Friday, January 15, 2016

Racism in America Continued......

UPDATE:  January 20, 2016 Apparently there was another black (future) leader killed in the US just last June.  A religious leader named Clemata C. Pinckney was gunned down in South Carolina. There were indications that, although his death was part of a mass murder of a group of worshippers....Pinckney was singled out beforehand and assassinated. Pinckney was a member of the State Legislature and held promise of becoming the next national black leader...another MLK, so it was said.

UPDATE:  January 17, 2016 Jada Pinkett Smith (wife of actor Will Smith) has suggested a boycott by minorities of this year's Acadamy Awards....due to the all-white nomination roster for the second year in a row.  She says  “People only treat us in the way in which we allow”.  Well, at least she's not afraid to talk about the elephant in the living room!  I have also added some new links to this post for keep the record of what actually happened to MLK alive.

Muhammad Ali on Racism in America and the Military Industrial Complex

When I posted on racism in America last year, there was no direct response. The silence was the time, Police Violence was in the news in America and there was a lot of blogging to the effect that the apparent police violence of White on Black was not racism but simply "happened" to be directed against blacks because of poverty and/or inner city issues. These bloggers insisted the predominantly white US police forces were also targeting poor whites.  Examples of white on white violence were proffered as evidence that racism in America was no longer an issue.

The Execution of Martin Luther King by the US Government
Talk by William Pepper author of "An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King" and "Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King" given February 27, 2003 in Seattle.

I suspect this sometimes innocent denial is a product of the extreme fear in America of re-visiting historical, endemic racism, as evidenced in the State assassination of Martin Luther King (see video above) and the race riots of the 60's. No one can blame Americans for wanting to avoid another painful examination of this malignant and destructive underbelly of their society.

The Face of Racism in it remains today

Every once in a while, however, the face of endemic US racism rears its ugly head.  Just a few weeks ago there was an episode that took place at a protest against fracking. Watch the above video to catch a small glimpse of it.  This is the common-man face of racism in America.  You will never see the elite face...that was the hidden power behind the killing and cover-up of the assassination of Martin Luther King (and Malcolm X).

This elite is still in power today.  This is evidenced, ipso facto, in the continued cover-up of the murder of Martin Luther King. Witness the absence of print media coverage, or TV coverage of the definitive video presentation by lawyer William Pepper. Why is the US, it's government and its population still being dragged down by the ball and chain of racism? IMO, because the pernicious crime of slavery has never been confronted and atoned for. There is still a residual mental "slaver" mindset. Watch the above video if you doubt what I'm saying about the "slaver mindset". This mindset will never be eradicated until justice is restored to blacks by the government of the United States of America. Common legal atonement's...according to personal injury law...are conceived as being either monetary compensation to the descendants of slaves....and/or restoration (i.e., a homeland in America for blacks). There is also a need to punish for the injury...both as a deterrent and as a "leveling of the playing field" ....which was rendered so unequal in the era of slavery. A black homeland would finally restore the dignity to blacks that was stolen from them when they were kidnapped and sold overseas as chattel. These common legal remediation's are not even within the realm of possibility.  So the underbelly will continue to soil and drag down American Society. It's one thing to blah, blah, blah...about equality in's another thing to act in accordance with common personal injury law.

Unless you watch and listen to the William Pepper video in its will never have a clue about what I'm saying...or about what is really going on in America.


wooden shoes said...

Thank you for the video of William Pepper. My first viewing. I haven't trusted the American Government since JFK was assassinated when I was 11yrs. old.

greencrow said...

You are very welcome, wooden shoes, I, in turn, found the William Pepper video on a great blog called "Organizing Notes" which you can find on my excellent blogroll to the right of my webpage. Here is the link:

Yes, the JFK assassination remains historically the beginning of the end of democracy in America...although some historians trace it back further to 1913 when the Federal Reserve took over the financing.