Friday, December 11, 2015

UPDATED: Donald Trump Update: King Kong is Climbing the Empire State Building with Hilary in his arms!

UPDATE: December 13, 2015 The New Yorker reports that Donald Trump's months long lead in the polls is "real" and asks ominously "What will it take to Stop Him?" I don't know the answer to that question...but I do know that the perps will do "Whatever it takes."

Trump Outrage

I wasn't going to do another post on Donald Trump so soon...but events have overtaken "plans"....the Donald thing has really veered off into la la land, and needs to be put into the context of the overall morbidity of the US culture and political system. There have been several excellent analyses of it in just the past 48 hours. Here's one by Lasha Darkmoon.

Donald Trump is a result of the Frankenstein laboratory of the American political system. The terminally corrupt political culture has made it inevitable that such a creature would rise from the Lagoon. The fantasy world that has been imposed post 9/11 on Americans by the mainstream media...a fantasy horror movie where buildings collapse neatly into their own footprints in 6.5 seconds....

....has resulted in the creature, Donald Trump, who actually believes that Muslims engineered the above collapse from a cave in Afghanistan!

The creature, Donald Trump, is also unaware of the massive clinical and forensic evidence that Israel/Mossad was behind 9/11 and is basing his political platform on the toxic, metastatic and mutative lie THAT MUSLIMS DID IT.

So now we have mental health wellness "experts" explaining why Donald Trump is in the lead. Physicians Heal Thyself!!! In a sick society, you're going to have organic failures and shut-downs. The pundits can't put a finger on it because the finger itself is diseased. Having run out of options, the desperate GOP manipulators are proposing radical surgery--a brokered convention--behind closed remove the tumour. The tumor in this case is Trump's hopelessly inverted form of sanity/logic (if muslims are to blame...get rid of muslims!) he's trying to impose on the fantasy/insane media-created US government system.  King Kong is climbing up the Empire State Building with Hilary in his arms!!!

It's a Media Reality Problem

Only commentators with a full grasp of the extent of the disease are able to provide some semblance of sanity.  Here's Jon Rappoport's summation:
After all, American society has turned into a cartoon. Yes, it can be vicious and painful. It can deliver terminal blows. But it’s an animation. When a piece of it suddenly detaches itself and steps forward into the light and talks, you better believe people are interested. Accept it, don’t accept it, Obama was one of those pieces, Bush was a piece, Clinton was certainly a piece. But none of them was as strange as Donald Trump.
If somehow he wins the nomination, it remains to be seen how he’ll fare against that “woman sketch” named Hillary Clinton, a venal and vengeful and entitled caricature trying to keep her Shriek under control as she barrels down the road, smoke coming out her ears, toward the Oval Office.
It seems like a long time ago that one of the biggest networks in the world put Trump in a throne before a national audience every week—where he said over and over again, “You’re fired, you’re fired, you’re fired.” Is it really that surprising he can do the same thing now and find a huge audience?
The network, NBC, was Dr. Frankenstein. They brought Trump to life, and then he broke away, turned around, and attacked his masters.
It just so happens millions of people also want to attack NBC and the other networks and major news sources in this country for their wall-to-wall lies, their arrogant sense of entitlement, their insider clubby presumptions, their sold-out alliance with government and corporations, and their refusal to listen to the concerns of every-day Americans.
These media giants have been creating reality for the masses.

And now...reality bites!


stans said...

Trump knows damn well what happened on 9-11.He's an actor,performing a role.Allowing the without a clue U.S. public to "process their grief"(Catherine Austin Fitts).The next President has already been selected by TPTB.If The Donald "wins" the election,then he was supposed to win from the beginning.If he "takes a dive" to help someone else,then that was in the script.This is America remember,land of the fake.Fake terror,fake freedom,fake economy,fake press and fake elections.The surveillance state(blackmail material) and electronic voting being the final nails in the coffin.

greencrow said...

Very good comment stans. It IS uncanny how Trump seems to "unknowingly" set off the 9/11 alarms.

BuelahMan said...

Trump's run as POTUS is the equivalent of his horrible reality TV show. Or his foray into wrestling. Or his lip lock of Rudy Guilliani.

He is not the real deal. He is a caricature.

I don't know how else to explain this.

BuelahMan said...


I just realized you linked to my place. Thanks. I have added your link to my place, as well (hope that is ok).

(Off topic, so remove if you need to)

greencrow said...

Thanks for linking me to your site BuelahMan. Where do you blog from? if I may ask. Thanks.