can't be blackmailed into keeping the skeletons in the closet.  I must admit getting a perverse satisfaction out of seeing the perps out there, twisting in the wind...wondering "What to do...what to DO!?

And finally,

Some Good News from the world of birds

Robin revives other Robin after it flew into a window

Here is an amazing video that shows how one bird (a Robin) has enough empathy for another bird to revive it after it flew into a window. Birds are direct descendants of the dinosaurs. They have been around for millions of years and are one of the most intelligent species on earth. Hopefully, birds will be around after we've destroyed the world for humanity. Birds give hope for this planet!

That's it for now......Until my next RANT!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

UPDATED: Monsanto, WHO are responsible for ZIKA virus + other vaccine concerns

UPDATE:  March 1, 2016....latest update (video) on Holistic Doctors being murdered in US. 

Holistic Doctors being murdered in US.
Medical/Scientific "Industry" gone Rogue?

World Health Organization plans vaccine for ZIKA virus

Evidence has been piling up ever since the JM$M started spouting the obvious staged lies about the ZIKA virus. The Evidence points to the usual culprits (Big Pharma/Cabal Deep State) lying behind this "Terror du Jour".

Problem, Reaction, Solution...the one trick ponies don't have a lot of arrows in their quiver...but they do use them repetitively and for the most part successfully in slaying the Sheeple. This time...the solution is yet another vaccine...another needle poke in the arms of the sheeple, injecting them with who know's what garbage...perhaps a future cancer?  Perhaps a future infertility? Who knows!

Human Guinea Pigs lined up for "Agent X" injections

About six weeks ago now, I went to my dentist of 20 years or more to get a tooth filled. He gave me a double dose of local anesthetic...because the first one was apparently not strong enough. Innocent enough. He filled the tooth/cavity and I went home...with the usual numbness in the left side of my mouth. When the anesthetic wore off...I was left with a dull pain and stiffness in my left jawbone. This did not go away. I've had to mash my food to get it in my mouth...due to a very painful "lockjaw" effect. I gave it time...weeks in fact. But it still didn't go away. When my dentist's receptionist called to confirm a "regular teeth cleaning appointment", I told her what had happened and said that, rather than make a big stink about it (which I knew would go nowhere) I was going to get a new dentist and have him/her have a look at it. The truth is, that this was the second time my dentist had caused this phenomenon. The previous time was a few years ago while filling a cavity on the right side of my jaw. I did tell my dentist about that issue and he dismissed the pain as "common stiffness....when you get older".  UPDATE:  The stiffness has lessened with time but is still there.  No doubt it will eventually go away...but six weeks? It's a worrying symptom.

So now I have an appointment in a week with a new dentist. The whole experience has made me wonder what is actually in the anesthetic the dentist uses...and what the long term effects are. I have become very leery about injections of any kind. I stopped getting "flu shots" at least 10 years ago (and have rarely had the flu since...perhaps twice).

Doctors are being killed who have

There is a big mystery currently sweeping through the Internet about a cluster of doctors/biologists in the States who have died under suspicious circumstances. They seem to have one thing in common...they were all doing research about the content of chemical agent that is known to cause cancer in humans. The conspiracy theory is that Big Pharma offed these doctors to prevent them coming out with research that would, in effect, destroy the vaccination/pharmaceutical industry. Disturbing as this is...the problem is much bigger than that. Science/Medicine has joined the team of the worldwide cabal. Or, at least, the cabal has formed it's science/medical wing...which it has tasked with degrading human health and the form of toxic vaccinations, GMO food, plastic oceans destroying the environment...etc. Humans will ignore this creeping, culling/Zombification of our species at our peril!

"Mercy" by Muse
A song about the medical/scientific industry
and its rampant power over humanity

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Death of Twitter

"The Death of Twitter" read a recent Internet headline. If true...thank Gawd these awful silos of communication are dying. Twitter and Facebook are Big Corporatism/secret government's attempt to funnel dissent and commentary into minute silos and then minimize and degrade the content. Is it over yet?

Here are some recent examples of Twitter garbage that I picked up from the Internet roadside. They prove, without a doubt, how Twitter merely serves to stir up trivial mock dissent and conflict...and ends up making all the participants look like fools.

Twitter rampage over losing hockey goalie

Twitter "shuts down" Hillary Clinton critics

Twitter provides platform for someone to "get away" with threatening assassination of Donald Trump.

Twitter, IMO, was not only brought into being to degrade human has several other functions:

1.  Get rid of "on the spot" professional a sense...everyone with a cell phone becomes an unpaid reporter capable of providing on-the-moment reporting of local events to an international audience. All the better to rig this coverage and make it "unaccountable" and very free.  It's a real break for the JM$M in these times of high costs and very low revenues...due to declining readership.

2.  Tool for Soros-types...who manufacture dissent and "regime change" colour revolutions...rely heavily on Twitter and other similar platforms to rouse and control the "rent a crowds/audiences/drill participants" (i.e., during False Flags)....

