Monday, January 4, 2016

Turkey and Saudi Arabia playing "Bad Cop" against USrael's enemies?

Good Cop ... Bad Cop

There are only a few really important tools in the mass manipulator's toolbox.  The biggest tool is "Divide and Conquer". Break up the enemy into small, bite size pieces...preferably fighting with each other...and then dominate.

A closely related sub-tool of Divide and Conquer is "Good Cop, Bad Cop".  Setting up an artificial dynamic of friend and foe to confuse and distract the prey. I think that is what's going on over the past few weeks with Turkey and Saudi Arabia (and last year with Ukraine). These three wanna be vassal states of USrael/NATO have been designated as Bad Cops. This allows USrael/NATO to appear as "Good Cops" or, at the very least, innocent bystanders.

Turkey took the fall for shooting down the SU24....just as Ukraine took the fall for shooting down MH17 (in the alternate media, at least)....when everyone knows these two acts of war were perpetrated by USrael.  In the case of MH17....we never did find out who were the "foreign agents" in the Kiev control tower who took command of the ATC and removed evidence on the night of the shoot-down. In any real investigation...this would have been revealed almost immediately. I say these foreign agents were Israelis.  The tiny, borderless entity is the only entity on earth who can come and go with such brazen impunity.

Turkish authorities have given various and several versions of what took place leading to the shoot-down of the Russian SU24. First, they fell on their swords and took complete they're slowly moving towards CYA ambiguity.

Saudi Arabia executed a dissident leader who was supported by Iran.  They're playing the "Bad Cop" in this latest divide and conquer episode. USrael is allowed to cluck, cluck, tsk, tsk, disapprovingly...just as a Good Cop should.  The bottom line folks is...Turkey, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia are all USrael's vassal states. They do what they're told.  All three incidents discussed above--the two shoot downs and the recent execution--have the same result...provoking attacking its allies.  It's a back door, cowardly, modus operandi to achieve the same goals as per usual...general destabilization, division and chaos...during which conquering can best be achieved.

But fortunately, I don't think they're fooling anyone....least of all the Rooskies.


Penny said...

You nailed it on the head GC- That's exactly what I see happening.
Including with this latest Saudi stuff- Did you notice just prior to the Saudi execution some big expose was published that was 'surprising and shocking and amazing' that it was published at all....


I wish I could find it, I just spent a bunch of time looking, but, if I do find it again..... it'll be here for you

greencrow said...

Yes....proxy enemies R' US.

And of course it was the Canadian military who "shot up the Iraqi military" just when they were winning a battle against ISIS a few weeks ago. That's the downside to being a vassal have to do all the dirty work and be the "bad cop".