Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Canadians being set up for North American Union by currency manipulation?

Canadians waiting for the penny (and loonie) to drop

For as long as I can remember, the banksters have been manipulating the world financial markets to achieve their political ends.  Whenever something happens in the stock or bond markets...or the price of oil plunges...we look to see the hidden (and not so hidden) geostrategic agenda behind it.

Today...the Canadian dollar is taking a beating against the American dollar.  I ask myself...why is that?  Why would the American dollar...dragged down as it should be by trillions of dollars of debt, caused by endless wars be so strong against the Canadian dollar.  Canada is not in debt.  Canada has all manner of untapped resources.  By any standard, Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. What's going on here?

Then...I remember the long term bankster, globalist, neocon ziofasist agenda....and it becomes, sadly, all too clear.  The Canadian dollar is being systematically destroyed, and, along with it, the Canadian economy, food prices, standard of living,   When the dollar is down to, say, 20 cents on the American dollar...the Yanks will come to us with a "generous" offer we can't refuse. They will give us parity on our dollar if we give it up and switch to the American dollar. They will make the same offer to Mexico.

If the inexperienced, wet behind the ears neophyte, for some strange reason, refuses the "offer"....well we all know what will happen then, living as we do right next door to the land of False Flags 'R US. Folks, I know this is a very dystopian view of the future.  For me it's my worst nightmare.  Let us hope that's how it remains...a nightmare of unimaginable our homeland gets sucked into the vortex of the diabolical, secret government-run tyrannical empire to the south. Our north will become a battleground in the upcoming war between NATO and Russia that the world is being driven towards. And of course, two Canadian prime ministers in a row have dissed and pissed off we can't go grovelling to him to protect us.

Hopefully, we will wake up tomorrow and it will all be a very bad


Geraldine Batt said...

When everywhere in the world resembles palastine,the bolshavicks will party.

greencrow said...

Yes, Geraldine, but luckily you and I are on to them now.