3.  Easy for professional trolls to infiltrate, subvert and debase the discussions. Say no more.

4.  Good opportunities to target politicians, celebrities and activists and surveil for "blackmailable" quotes and comments to use later. Youngsters will have all their silly ramblings (and photos) saved for later...when they are older and can all come back to haunt them!

I have never used Twitter and wouldn't know how to. I was briefly on Facebook and "Linked in" (by accident) but quickly got off once I realized that it (social media) is the biggest spy operation in the history of humanity.  Also, and the other one--that tests your  Avoid these two for the same reason.  All they do is gather information for later use/abuse.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bill C-51 gave CSIS power to disrupt "radical" website(s)

CSIS makes Canada one of the Five Eyes
States of Surveillance, Repression and Tyranny--by the Globalist Cabal

According to a recent report in the CBC, CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligence Service...aka Canada's CIA) has "already used" the excessive powers it acquired after bill C-51 passed Parliament.  You will remember how parliament was reticent to pass the bill until after the Ottawa False Flag last fall....where two individuals were killed in a phony, hamfisted effort to bamboozle the public and the government. You will remember how, during the terror event, Stephen Harper holed himself up in a closet off the Parliament....barricaded the door with upended chairs....and afterwards grabbed Justin Trudeau in an emotional embrace after they were "saved" by the SWAT team response. Anyhoooooooo.... here's the report. I have highlighted certain phrases and added my thoughts in red and will make more comments at the end of the quote:

Michel Coulombe, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told a Commons committee today that Canada's spy agency has used new disruption powers it was granted when Bill C-51 became law this past summer.  Wonder if the powers are CSIS can finally register the conviction over the two poor, addicted vulnerable souls who were entrapped out here in BC in the Canada Day Terror Plot (aka 'Terror Patsies' case).
This marks the first time CSIS has publicly acknowledged the use of its new powers under the Anti-terrorism Act to disrupt suspected plots rather than just relay information about those plots to the federal government and the RCMP. Perhaps the RCMP was beginning to balk at having to tie up so much manpower (240 officers in the Terror Patsies case) to facilitate the hair-brained, expensive/high tech and exploitive schemes dreamed up by the CSIS desk jockies.
As an intelligence agency, CSIS does not have powers to enforce the law. Its role has been to relay intelligence to other branches of government. That changed when Bill C-51 became law, giving the spy agency power to actively interfere with suspected terrorists if it has reasonable grounds to think a security threat exists.  More Spy vs Spy nonsense shoved down the throats of the gullible Canadian sheeple coming right up!
The disruption powers allow CSIS to interfere with, telephone calls, travel plans and bank or financial transactions. The agency can also disrupt radical websites and Twitter accounts of groups or people inside and outside of Canada. No wonder there has been some disruption on my  If they have to surveil my tiny blog they ARE in trouble!  Radical websites?  Does that mean anyone the Ziofascist Globalists don't like? They're going to have to set up special jails to house all the grandmas and grandpa keyboard warriors out there.
This provision in the act has garnered criticism from the outset, because there is no clear definition of what "disrupt" means in the legislation, causing some to be concerned the power would be abused by police and intelligence services. And, more importantly, there's no clear definition of "radical website".
Increased powers 
The Anti-Terrorism Act became law in June 2015. The new law was opposed by the NDP but supported by the Liberals. Under the law it is a criminal offence to encourage someone to carry out a terror attack even if the attack never happens. Again, is this an attempt to retroactively convict the BC Terror Patsies?
Police were also given the power to arrest suspects without a warrant by widening the definition of whom police can arrest on suspicion. If a person is arrested over fears related to national security their information can be shared with more arms of government than previously permitted.   Let's face it...the only real security risk this country has had to face since CSIS was foisted on the country by the globalists...are the false flags concocted by CSIS itself! 
Proposed changes 
The Liberals have vowed to overhaul the law's more troubling elements, including provisions that allow CSIS to disrupt terror plots, if the tactics used breach the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said he could not provide any statistics as to how many times or how the power to disrupt had been used by CSIS, but affirmed the federal government's commitment to provide oversight for the law. That pesky Charter of Rights and Freedoms is soooooooo inconvenient! 
"We are proposing to strengthen the review process very substantially by a parliamentary committee as well as various other techniques," Goodale said.
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair criticized the Liberals for promising to make changes to the Anti-Terrorism Act during the election campaign but not following up. 
"We know that there are problems with C-51, we voted against it," Mulcair said. "We wanted to withdraw that law. We thought it was a bad law for Canadians' freedoms."

In my opinion, the C-51 legislation was put in place to "harmonize" Canada's surveillance/repression with that of the US under the "patriot act" as we move inexorably towards a "North American Union". You will recall that the US deep state had the Patriot Act all ready to go prior to 9/11 and brought it into law without the legislators even so much as reading it...well...this was virtually the same scenario that took place in Canada last Fall. C-51 was already drafted and before Parliament...all that was needed was a "terror event" to pressurize Parliament to pass the legislation.

