Thursday, December 24, 2015

Greencrow Christmas Greetings 2015

West Coast Christmas With Full Moon

Seasons Greetings to all my readers out there in the blogosphere.  All the best for the New Year also to my fellow bloggers...particularly my fellow Canadian Bloggers...Penny For Your Thoughts and Northerntruthseeker.   It's supposed to be a full moon this Christmas--so the above scene seems appropriate...even if it's only wet and cool outside here on the West Coast...not snowing. Unless we go up the mountains and enjoy snow any time we want to... nah nah a boo boo! : )

Christmas is a time for reflection and for memories...remembering family and friends no longer with well as making new memories and enjoying the young in their peak of excitement at Santa.  It is also a time to think of those throughout the world who are less fortunate than those in the "West".  I am thinking of this excellent poster by Banksy which just about sums up the Middle East.

The brilliant political artist Banksy’s Christmas card show’s Joseph, with Mary on a donkey, on their way to Bethlehem for Christ’s birth – only to be blocked by the wall. (image above)

From Global Research I have copied this excellent Banksy "Christmas Card".  As for Bethlehem’s “Little Town” so central during the Christmas period, it is prisoner to a wall eight meters high, which:
“snakes through and around Bethlehem, disrupting social, religious, cultural and economic life.” (1)

The world has edged closer to WWIII significantly over the past year...and it mainly has to do with systematic diabolical destruction of the Middle East.  The older I get, the less organized religion, with all its trappings (and traps) interests me. Ironically, the older I get...the more the story of Jesus and his message...rings true in my head and heart.  His message about the fight between good and even more relevant today than it was at any other time in history. His humble birth is Lesson One in life....and it goes on from there.

Fall on your knees! 

Sing the angels in the famous call to my favourite line from my favourite Christmas Carol "Oh Holy Night".  More humility and less ego would solve half the world's problems right there.

Enjoy the precious white light of the days of Christmas everyone...and see you again soon!

Josh Groban singing Oh Holy Night


Penny said...


Thanks for the Christmas wishes :)
And right back to you!
Hope you enjoyed your day or days in some cases?

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for the Christmas wishes. We had a wonderful holiday and it's going to continue to New Years Eve which is my birthday! We always go out for a big dinner at a good restaurant (so I don't have to cook, Whew!) Today we woke up to snow on the upper levels. No snow here yet...but a very pleasant day for dog walking indeed.