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CawRANT Events #17

CawRANT Events #17

Another grey day on the West Coast and time for a RANT!  We haven't had any snow this year...a few days of heavy frost is all. I would love to have some snow and do (for once) envy Eastern Canada.  Now that I don't have to drive to work in's great. Well I have a lot of rantacious topics to cover, so better get started.

Today is Martin Luther King day in the US.

It's the day when the government hypocritically (is there any entity more hypocritical than the US????) hangs its head in "sorrow" over the death of one of the last leaders of blacks in America. When all the while, everyone in the world knows that the government killed him and have prevented any like-minded blacks from rising up since.

Speaking of keeping minorities down...according to reports, American First Nations leader, Leonard Peltier, who has been in jail for well over 30 years has now been diagnosed with an aneurysm. I have written before about how that Hypocrite in Chief, Barack Obomber, could redeem himself in a small way for his pathetic presidency by granting clemency to Peltier. But the Obomber can't do anything for minorities...he doesn't work for them!

Seeing Double?

Did you see this recent photo of Stephen Hawking?  He doesn't look anything like his earlier self...and I've speculated in the past (as have others) that it might not bee the "real' Stephen Hawking.
Stephen Hawking has a double? If so, it's not a very good likeness of him. The current Stephen Hawking is blathering the same "scientific" mumbo jumbo as the old Stephen Hawking. It might just be that the "perception managers" way up there in the main$tream media mind control Ivory towers have decided that they need a mute and crippled mascot for their scientific factoids. It helps on a 'slow news day".

North Korea in self-defense mode

A couple of weeks ago North Korea conducted a hydrogen bomb test. Due to the overwhelming lack of credibility of the M$M, we'll never know whether they actually did set off a bomb or it was more distraction smoke and mirrors. But if they did...who could blame them?  Just look at a map. No doubt, Korea doesn't want to share the same fate as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  The US split Korea in two back in the 50's so they could harrass and hem in China from their numerous, huge US military bases in South Korea. South Korea is another vassal state, like Canada. The Koreans would love to see their country reunited...but it ain't gonna happen in this millennium.

Mexico is a Vassal State

The US has its fingers in every global pie. Witness what happened in Mexico recently when one of the Drug Kings ("El Chapo') was recaptured after having burrowed his way out of a Mexican prison with a very high tech burrowing method.  A Hollywood Star (Sean Penn) interviewed him. Now I wonder who facilitated the escape of this drug overlord? And who is gun running and micromanaging the social chaos in Mexico caused by the drug trade?  Cuba should breath a sigh of relief that Castro never allowed their country to share Mexico's far at least.

Another False Flag for Canada?

Something smelly recently took place in Burkina Faso....a tiny impoverished landlocked country in North West Africa.  Were Canadians in Africa victims of false flag?  It certainly looks that way...particularly in the way it is being framed by the M$M:
Yesterday we got terrible news of violent terrorism in Burkina Faso where six Canadian people were killed," said Trudeau, who was visiting a mosque in Peterborough, Ont.
"In solidarity with their families that are suffering an unspeakable and tragic loss, I ask you to join me in a moment of silence and reflection."
A statement released by Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion identified the Canadians as "aid workers and volunteers."
Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose condemned the attacks, offered condolences to the victims' families and said what happened in Burkina Faso is proof that Canada must be seen to do more in fighting terrorism.
"These ongoing attacks are proof that decisive action is required to confront this threat, including fully supporting our coalition allies and keeping our CF-18s in the fight in Iraq and Syria," Ambrose said in a statement.

"Aid workers and volunteers".... unfortunately, in today's world, these are usually intelligence assets or patsies of same. Could be the victims were innocent do gooders that the usual suspects just couldn't resist setting up as patsies to justify Africom "boots on the ground", "drones in the air", etc., etc. Of course, doubling down as a small, warning "bitchslap" to Canada doesn't hurt either [sarc].

"Standoff at the Oregon Ranch"

The militia standoff between ranchers and government seems to be winding down.  Northerntruthseeker called this one correctly, IMO. This was probably a combination of "drill" and a "bait" to draw out activists. It's  kind of petered out...under the weight of hightened awareness by locals and everyone... of how government provocateurs are usually driving these activities. Nobody wants to play the perps' games anymore.