I posted about an interesting legal case last year where the feds sued a BC businessman and his daughter for selling prohibited weaponry abroad. It appeared upon investigation, that this family was set up by the government to prove to the US military industrial complex that Canada would be compliant with US laws.  Eventually, good lawyering got the family off...but not without the usual high financial, emotional/relational and social costs. It cost the Canadian taxpayer millions of dollars but in the end the government spokesperson said the case was simply "the cost of doing business".

There is an enormous push in all government bureaucracy to "harmonize". This is just another way of control and centralize power. You can bet the "centralization" will not be in Canada.  The CIA (and it's "mini me" CSIS) does not want Canadians having the freedom of expression to run web sites critical of the globalist neocon, warmongering, military/industrial hegemony. Nosireeeeee. Everything needs to be "harmonized"....under the all-seeing glare of the Five Eyes Panopticon.


False Flag Alert for Montreal, Quebec, Canada

False Flag Alert for Montreal, Canada.  McGill University (my father's alma mater) students have voted to boycott Israel. I lived in Montreal for a year at one point during my youth. It has one of the largest jewish populations in North America.  Jews and Catholics get along very well in Montreal. Montreal has the best corned beef sandwich shops in the world.  Someone is stirring things up....and it is very strange that McGill would come out in favour of this boycott.

There were celebratory cheers and dancing as students at McGill University voted for the first time on Monday to support a highly controversial and divisive motion in favour of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
It was the third vote in 18 months for the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) on the polarizing movement, which stems from a declaration issued in July 2005 — signed by about 100 Palestinian organizations — calling for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel that mirror those levied against South Africa for apartheid in the 1980s.
While the motion has created much tension on campus, it carried with a strong margin of 512 to 357, surprising activists on both sides of the debate — although that represents a fraction of 30,000 or so students at McGill.
The victory for the McGill BDS Action Network stood in stark contrast to the message that came out of the Canadian Parliament on the very same afternoon, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals overwhelmingly approved a Conservative motion to condemn Canadians who promote the BDS movement

Read more:

Is someone setting Montreal up for a False Flag?  Just askin'.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

UPDATE: Ceasefire in Syria: Putin has Globalists by Short and Curlies

UPDATE:  February 25, 2016 It appears that The Saker is in general agreement with my analysis as stated below.  Of course he does provide a lot more empirical support for his conclusion that Putin and Russia have gained a surprising and important victory in Syria.  Here is "We are Change" also concluding that Russia has won a victory (temporarily at least) in Syria.

President Putin Announces Russian/American Agreement
Re: Cessation of Hostilities in Syria
(video above courtesy The Vineyard of the Saker)

There have been a lot of interpretations regarding the recent Russian/American Ceasefire Agreement in Syria.  Here are the basic principles of the comments and thoughts will follow:

- Putin says the phone call initiated by Russia...Russia is now taking the lead in Peacemaking activities throughout the longer standing by watching chaos and disintegration of states;

- He says that the negotiators built on the trust and rapport that resulted from the successful negotiations to remove Chemical Weapons from Syria (also initiated by Russia);

- Cessation of hostilities on Feb. 27th is predicated on the successful completion of the process of notification of the US and/or Russia by the combatants on Feb. 26th that they are on board with the Agreement between Russia and the US;

- Clemency will be given to all combatants who agree by the 26th;

- Terrorists, who have been identified as such by the United Nations Security Council (ISIS, al Nusra, etc.) will NOT be given clemency and will continue to be targeted by Syria army, supported by the Russian air force;

- The US and Russia will monitor the ceasefire via a hotline and a committee of monitors;

- A series of negotiations re process of "transition of authority" in Syria will begin in Brussels. The current Syrian government and official opposition will be involved in these talks. President Dr. Bashar al Assad has already announced elections to take place on April 16th, 2016.  The announcement did not make it clear whether these elections will include leadership such as the Prime Minister and Presidency;

- shortly after the ceasefire takes effect, international aid will be permitted to flow into Syria.

- Putin makes it clear at the end of his announcement that, unlike what happened in Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, etc., this is NOT a unilateral action but is based on established principles of International Law and the United Nations charter.

There is always a huge risk for failure in these Agreements. I'm sure the "usual suspects" will be perched (metaphorically at least) high in the towers, sniping at both sides, (a la Maidan) to get them fighting amongst themselves again.  There could be a false flag or two in the offing in an attempt to sabotage this Peace Agreement.  But Putin seems to have all his ducks in a row.  The Agreement has the same comprehensive, step-by-step, cessation of hostilities, withdrawal of combatants and implementation of monitoring arrangements as his Minsk I and II tours de force.

In all the western JM$M efforts to diminish and demonize Vladimir Putin...his qualifications for office are rarely publicized.  Putin has a master of laws degree.  He is a lawyer +.  His training was in international law and agreements.  This is his Forte.  His ability to see the big picture and ignore petty wrangling and personal attacks is nonpareil.  No one knows what strings and leverage he pulled and used to get this deal. For whatever reason...Putin has the globalists by the short and curlies and he's squeezing.  We could be seeing the beginning of the end of the Ziofascist, globalist, neocon, military/industrial, bankster rampage over this planet....seeking to impose a "unipolar" tyranny...and...

