Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Climate Change Conference is a Bogus Talk-Shop

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Hadrien, Ella-Grace and Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau board a government plane on Saturday in Valletta, Malta, on the way to Paris for the UN climate change summit. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press) 

From the CBC:

Leaders and climate negotiators from almost 200 countries are meeting from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 to try to work out the broadest and longest-lasting deal so far to slow global warming.
Concentrating on a plan
Trudeau will not provide a new greenhouse emissions target in Paris. He has committed to talking to the premiers within 90 days of the climate change summit to set targets.
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said the past target made under the Conservative government will be used as a minimum, referring to it as "a floor, not a ceiling."
The Conservatives announced in May that Canada's contribution to this year's Paris talks would be a 30 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2030.
Trudeau said global warming could have "a catastrophic impact," especially for Canada's Arctic.

"The one thing we are focusing on now beyond targets, which have time and time been set and not met, is establishing a plan to actually meet those targets and that's why it is so important to demonstrate the kind of ambitious
commitments that Canada is making concretely around emissions reductions," he said.
"We are focused on the plan to reduce emissions as much as we are targets."
Trudeau told reporters he remains optimistic India will come on board for the post-2020 climate pact being negotiated in Paris.
He said citizens "are going to look very negatively at countries that don't participate."
He said, "For a concrete example of that, we need look not look much further than our own story and the difficulty we had getting pipelines built because people didn't believe we were taking our environmental responsibilities seriously."

Blah, blah, blah. The conference in Paris will be little more than a blithering talk shop about vague and non objective experimental research that has but a tenuous hold on the effects of CO2 or Greenhouse gasses on the world's climate. IMO, the "carbon tax" that is proposed for all countries to actually an attempted extortion racket by G7 countries to recover the cost of chemtrail spraying.  Spraying all that coal dust (and the lithium, aluminum and radioactive particles that are mixed in) into the atmosphere costs a lot of dough, folks. SOMEBODY has to pay for it and the Big Boys are tired of carrying the can.

You know the entire agenda is bogus when the participants studiously ignore the  REAL factors in human impact on climate change/environmental degradation....such as:

1. Chemtrail spraying into the atmosphere;

Fracking...blasting into the earth, releasing toxic gasses that cause birth defects...and causing earthquakes!

Secret HAARMIT electromagnetic research activities being carried on as part of a climate warfare program...causing floods, droughts, extreme storms in countries that don't "pay the extortion"....or who the globalist cabal want to punish;

4. War...with its systematic global destruction of the earth's protective vegetation, use of depleted uranium weaponry to forever poison the air, earth and water (and human DNA) and military naval sonar that is wiping out the world's population of whales and dolphins; and

5. Fukushima....caused by USrael's Stuxnet virus...which is relentlessly killing our planet--while all the "Neros" of the world gather in fiddle in cacophonic unison. Also, nuclear power in general--which is nothing more or less than a grave long term risk to humanity.

No, folks...nary a word will be whispered about the above list of REAL problems that affect our climate and environment. Verboten!  The big corporate/military industrial complex representatives will no doubt stand on guard to make sure the above are NEVER mentioned.

That's why I say the Climate conference is not only a waste of time...but a real risk to the health and welfare of some participants (see my last post).

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