NATO - global provocateur

Of course, when you're NATO, you can force countries to play your game.  Belonging to NATO means you might have to go to war and never have a chance to debate the issue. Now it seems that Turkish authorities never gave the order to down the Russian SU-24

The only Turkish official who appeared to have been bold enough to take responsibility for the downing of the Russian Su-24 bomber, PM Ahmet Davutoglu, has seemingly backtracked on his words. He now says he did not give a direct order to shoot down the jet.
TrendsSu-24 downingIn the days after November 24, when the Turkish F-16 fighter jet launched an unprovoked missile attack on the Russian Su-24 jet bombing terrorist positions in northern Syria, the Turkish prime minister publicly spoke out to justify the attack.

So who gave the order to shoot down the Russian jet?  Well, it could have been (1) the Obomber puppet government...(2) the Department of Treasury secret government....or (3) the CIA/Pentagon military/industrial black ops government. With the US and all its military power now divided into three conflicting entities....diplomacy and negotiations are off the table as the US slouches towards global disaster.

Imaginative diplomacy, talking and listening to the enemy, and engaging in self-scrutiny remains outside the cast iron cage of the military mentality that has long dominated most of the political space in American foreign policy debates with the conspicuous help of the passive aggressive mainstream media.
In this respect, American democracy is a broken reality, and conscientious citizens must look elsewhere as a prison break of the political imagination is long overdue.
Richard Falk

US imposes new sanctions--the same day it lifts sanctions on Iran

As if we needed any more evidence that the US governance is internally fractured into at least three warring entities...yesterday we had the clown show of Obama lifting sanctions off Iran...following years of intense negotiations...immediately followed by the US Department of the Treasury reimposing sanctions less than 24 hours later.

IMO, this is proof positive that the US is being run by a secret government (or several warring secret governments) that operate in opposition to the puppet front.  The secret government makes its power felt at times like these.

Russian technology

The good news is that Russian technological advantages are the ace up the sleeve of the good guys. As I have written about on many occasions, it is clear that Russia's engineering and technical expertise baffles NATO countries.  I believe scientific advances, especially in the areas of solar/alternate energy and nanotechnology will define who wins the war for global dominance.  In this regard, the only thing that will stop the Russians from prevailing is the use of the Ziofascist "Sampson Option" by the perps. They will have no other option.  Speaking of cornering the rats...we have an update on...the former pope.

Benny the Rat

A few years ago, Pope Benedict Ratzinger stepped down for Pope Francis and there was very little kerfuffle. I found this absolutely astonishing that a once-in-500-year event could go down with so little fanfare. Just shows you how powerful the main$tream media is in perception management. But here we have a small inkling of why Pope Benny the Rat stepped down. His brother ran choir schools where child sexual abuse ran rampant. Do you not think Benny didn't do a little "preaching to the choir"? Probably a lot worse went on. The evil perps take care of their own. The more cover-up, the more rats involved.

Solar Power Industry derailed by Nevada tax

Of course the oil energy oligarchs want to delay the onset of the Solar era as long as possible.  Here they are caught slapping a big tax on solar power in Nevada...where the whole state could be run on solar power.

Good News

Finally, I will end on some good news. I wanna get me one of these...

Solar Powered Living Capsule

Note the solar power on the roof. I dream about going on a long vacation to Canada's North....trailing one of these behind a pick-up truck. Speaking about Canada's North. I saw that movie "The Revenant" last night. I will give a brief review. Thankfully, it was not as boring as the Star Wars movie I saw at Christmas. I was involved in the plot all the way through. I cared a modicum about what happened to the main character, played by Leonardo DiCaprio...who distractingly...did not look like he was starving....when the script called for him to be starving.

On the plus side, the treatment of First Nations in the movie was excellent. One of the best glimpses I've yet seen into what life in the wilderness must have been like...during the time of first contact between Europeans and Indigenous Peoples of North American. My favourite scene was when the European fur trappers came upon an "Indian" village completely destroyed by the cavalry...carnage and dead bodies everywhere. The trapper finds a watch in the mud, and says "Those B@#*% are always stealing our stuff!" IMO, however, the best character in the movie was the Canadian stole the scene every time. They should give Oscars to countries for "best acting". Canada would win all the time.

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