....a return to the rule of law via the United Nations.  If this is achieved, we can then move forward as a species to the far bigger battle to save the planet's environment. Viva Putin!

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UPDATED: "Don't Read This Book" - Government

UPDATE:  February 23, 2016 Vancouver Sun's columnist, Ian Mulgrew, the same reporter who's writing the reports on the Terror Patsies Trial, has come out and said that the public's right to free speech and press supersedes the pain and suffering caused to families by the publishing of Pickton's side of the story. I heartily agree, Ian. Now get back to covering the Terror Patsies Trial...I'm sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen to those two.

Robert Pickton tells an undercover police office how many people he killed.

Photograph by: Screengrab 

A very disturbing chapter in British Columbia history has come back to haunt many of those who remember those days...or who were involved through the loss of loved ones...or were involved in the investigation of the most prolific mass murderer in provincial history....according to the police and courts.

Here is a report on the latest developments in the Pickton Pig Farm Saga from the Vancouver Sun:
copied in its entirety below and I will offer some thoughts and comments to follow:

Possible Robert Pickton memoir 

prompts outrage, appeal from

B.C. government

Pickton found guilty of murdering

26 women, though he allegedly bragged

about killing 49

METRO VANCOUVER — British Columbia will look at passing legislation to prevent offenders from profiting from their crimes after a book reportedly written by serial killer Robert Pickton was published.
Premier Christy Clark said Monday that the province will examine laws already on the books in other provinces and could copy what has been done elsewhere.
"I am at a loss for words. To think about the pain that he's prepared to willingly cause all of the families of those people who he murdered," Clark told reporters in Vancouver.
"I have trouble understanding it and I think people will want to know that their government is doing everything it can to want to stop him from profiting from this at the very least."
Solicitor General Mike Morris has asked online book retailer Amazon to stop carrying the 144-page book titled "Pickton: In His Own Words."
Amazon could not be reached for comment, but on the website the book is still listed, but is currently unavailable.
There is no confirmation that Pickton actually wrote the book, but a statement from Morris said the province is investigating every means possible to ensure the 66-year-old, who was from Port Coquitlam, will not profit in any way.
Pickton is serving a life sentence for the second-degree murders of six women and is being held at Kent maximum security prison near Agassiz, about 120 kilometres east of Vancouver.
Advocacy group Victims of Violence In Canada says on its website that four provinces, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, regulate whether an offender can profit from their crimes, such as through book revenues.
Citing privacy laws, the Correctional Service of Canada said it cannot provide details on an offender's file, but "it has been made aware of the book that has been published and understands the content may be offensive to some."
It said in a statement that federal offenders aren't allowed to profit from recounting their crimes "if it is determined that doing so would be contrary to the objectives of an offender's correctional plan or if doing so would pose a threat to safety of any individual, including victims, or to the security of a federal institution."
People serving sentences in federal correctional facilities have limited access to computers, but do not have access to the Internet or to email. The service said prisoners are able to communicate with members of the public in writing and are entitled to privileged correspondence.
© Copyright (c) Postmedia Network 
Earlier reports said that families of the murdered women have
asked that nobody buy or read the book. A woman police
officer who got entangled in the botched investigation
and was traumatized by what she went though, has also
asked that nobody read the book.

Considering the absolutely disastrously botched investigation
...that had police ignoring downtown eastside residents
yelling at them in their police cars as they drove through the area, shouting: "Go and search the Pig Farm...that's where
the women went!" Police apparently ignored the "tips"
because the Pig Farm wasn't their district
...the Pig Farm was out in Port Coquitlam.

Today, the Pig Farm lands are a nondescript subdivision
behind a huge shopping strip. Everybody has a story to tell
about close brushes with "the devil"...who prevailed
over what happened on those lands...including yours truly.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's I was involved in a
Non-Profit organization for Children and Families. We
fund-raised to cover expenses of renting and running a drop-in
and support resource for caregivers of small children. At one
of our board meetings, one of the board members suggested
we rent the "Piggy's Palace" (Barn?) on the Pig Farm' and
throw a dinner or some other such event and reap the profits.
The board member said this was a common way to raise
money as the owners of the pig farm were big supporters of
community projects. Well, thankfully, it never got past
the talking phase.

Another incident, a few years later, I was working at a regular
job and my boss, who was from Hong Kong was having
family visit from back home. As a special feast in honour
of their visit, he wanted to serve a roast suckling pig. As he
told us a few years later, after the story broke, he made
local inquiries where you could get a fresh suckling pig and
ended up out on the pig farm...accompanied by Robert Pickton,
in the actual barn...choosing a pig...which he then roasted,
served to his family and ate. Everyone my boss told that
story to ended up gagging upon hearing it.

