Saturday, December 26, 2015

Is it over yet? Star Wars: The Force Awakens - A Movie Review

Separated at birth?

Star Wars Supreme Leader of The First Order - "Snoke"


Lord Jacob Rothschild
a British investment banker and a member of the prominent Rothschild family

Lord Rothschild has warned about the dark cloud on the horizon for the global economy, characterizing the geopolitical situation as the most dangerous since the end of World War II."We are confronted by a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II: chaos and extremism in the Middle East, Russian aggression and expansion, and a weakened Europe threatened by horrendous unemployment, in no small measure caused by a failure to tackle structural reforms in many of the countries which form part of the European Union," wrote Jacob Rothschild, a British investment banker and a member of the prominent Rothschild family, in an annual Strategic Report of RIT Capital Partners plc (RIT).

Yesterday, Christmas Day, we performed our somewhat unusual family holiday ritual...we went to the movies.  This is what we do every Christmas Day while the turkey's get out of the house and have a break from in-your-face family time...which is nice enough but in small doses : ) We must not be the only family with this ritual...because the movie house was packed. It was the first movie I'd seen all year. We chose the new Star Wars movie..."Star Wars:  The Force Awakens". Our adult son had already seen it but chose to go again....What a beggar for punishment--I thought!  

Don't worry...there won't be any spoilers in this movie review.  I didn't understand over 50% of the plot (a frenetic series of huge explosions and spaceship chases)...the other 50% being arch-stereotypes...of good/guy bad/guy movies in general...and Star Wars Movies in particular...all duct-taped together by a very poor script.  

My son said there were many nuances that I did not get because I don't watch mainstream TV. Apparently one of the arch-villains has an annoying New Yawk accent...reminiscent of another role he played in a HBO series called "Girls". Not having seen this actor or that series...this "nuance" was lost on me. Instead, I focused on a couple of actors who I hadn't seen in years....Harrison Ford (as Han Solo) and Carrie Fisher (as Princess Leia).  I noted that Harrison is still quite physically agile for being 72 and still a fairly good actor for action roles. I thought about that small plane crash he'd been in while shooting the movie. This used up about 15 minutes. Carrie Fisher is, unfortunately, still a horrible actress...but my mind wandered back to her other artistic endeavour as an author of a 70's best seller, "Postcards From the Edge'. I loved that book (about a young woman going through rehab).  Now, I mused whether she had actually written the book, or whether it had been, like Obama's books..."Ghostwritten". These thoughts took me through about an hour of several huge explosions and car...I mean spaceship...chases.

Then my mind examined all the racial stereotypes that abound in the movie.  I thought about the choice of a black unknown (to me anyway) actor for the role of "Fin" ..."star trooper" turned good guy "resistance' fighter. This actor, IMO, was a poor choice for the role. Not that they shouldn't have chosen a black actor...but this guy looked out of he'd eaten too many Doritos. He was also a lackluster actor. The female lead ("Rae") was a modicum better in her role as resistance/ace spaceship pilot...She and Fin were supposed to be attracted to one another...I did not buy it. Which led me to.....

The reason why I don't go to movies anymore is...for a movie to be worth seeing, you have to buy into the characters and care for them as people.  Hollywood stopped creating those kinds of characters decades ago. The last two characters I cared for in a movie...were the horse and the wolf in "Dances With Wolves". (IMO two of the last, good actors in Hollywood history).

Not only did I not care for any of the characters in this latest Star Wars movie...I actually disliked all of them. I was hoping they would all reach an early then I could leave the theatre. Each explosion and space vehicle chase I hoped would be the last.  In utter boredom...I started to look for Zzzzzionist clues in the scenes and actors.  I saw the requisite Space Bar Room scene...which looked the same as the a not-too-subtle slap at the Arabic culture.  All the gargoyles and monsters looked like how Zionist Israelis must perceive their Arabic neighbours....but no Jabba the Hut.  Sorry...was that a spoiler? The dashing, young, handsome male jet pilot at the beginning of the movie had a distinct Jewish appearance...a recruitment ad for the Israeli air force? The arch evil "Snoke":

To snort cocaine. A combination of the words snort and coke.
You wanna snoke a few lines?

