Tuesday, December 8, 2015

UPDATED: Trump--just another pressure release valve in the US (s)election process...OR????

UPDATE: December 9, 2015 Trump is annoyed that TIME magazine, the irrelevant Zionist/CIA mouthpiece picked Angela Merkel as TIME "person of the year" instead of him. This is another indication that he is NOT a factotum of the neocon. Trump's poll numbers rise 8% AFTER he makes anti-muslim statement

Trump calls for "total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what's going on.  We have no choice."

Trump, with his recent incendiary statements about Muslims and 9/11...could be doing what Ron Paul did before him...taking himself out of the Presidential race.

Why is he doing this?  I've thunk and thunk and came up with the following possibilities:

1.  Donald is doing a political hari kari, destroying his political career (budding as it is) on purpose---so that his friends, the globalist neocon ziofascists can do what they were/are going to do anyway...choose another blackmailed puppet to run the charade for the next four years.

2.  Donald genuinely believes the official story of 9/11 and all the subsequent false flags and thinks that Muslims are a danger to society. In spite of professing to hate the M$M, he never reads alternative news reports--and so doesn't know about all the evidence pointing to False Flags committed, one after the other, by the same group of "usual suspects".  Somehow, I find this hard to believe.


3.  Donald has hatched a brilliant strategy to force the perps of 9/11 out into the open.  By harping on Muslims...and demanding they be banned from the US, Trump will find out WHO it is that will oppose this decision most strongly (for "National Security" reasons...because Muslims do make EXCELLENT patsies).  By demanding that "government representatives...figure out what's going on..."  isn't Trump demanding a real investigation into 9/11 and all the other false flags?

I suggest the Americans continue to back Trump, hoping for #3 above...after all, He's still better than the alternative.  He's gonna stir things up!!!


BuelahMan said...

Alas, you provide the rub. You want us to "hope" he will "change" policy. We are to "hope" that he knows the truth, yet won't say it out loud. To the contrary, he says all the same old lies that Bush, Obama, et al shout in regards to 9/11.

You might want to add a #4: Trump is an idiot spouting a one-trick pony of "illegal immigration". Trump is not POTUS material, but none of them are. The Jews won't allow that.

Trump will do exactly what the Jews want him to do. Period.

Therefore, he is inept and unsuitable for the office.

Stop with the lesser of two evils stuff, please.

greencrow said...

Thanks for this comment BuelahMan. You are correct that we are talking "lesser of two evils" here. in the recent Canadian (s)election I was forced to vote NDP after not having voted for over a decade due to Canadians fighting in Afghanistan on the basis of the 9/11 lies. I voted NDP to get Harper out of office. Most Canadians voted strategically in the last election (ask Northerntruthseeker). We know that Trudeau the younger is a zionist puppet...but we thought at least he won't be a humiliation like Harper was.

My point was if you vote for Trump (but I think he's deliberately disqualifying himself so this is a moot point) if nothing else, he will stir things up. He may be a jewish puppet but they don't like his moxie. His big ego will never let him kowtow to anyone....but, as I said...he's likely disqualifying himself and "won't be an option"....just like all the neocons interestingly predicted on the talk shows not too long ago.

BuelahMan said...

He may be a jewish puppet but they don't like his moxie.

Then why are the conservative Jews endorsing him?


It's all Kabuki, GC. If ANY of those we have to select from are the next POTUS, the Jews still win.

Personally, I am tired of the Jews winning.

WXXX said...

We haven't seen this kind of confabulatory apologetic since the hey-day of the Obama-zombies...

greencrow said...

Hmmmm "....confabulatory apologetic" Wonder what that means. Confabulatory means confusing and apologetic means written or spoken defense...confusing defense...hmmmmm but defense of what? And by Who? There lies the rub.

greencrow said...

BuelahMan says

"It's all Kabuki, GC. If ANY of those we have to select from are the next POTUS, the Jews still win.

Personally, I am tired of the Jews winning."

For a group that is supposed to make up 2% of the population they do hold almost 80% of governmental (appointed) positions. You do have a point, sadly.

WXXX said...

Greencrow - let's define it as the performance of rhetorical acrobatics in defense of the indefensible - the sort of contorted rationalizations we saw (and still see) with Obama's most die-hard supporters.

OK, I see in your latest post that you've rejoined us in real-ville.

greencrow said...

I don't think I've changed my position from the beginning. Simply put, I believe Trump is the red-hot iron that can cauterize the terminally pus-filled American institutions...just by dint of destroying them.

BuelahMan said...


It is my contention that Donald Trump will never, or will he be allowed, to "cauterize the terminally pus-filled American institutions". Just like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc, etc, etc: what they say and what they do are two totally different things. Nothing changes. Pols lie. And Donald (a TV star acting like a Pol) will be exactly the same.

Look at every election cycle where there is some non-nondescript, minor politician who is allowed to help vent the public's outrage (thing Kucinich or Paul) but eventually succumb to pressure brought on from the PTB. It happens every time.

But even IF Trump were real about immigration (and I agree with this point 100%), he is using this hot topic to cauterize the beaten down public and give them hope. But he will either not win or will change if elected.

It IS what they do.

Now add all the points about 911, expanding military, supporting Jews and Israel, favored Big Business, etc, etc, etc, then what have you got?

A one trick pony. Not only the least of the evils, but a wolf in sheep's clothing, ready willing and able to serve the Jew (loving that his own daughter is now one).


greencrow said...

BuelahMan...you and I are going round and round and keep coming back to the same conclusion...it is a choice between the lesser of two evils...Trump...or the status quo. I think Trump is the lesser evil but you seem to think maintaining the status quo...even if it is with yet another puppet...is the lesser evil. Am I right?

BuelahMan said...

Evil is evil.

Everyone allowed into the fold is a player, GC, or you wouldn't see them at all. Either Trump would be eliminated from media exposure (they would latch on to one of his gaffs), pull the skeleton out of the closet (and I assure you he has many), or kill him. Seriously, if Trump was really someone thwarting the system enough, he would not be here.

Again, no one from within this system (including the media) will ever help this country or stray from the Jews' plans.

Voting in these elections is simply perpetuating the system.

Now if masses refused to vote or wrote in an outside candidate or did something organized to thwart the system, we might have a chance. But I think it is too far gone and hoping that the lying lesser of evils will help is insane (as in doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome). That is what happens every election. Lesser of evils. Insanity.