Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Oh! What a Tangled Web

Hapless US State Department Flunkie
Tries to Back Up Cabal Lies 

The US has lost all credibility in the international geopolitical arena.  Witness the above pathetic farce. The reason I'm bringing up this acknowledged fact of life at this time is because US dysinfo agents that make up the entire western main$tream media are coming out with theories of what brought down the Russian plane.  Yes, it is still early days and evidence is still being examined. People are entitled to submit theories as to what happened.  This paragraph in the previous link printed in italics...shows what theory the Russians are leaning towards:

There is a “possibility that the aircraft could have collided with some other object – I’m thinking, in particular, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones may have been operated in that area to gather intelligence by different authorities… We know it was a conflict area. We know that drones can achieve that kind of altitude,” he said.
All 224 people aboard were killed, making it the deadliest civilian aircraft disaster in Russian and Soviet history.

In seeking answers, however, given the track record of the cabal owned and operated M$M, [REUTERSAPFAUXCNNBCBSABCBCNBCBBC, etc.] especially vis a vis 9/11 and a myriad of subsequent hoaxes, false flags and lies....the western M$M should NOT be considered a reliable source of information. They are LIARS! Pure and simple. They tell Lies. It's what they doooo. 


Penny said...

GC are you having a bad day?

Of course they lie, they obfuscate, the muddy the waters etc
But there is often seeds of truth waiting for light and waters
That's where we come in.

greencrow said...

No, I'm not having a "bad day". I do use the BBC (and all M$M) all the time...to track the lies or "reverse engineer" them...as described in one of my recent posts. This situation (the Russian jet take down) could be a "WWIII triggering" event, as noted in my recent RANT. Due to that, it's more important than ever to explicitly discredit the credibility of the M$M.

But, thanks for your comment : )

Penny said...

Hi Greencrow :)

It's definitely a scary time- without a doubt
glad you are here with me and NTS too!