You see, the pig farm was where, allegedly, the women
were murdered. Pickton would bring parts of their bodies
to a rendering plant in the downtown East Side where
the body parts would be mixed in with the other
rendered materials. much crap was published about that trial, lies
and cover-ups...we'll probably never know the truth
about what happened there. I have said on this blog
that I think the police are likely guilty of more than
negligence. There is certainly more than enough guilt
to go around. I would probably read the book if I
found it lying around...say on a coffee table somewhere
(gag). And I don't wonder at all about the desperate
torrent of pleas coming from the authorities NOT to
read the book. What was it that investigative
journalist Gary Webb said? "Authentic Journalism"
is writing about something that the Government
doesn't want you to know."

Sunday, February 21, 2016

US Election Update: He's getting warm (Trump)

Donald Trump just won South Carolina Primary

The Amerian electorate is desperate.  Yes, truly desperate to hang on to the tattered vestiges of their once flourishing democracy.  In spite of the low level of personal attack and street fighting to which this slate of candidates has sunk...they're still engaged...and voting for the chief pugilist, Donald Trump.  Trump makes all sorts of erratic and dangerous questioning the governments official narrative on 911. While his concepts and beliefs about what happened and who was responsible for the deaths of over 3000 on September 11, 2001 are still wildly off the they say...he's getting warm. Apparently Trump recently threatened that if elected, he will re-investigate the crime and find out who's really responsible. My advice to the Donald? If he wins the California Primary...don't leave the Hotel via the kitchen.

Now we learn that Jeb Bush has "dropped out" after placing a distant fourth in the South Carolina primary. Wait! He didn't actually say he was dropping out...what he said was: "Today I'm suspending my campaign." 

NOTE: he's not dropping out...he's suspending...why? Likely because he believes that something will happen to Trump and he can jump back in at a later date. Exactly. By attacking the Bush crime family personally, Trump has stirred up a hornet's nest... and by threatening the secret military/industrial/globalist/neocon/bankster government to be headed by the Clinton Crime family Hillary...Trump is moving inexorably towards his Zapruder moment. As Michael Rivero says on his website this morning:
Hillary Versus The Donald -- The Fight of the Century LoomsTags:
The smoke is clearing in the presidential race in both parties and it looks like we will have the mother of all battles between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They may well be the most famous man and woman in the world at this stage, their battle would be the stuff of legend. 
Webmaster's Commentary:
Trump was the one Republican Hillary did not want to run against. Hillary would have steamrolled over the rest of the pack, but not Trump. Therefore I am predicting there will be an attempt on Trump's life.

Read more:

Watch the video at this link and see the quintessential annonymous ziofascist explain to the sheeple just why Trump is "dangerous".  This is their argument...for why Trump CANNOT be the president.

Friday, February 19, 2016

"Perhaps the (NATO) advisers should stop stepping on the same rake."

Russian Military Spokesperson tells it like it is

A Russian military spokesperson was forced to interrupt his serious work in Syria this past week to correct yet another NATOJM$M lie about what's going on in Syria. He was like the little dutch boy trying to hold back the flood (of lies) by putting his finger in the dyke.  This time, as I reported last week, the BBC and its western media acolytes were lying about Russia bombing some MSF hospitals near Aleppo in Syria.  The Russian spokesperson can be heard in the above video explaining how Russian planes were no where near the hospitals during the time in question.  But, when the Russians examined their intelligence...they discovered that two American planes had left their base in Turkey and flew over the target right at the appointed time of the alleged bombing.

Why does the western media keep "stepping on the same rake" the Russian so adroitly phrased it? I would submit that the JM$M's currency/end product is lies.  They don't report the truth.  If by accident....some truth should leak into their's immediately twisted and contorted...or buried on the back pages. That's why there are so many false flags these I have submitted many times on this's the JM$M's solemn duty to "drill the message".  To promulgate official lies...the more egregious and ludicrous (even Alice in Wonderlandish...such as Obama's recent California speech) the better. Any media person/reporter/journalist who questions the official story or tries to report the unblemished truth (or applies reason/logic to western ideology) is methodically rooted out during these "drills".

Sadly, I would advise my Russian friends that there will be no end to the lies.  In fact they are building to a crescendo...the "Big Event" as I've called it.  (Apparently, the Mossad called 9/11 The Big Wedding). The "drills' will take place regularly until then. As alternative bloggers...we are all little dutch boys holding back the flood of lies by putting our fingers in the dyke.

Trying to hold back the torrent of lies

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Muse: Unintended .....A belated Valentine's Day Wish for all Romantics

Muse: Unintended

This is a belated Valentine's Day wish for all the Romantics out there.  Written and sung by one of the greatest guitarist/musician/singer/songwriters of our time....

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love 
You could be the one who listens
To my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love 
I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken
Pieces of the life I had before 
First there was the one who challenged
All my dreams and all my balance
She could never be as good as you 
You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You should be the one I'll always love 
I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken
Pieces of the life I had before 
I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken
Pieces of the life I had before 
Before you



Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Canada's Terror Patsies Trial Update. Assault on Justice in the "Five Eyes"?

