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UPDATED: Russia versus NATO's Gladio 2.0: Turkish jihad from China to Syria

UPDATED: December 14, 2015 Yesterday, the US military shills who go on the Sunday TV talk shows were peddling the outrageous story that, while ISIS was indeed stealing Syrian oil and transporting it across the Turkish was okay...because Turkey was selling the oil right back to Assad. They never provided evidence for this allegation...they don't HAVE to! Could it get any more ridiculous?

The Way the Perps see the World

But if someone thinks that, having committed a despicable war crime, the murder of people, that they will get away with only losing tomatoes or some limitations in construction and other industries, then they are deeply mistaken. We have more than once reminded them what they have done. And they have more than once not expressed regret over their actions. We know what we need to do in this case.
                                                                                                     Vladimir Putin

The globalist, neocon, ziofascist cabal has ramped up its campaign of terror on the goyim exponentially over the past two or three years.  The latest episode...a false flag that took place in San Bernardino has been totally trashed by the truth community yet, in the alternate reality animation created by the cabal it has been accepted as fact.  Even RT is going along with the media drill...

It appears Operation Gladio begun at the end of WWII has morphed and mutated and is the form that WWIII is it heats up the planet. The only opposition to world wide Gladio are Russia and China.  Turkey has been selected to be the battle axe brandished against Russia, while Japan, North and South Korea will be the weapons used against China. Turkey, as witnessed in the shoot down of the Russian fighter jet and the recent provocation of the Russian battleship in the Aegean, will end up as one of the designated killing fields of the nuclear phase of WWIII.  All it will take for nuclear war to break out will be for Turkey to close the Bosporus Strait. Now, who would command Turkey to make such a suicidal decision?

Turkey: A wholly-owned subsidiary of the CIA since 1945

The seamless transition from Gladio to Gladio 2.0 is best illustrated by NATO member Turkey, which has the edge over other NATO members in this new Western intelligence 'game' because it has a large Muslim population and is strategically situated to contain Russian access to, and influence in, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The Turkish branch of covert CIA Gladio operations began on September 27th 1952, when the Tactical Mobilization Group (STK) (special operations department of the Turkish military) was created with the consent of Brigadier-General Daniş Karabelen of Turkey's National Defense Supreme Council. Karabelen was one of sixteen soldiers (including Alparslan Türkeş) who had been sent to the United States in 1948 for training in special warfare (assassinations, bombings etc.) During their training several were directly recruited into the CIA.

In 1965 these same men formed the core of Turkey's Special Warfare Department, which replaced the STK. During the 1970s, the Special Warfare Department was run by General Kemal Yamak. In his memoirs, Yamak stated that the United States had set aside around $1m for weapons for the group. This CIA organisation within Turkey was effectively a parallel government or 'deep state', and it was only when Yamak asked then Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit for more cash for his operations that Ecevit actually became aware of the operation's existence. Not wanting to expose to his fellow ministers that Turkey had no real sovereignty to speak of, Ecevit suggested that the organization seek support from Europe. So Yamak contacted generals from the United Kingdom and France, from whom he received a positive response.

In 1992 this Special Warfare Department was renamed the "Special Forces Command", although it remains largely controlled by the CIA to this day.

The US Aircraft Carrier Harry Truman is now in the Mediterranean.  As we learned from the Iraq War...once the Pentaghouls move an aircraft carrier...war is inevitable.

The Dance of Death

Although the US hegemon is pretending to nod, bob and weave according to international's drooling like a John McCain at the thought of hot war with Russia. All wars begin with economic sanctions...but this is like kissing your sister to the war mongers. Sanctions generally hurt those who sanction as much as or sometimes even more than the sanctioned. In the case of was an unanticipated (by the West) motivator for the Russians to get off their manufacturing and agricultural keisters and start to produce for their own sanctioned market...and ultimately for export.  Putin couldn't be happier.  Meanwhile, Russia and China are steadily buying up all the world's physical gold--in anticipation of the longed-for collapse of the phony petro-dollar economy.  This puts the NATO perps under pressure of time.

The ostensible goal of the perps is still officially the NATO goal to create Kurdistan in northern Iraq and Syria. I believe this is just a short term, interim goal. The ultimate goal, set even before WWII... is to subjugate Russia and China and carve up the vast untapped natural resources of the Asian continent.  This is a dance to the death because Russia and China will never submit.

Paul Craig Roberts says that war with Russia is inevitable.  While this appears to be the case, I'm still trying to think what steps Putin can take to avoid war.  He must have SOME aces up his sleeve.  He could certainly address the world and tell humans what the demons have been up to...things like the lunar hoax, the truth about the 9/11 atrocity, autism/vaccinations, aids, Fukushima and all the GLADIO-type horrors that have been going on under the radar.  I'm hoping there are some more interim steps between sanctions...guerrilla-proxy ISIS-style warfare...and a hot WWIII.

Can there at least be a pre-war citizen-swap between the West and Russia? those who want to leave the killing fields can do so?  I believe Russia will show the West that North America will not be immune from a nuclear war and may choose to use Canada as a killing field--or Canada could be caught in the cross fire between China/Russia and the US.  Frankly, I like my chances in Russia rather than Canada in the case of a nuclear war.  But that's me.

Syria is the Red line in the Sand

One way or the other, Putin made it apparent during his historic speech to the UN last September that Russia will stand its ground on Syria.  One side will have to back down. Otherwise, PCR is right and the West...with its sanctions and gladio-terrorism will continue circling the drain to war.

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