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UPDATED: The Unpeople and the Un-nations

UPDATE: November 13, 2013 Russia experiences (and not for the first time) the ice cold feeling of being an Un-nation. Reuters published something it says is a ``Russian plan`` spite of Russia denying it several times and providing a corrected statement. The Reuters article preferred to quote anonymous sources, rather than the Russian foreign ministry.

Breaking Free from "Unpersonhood"

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

                                                    Mahatma Gandhi

When I was an anti-war activist in the run up to the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11, we clung to the above saying because of it's hopeful message...then you win.  Well, we found out that no matter how many of us demonstrated against the wars...I marched in several demonstrations of about 30,000 here in Vancouver...we never got beyond the "First they ignore you" stage.  Millions marched against those iniquitous wars based on lies...but they still happened and millions of innocents were addition to the 3,000+ who were murdered while at their workplaces in the Twin Towers on 9/11.  Now, today, the western governments are bemoaning the epidemics of suicides of soldiers who fought in those wars.  More victims of lies.

First the Unpeople

We learned we were the "unpeople" back in those days.  We didn't exist.  We didn't have voices.  We were mute.  Today, Neil Clark invites us to meet more unpeople in western democracies.

Meet the unpeople - an op ed by Neil Clark

Who are the unpeople? Human beings whose views don't matter a jot to self-styled 'democrats' in the West, even though in some cases - in fact, in most cases, they constitute the majority.

What do these groups of people have in common?

* The millions of Syrians - perhaps a majority - who support their government, or at least regard it as preferable to the alternatives.
* Iranians who voted for Ahmadinejad in the 2009 Presidential election.
* Belarusians who support President Lukashenko.
* Libyans who did not support the violent NATO-backed ‘revolution’ against Muammar Gaddafi.
* People who lived in communist countries in Eastern Europe and who thought there were positive aspects of life under communism.
* Ukrainian citizens who did not support 'EuroMaidan'.
* Venezuelans who voted for Chavez and Maduro.
* Russians who support United Russia or the Communist Party.
* Labour party members and registered supporters who voted for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election.
The answer is that all of the above are examples of 'unpeople’ - human beings whose views don't matter to Western Democrats.

Stephen Lendeman writes about the unpeople in Palestine. I believe that to ignore people, to deny them a voice or even an identity is the worst lie of all.  In fact, the lie that denies the existence of other people--is at the foundation of all the evil that exists in this world.  Unchecked, it grows like a metastatic cancer, destroying and putrefying everything in its wake.

Then the Un-nations

Unchecked, the lies that lead to "unpeoples" inevitably leads to Un-nations.  We see that today in the War on Syria.  The wishes of the majority of Syrians to have Dr. Bashar al Assad as their leader is ignored and the nation itself is denied its sovereign identity.  We have parades of killers driving Toyota's escorted by an Apache helicopter onto Syria's sovereign soil to kill and destroy.  Watch the video.

Well supplied ISIS attacks Syria under escort

Corporations (with anonymous owners and CEO's but with the full legal rights of a person...or at least the rights that a person used to have) will take over from nations, according to Paul Craig Roberts. Read his excellent analysis of the TPP agreement made in secret because...why bother to tell the unpeople from the Un-nations.. that the laws that kept them from being serfs, that protected nations' sovereignty and culture are going to be things of the past?

The End of Identity

The way they have it planned, there will be no more identity except corporate identity.  And the corporations will not rely on human labour...but robots and AI's.  Who are these people?  Well, the answer to that question brings us back full circle to the lie at the foundation of all the evil in the world...the lie that denies the existence of the un-people and Un-nations.  The liars that tell that lie are the fomenters of all the wars and misery.

The Saker recently posted an interview with a hardened commander of the civil defense forces of the Donbass in Novorossiya.  The man seems obviously depressed and tired by what he has seen and what he has been through in the last few years. What I found most interesting is that this battle-hardened veteran hit the nail right on the head, when asked who was behind all the fighting that has taken place in Ukraine over the past several years.

Question for the Commander:  "Who is behind all this?"
Answer:  "The Ones who lie."

Yes, watch the video and towards the end the Commander is asked the question and his answer stunned me with its simplicity and its truth.  The "Ones who lie" are the Unpeople makers and the Un-nation makers.

"Those who want peace seldom have to lie. It is the promoters of wars for whom truth is the enemy."                                                                     -- Michael Rivero

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