Statue of "Justice" outside of the Vancouver, BC Courthouse

There's a big media hullabaloo going on south of the border regarding the death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. I'm not too familiar with the man or his jurisprudential record. It seems as though he was a "conservative" justice and perhaps the only conservative on the Supreme Court at the time of his death. There's a lot of controversy in the alternative media surrounding the circumstances of his death at the age of 79. Did he die as reported of a heart attack? Or, was he murdered (speculation swirls that he was offed at a Texas ranch by a known "former Viet Nam US Commander" John Pointexter)--so that Obama can appoint an ideological ally of the democrats.

From reading the seems more likely that Scalia's death is being used as a distraction than anything else. There is so MUCH to distract from at this point in US history. They need to distract from the U.S. presidential campaign which is starting to resemble a bus careening down a hairpin turn mountain road with no brakes. They also need to distract from what's going on in Syria. Obama sounded like a complete looney tune the other day when he again tried to make the Alice in Wonderlandia argument that Putin is showing his "weakness" by Russia's (highly successful) involvement in Syria. Obama's presidency will go down in history as the "Mad Hatter" presidency.

But, leaving that for the moment...what is going on re the US Supreme Court? There's been a very effective campaign for several decades now to neuter the US Supreme court vis a vis protecting the US Constitution. The US Constitution at one time was one of the few bulwarks against the rogue Deep Military/Industrial State taking over the US. To accomplish their now successful covert coup, the perps systematically took over the entire judicial system in the US...from their elected junior court judges and prosecutors...right up to the Supreme Court. The Job is Done. Now there's no way, as an example, that any of the perps of 9/11 will ever face justice in the US. The only justice they have to fear is international justice and, BTW, they have also sewn up the International Court of Justice too...just for good measure.

Having been so successful in corrupting all the institutions of justice in the US...this international gang of crooks, criminals and mass murderers has moved on to what they call the "Five Eyes" network of vassal states...which includes Canada. It hasn't been an easy road in Canada. Our system is based on appointment rather than (fraudulent) election. Some of the Canadian judges have been, horror of all horrors, incorruptible. Even the top Canadian Federal Court judges will sometimes step out of line and can't be bought. But the perps know corruption takes time and they're willing to put in the hours, and years, if necessary.

The Terror Patsies Trial is a landmark event on the road to a corrupt judicial system in Canada.

CSIS has worked very hard right from the conception of the plot and devoted wide-ranging resources and millions of tax-payer dollars in the effort. They expected a few bumps along the road to miscarriage of justice and incarceration of the innocent...but...but...but...somewhere along the line things have gone off the rails (they hope only temporarily). The judge is actually considering the bogus and contrived evidence CSIS is burying her under. Plus: A nosy-parker journalist is reporting on the trial (as copied below) and describing it for what it is...a farce. Granted, the supplicant Vancouver Sun dutifully buried the journalists' report on the back pages, hoping no one would read it. (I finally found it this morning) But here it is. Although there's been no follow-up report since, it's likely that the judge had to adjourn the seven month long trial-upon-a-trial review all the secret evidence about "person X".

Canadian Terror Trial Defendants Nuttall and Korody

I have copied the entire Vancouver Sun report below and will comment further after you have had the opportunity to read this seminal assessment of the trial:

"Ian Mulgrew: Terror plot trial has all the elements of farce.
Closed-door sessions, secret documents, person X and ‘unusual circumstances’

The Canada Day terror plot trial has turned into a 21st-century sequel to Bridge of Spies.Instead of Berlin in 1961, downtown Vancouver’s glass courthouse has become the unlikely setting for a national security drama à la John le Carré.
Rather than a Steven Spielberg and Coen brothers Hollywood blockbuster, however, this appears to be a Star Chamber production written by the heirs of Monty Python.

Justice Catherine Bruce on Monday opened and closed her courtroom, then opened and closed it again as she dealt with legal arguments and secret documents.
During two spells, only she and government lawyers were present behind the shut doors in ex parte hearings.

Her idea of respecting the open court principle was allowing the media to watch her read confidential submissions and classified material provided by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Justice Bruce has been forced to resort to such opaque procedures supposedly so the nation’s enemies will not learn how CSIS monitored two recovering heroin addicts thought to be Islamic extremists living in a Metro Vancouver basement suite.
“In this case we are dealing with unusual circumstances,” federal lawyer Donnaree Gai Nygard maintained, and the contortions were required to ensure CSIS had “a viable and functioning human source program moving forward.”

It took five-months last year for a jury to find Surrey couple John Nuttall and Amanda Korody guilty of terrorism offences for planting phoney pressure-cooker bombs at the Legislature in advance of July 1, 2013 celebrations.

Justice Bruce has spent the past seven months trying to determine whether they were entrapped and victims of police misconduct. She is painstakingly trying to navigate the shoals of the CSIS and Canada Evidence Acts that contain broad protection for national security operations.
As a result, the country’s much touted open-court principles and common sense seem to have been all but thrown out the window.

The legal complications flow from the defence mounted by Nuttall and Korody — that they were two vulnerable individuals with bizarre beliefs exploited and snared by police in a sophisticated 240-officer sting.
In particular, they suggest a person X who was possibly an asset of the spy agency helped radicalize Nuttall, setting him up for the Mountie takedown. If that is a whacko-Hail-Mary legal strategy, it is beyond me why CSIS and government lawyers didn’t and haven’t provided the court with a succinct denial.
Nuttall was a recent convert to Islam in 2012 and the court has heard that he antagonized local Islamic leaders and attracted Surrey RCMP attention with his incendiary jihadist rhetoric and eccentric behaviour.

