Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Yesterday morning, the post I was writing was suddenly deleted just as I was in the process of publishing it. I'm going to re-write and post it again next. I used the "Report a Problem" to notify Blogger and ask them to restore it. As of yet, I've heard nothing back. Here's my note:

Dear Blogger:
This post [url] was hacked this morning.  I am hoping that Blogger can restore the original post as published (then I quickly reverted back to "Draft" because the format was mysteriously skewed) I was in the process of re-formating it, when it suddenly disappeared.
Could it be these guys?
If not, I will alert my readers and rewrite the post.  The entities who hacked and deleted the post are the very ones I was writing about...alas.

Here's the comment I put last night on Northerntruthseeker's excellent post about the "inciting hatred/right to free speech" trial currently taking place in Quesnel, BC where I refer to the incident:

Hi NTS Thanks for posting this. It is interesting that most if not all of these trials of persons who speak up against Zionism take place in Canada. Remember Ernst Zundel? Remember that First Nations Leader who was hauled before the courts (and had his Order of Canada removed) for speaking out about Zionism?
Interestingly, since I put up the last post on my blog about Charlie Hebdo...I have had some weird phone calls, had my Internet suddenly cut off (my server told me that I was the only one in the neighbourhood disconnected) and a post I published today was mysteriously skewed and then deleted. I cannot restore it and have asked Blogger to look into it.

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