.....looked like a dead ringer for Lord Jacob shown above...but wait...he's evil. It doesn't work. While viewing the arch villain Snoke.... I wondered whether his name was an insider joke directed at Carrie Fisher--and her legendary cocaine habit....Oh, stop it! Finally! The movie was over.....and I escaped into the fresh air of the cool Christmas Evening...albeit with a slight headache from the 3D glasses...which I had absent-mindedly stuffed into my purse. Well...that's it...for another year.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Damn it, crow.. Now you spoiled it for me.... My adult son wants myself, my better half, and him, to go and see this Jew spew media "movie" next weekend....

I am surprised you did not take a shot at the Jew hooked nosed producer of this politically correct POS movie, JJ "I am so jewish" Abrams..... Him and the Eisner jew run "Disney" corporation behind this piece of filth....

I had one other person send me an email about this movie as well, and he said it fails because of the piss poor "politically correct" characters involved.. The heroes are now a woman (no problem there...) and an out of shape black guy with no acting ability (this figures)..... He also said that I would probably sit there and look at the inner machinations of the entire movie looking for the Jew propaganda and brainwashing, and you beat me to the punch!

Oh well, I guess I will have to humor my son (not Jew wise yet..) and my better half (partially Jew wise..) and go and see this POS next weekend.. Hopefully the $7 popcorn with the un-edible so called "butter flavor" topping is appetizing...

greencrow said...

Yes, NTS...go and see it....but bring a good, small airplane pillow to rest your head and snooze during some of the interminable boringness. Looking foward to YOUR movie review... lol.


Northerntruthseeker said...

As long as my son wakes me by the time the movie ends, I will do my best to do a review.... It will be entirely politically incorrect of course!

Geraldine Mary Batt said...

Where the he'll are you mr crow,it's 28/12/15,you have not posted anything for days,what the he'll is a distudent supposed to read,it's lazy buyers like you that drive people to corporate bullshit media,pull up your socks boy and get on with some articles, merry Christmas and a worthwhile 2016.

greencrow said...

Welllllll....Ms Blatt....Kwit yer panting for more of "the good stuff". If its alternative news and views you're just have to check out my "Favourite" blogroll on the right of my website. Like many of my confreres...I'm enjoying a few days off with friends and family for the holidays.

Plan to post some new stuff soon. In the meantime, check out some of my older posts...if you were a true blue would know I'm not a "boy". Funny, when I first started posting on comments forums...I used to be happy when readers ASSuMEd that I was male...due to my hard hitting writing style (or so I presumed). It was only when I became more confident as a writer...and greencrow became more her own person...that I let down my guard and admitted that greencrow is a female....but be forewarned....I never pretend she's a "Lady". : )


greencrow said...

Sorry I spelled your name wrong...Ms Batt.

Geraldine Mary Batt said...

Good day to you ms crow,I love your articles,and blog,I also aspire to Mr northern truth seekers blog,at least Mr seeker tells his audiance when he is taking time out,my only complaint regarding Mr seeker, and you ms crow,is the importance of Mr Arthur topham,and his gallant and virtuous fight with the infiltrated Canadian jewish tyrannical justice system,trying to support his defence fund is hopless,would it be impossible to donate through an indirect PayPal account,trust involved?if the ordinary dissident from around the world can't donate to our collective cause ,what hope do we all have,if we can't feed our animal,it will surely die,all I can invasion is a replay of the Russian bolshavick coup,and the horrors that followed,happening all over Europe, Canada, Australia, USA and all other associated lands,all our leaders are lobotamized bolshavick nut cases controld by the shadow crawlers,nation destroyers,bringers of abundant sin,if I did not have dependants, I think I may juat turn my own lights out,God bless you ms crow,and all those you hold dear.

greencrow said...

I try not to restrict myself by saying I will or won't post. That leaves things open in case there's "Breaking News". Sometimes, I might say if I'm going out of the country that I won't be posting for awhile.

As the old saying get what you pay


Bradley Copper said...

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greencrow said...

Thanks for putting the link here Bradley Copper. Is it legal to do that? I'm sure I will find out.