Justice Bruce has been stymied in figuring out how he went from being a potentially violent, mental health nuisance to a national security threat because the government wants to protect the spy agency’s relationship, if any, with person X and hide what it was doing in the Metro Vancouver Muslim community in 2012.

Nuttall’s involvement with CSIS is a key to determining whether the RCMP had sufficient legal grounds to target the couple and whether they were manipulated.
Earlier this month, Justice Bruce held other extraordinary closed-door sessions while ordering the service to reveal some material that concerned person X.
But that disclosure raised more questions than it answered. On Monday, CSIS came to court with more material that required the day for Justice Bruce to review.

The sheer volume indicates that person X, if not a CSIS source, did more with the agency than simply call in a CrimeStoppers tip. She said she would rule today whether any of the secret documents were relevant to the trial and should be disclosed to the defence. Even if Justice Bruce decides material should be revealed, CSIS may not release it. The agency can still refuse to disclose the documents by invoking its legal shield under the Canada Evidence Act, which could be pierced only by the Federal Court of Canada.

The trial continues."

Kudos go out to Vancouver Sun journalist Ian Mulgrew for his intrepid effort to report on this case. It must be frustrating for him to find his blockbuster reports relegated to the back pages. It must be mystifying for him, perhaps being unaware of the bigger, globalist picture, to see how CSIS systematically works to pervert justice and deny it to these poor, vulnerable souls...but....

This is how the court system and jurisprudence is corrupted. You convict an innocent person(s) based on false, contrived evidence and keep the "evidence" secret from the public. Then, the case becomes a 'legal precedent" which forms the basis for future miscarriages of justice. Legal Precedents are the building blocks of the justice system. When they are weak or broken...the system is broken.

In furtherance of their globalist agenda...the perps need to "harmonize" the judicial systems of all of the "Five Eyes" countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). With the farsical Terror Patsies Trial and its hapless defendants now in legal limbo...the international globalist neocon war mongering mass murdering Ziofascist cabal are well on their way to corrupting the judicial system of this vassal "Five Eyes", formerly sovereign, state of Canada.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

UPDATED...And The First Casuality of War is.....another MSF Hospital

UPDATE:  February 18, 2016 Russia categorically denies bombing the Syrian MSF hospital. Says reports are 'a lie'. Western planes bombed the hospital, according to Syrian and Russian intelligence.

MSF accused by Syria of being a spy asset for NATO
(makes perfect sense to me)

From the New York Times we get this surprisingly "truthy" report:

Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

As reported on this blog over the weekend, the BBC has gone into overdrive, lying about Russia. It has launched a major dysinfo campaign and has ordered all its lying supplicant media subcontractors like the CBC to join in...which they're all too happy to do.

Amongst various and sundry other lies, the BBC reported that Russia bombed nine civilian targets in Syria and in particular a MSF hospital. With the sheeple loaded up with lies...the BBC and its subsidiaries now make a strategic retreat from all the lies. Now they've dropped the factoid that MSF has accused Russia of bombing the hospitals.

Russia, for its part, did not rise to the bait knows that the JM$M has little or no credibility anymore and so it is not imperative to immediately confront the tide of lies. A few days after the volley of lies accompanied the (Turkish) missiles to their Syrian targets...Russia laconically reported that there was no Russian ship in the Caspian capable to firing the said missiles...and that the only source they would rely on that civilian targets had been hit/destroyed was Syrian sources. Since there was no report from Syrian sources that Russians had hit Syrian targets...there's no proof.

Logic would dictate that after a while, there would be no need to even comment on the western lies. The only problem with that is the sheeple have been totally zombiefied and do believe the anti-Russian lies.  I know that.. because I'm related to some of the sheeple. Humanity for the most part is very stupid. We do not deserve this planet and we'll be swept off it in a heartbeat unless the Sheeple somehow grow a few brain cells.

Most of the time, the sheeple are brainwashed with lies...but sometimes what happens is that the truth is never pursued or investigated. This is what happens to a distressing degree in the country I post from, Canada. Lately, I have become keenly aware of at least three big stories that have simply been buried under a mountain of pop culture/celebrity garbage that serves for news on the CBCNNBCBSBBCABCFAUX. Here are three such stories that started out as very intriguing mysteries that begged for journalist investigation. Now these stories are mouldering in a journalist attic somewhere and the PTB hope they never surface again.

1.  The Canadian CSIS Terror Patsies trial. This trial was being reported on in the Vancouver Sun. It had reached a point where the Sun journalist had suggested in his reporting that fundamental principles of Canadian jurisprudence were on the line here. CSIS was demanding the court conceal evidence that could decide whether the defendants were criminals...or, more likely, the victims of CSIS/RCMP exploitation. After he made that astounding assertion, the story simply evaporated from the news. This case is linked, in my mind at least, to the false flag that took place at the Parliament buildings in Ottawa last year in order to facilitate the passing of the draconian C-51 "Patriot Act" security legislation. Connections between the personnel behind both cases should be explored.

2.  The Capsizing of the "Leviathan" Whale-Watching Ship off Vancouver Island. Several tourists lost their lives.  What caused the vessel to capsize should have been an open and shut case. The media should have interviewed the captain and the surviving passengers. If this had happened, there is more than a 90% chance they would have revealed what caused the disaster. No interviews were done/or allowed by authorities.  This deepens the mystery.  But, according to the current "styles" in investigative journalism...the docile media now waits for the authorities to do the interviewing and then simply regurgitates those findings. Since no findings have been reported to date...we just have to accept that a "rogue wave" rose from the calm waters that surrounded the vessel and flipped it over. I suggested in my posts on this mystery months ago that the possibility of a military submarine rising and capsizing the vessel (as has happened elsewhere) should have been considered.

3. The Highway of Tears/Missing Women in BC case. Hundreds (new numbers suggest that the number of missing and murdered women could be as high as 4,000!) of women, primarily First Nations Women, have gone missing over the past several decades in northern BC and throughout Canada. Investigations have taken place but, with a few exceptions, the truth of what happened to these women is still hidden. I have thought for a long time that there might be a "gang" element to these disappearances.  Just like in the infamous Pickton Pig Farm case here in Coquitlam, BC, there seems to be a pattern of cover-up and negligent investigation by the police. Knowing what we now know about where and by who North American police forces are being trained and the systemic corruption and violence that is being drilled into them...I would suggest there is a possibility at least that there is "law enforcement" behind these crimes.  I know that for criminal is a tradition to prove loyalty by killing someone, thus "becoming a made man". Could these women have been killed by wanna-be government-supported gang members or, worse, corrupt police forces themselves??? We have the example of the CIA supporting ruthless and violent Mexican gangs...could this also be happening in Canada?

These are just three examples of serious Criminal cases that the JM$M has dropped the ball on. They are like festering boils on the fabric of Canadian society. Canadians are entitled to the Truth! But the truth, like Canada's dollar, has very low currency value in our country these days.

Monday, February 15, 2016

UPDATED: God Help America!

UPDATED:  February 15, 2016 Must Read analysis of the Trump Candidacy.  What He Said!

Ted Cruz booed off stage for demanding that audience
agree with him that "If you're not for Israel,
 you're not for the United States"

I have to admit I didn't know a lot about GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz right up until the last few days. In fact, I had never watched him give a speech. Above, is a seminal video of Ted Cruz attempting to speak to a group of Christian Americans. He makes it clear right out of the starting gate...that he's not there to listen or even dialogue with his audience. He's there to make a pronouncement of abject fealty to Israel...and to declare that anyone who doesn't agree with him is ipso facto "unAmerican".  

It is actually quite shocking to watch the see Cruz's flinty eyes and his mean, threatening verbal and body language. When the crowd begins to become restless and boos...he dismisses them with a wave of his Imperial hand and walks off the stage. And this is the neocon favourite for the Presidency?!

Alternative blogger and Washington beltway journalist, Wayne Madsen, reported recently on Cruz's family background. Apparently, his father, Raphael Cruz Sr. worked in the oil business back in the 60's.  Cruz Sr. rubbed shoulders with oil associates of the Bush Family in the southern US, particularly in Texas and New Orleans. While living in New Orleans, he was also part of the large Cuban CIA-sponsored expat community that has been connected (by investigator Jim Garrison, amongst others) with the Kennedy assassination. When I read that...all of a sudden...Ted Cruz's candidacy made more sense to me. I know for the neocon Ziofascist cabal who control the United States, a candidate must meet two criteria:

1.  Unquestioning and proven loyalty to Ziofascism;

2.  Bloody (blackmailable) hands. While Cruz may not have bloody hands himself...the possibility that Cruz's father was a covert op in the CIA, and one of the cabal that shot President John F. Kennedy down like a dog in the streets of Dallas, Texas, might qualify the son, Ted Cruz, for the puppet job of President of the United States. After all, being connected with the Kennedy assassination (Bush Sr. was in the CIA and present in Dallas during the Assassination of JFK) has done wonders for the Bush Family, particularly the sons, Dubya and Jeb. 

Meanwhile, Cruz seems to be holding his own in the GOP debates....keeping a low profile on the debate sidelines...while Trump and Jeb Bush (a "made man" by virtue of his criminal activities during the fraudulent (s)election of GW Bush and during 9/11 in the "flight schools") slug it out.  

After watching the snippet video of Cruz speaking in the video above...I now know why Trump continually calls Ted Cruz a "very nasty man". It's evident that he is a very nasty individual. God help America....should he be elected...and God help Canada. I've said on this blog from the time of the announcement of Cruz's candidancy that, due to his past Canadian citizenship, Cruz appears to me to be the ideal "change agent" ram through a long planned North American Union between the US, Mexico and Canada.