Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fact vs. Fiction: Texas on the Dutch MH17 Coverup

Fact vs. Fiction: Russell "Texas" Bentley
on the Dutch MH17 Coverup

American war hero Russell "Texas" Bentley, now living in Donbass, has just come out with a new video investigation of the MH17 Passenger Jet shootdown over Donbass, Ukraine on July 17, 2014..over a year ago now.

Here is his conclusion:

.......I have been to Amsterdam many times, and have flown out of Schiphol Airport more than once myself. The people who boarded Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on that terrible day back in 2014 did not think the war in Donbass could ever effect them. It did. Those of us still here must take a lesson from them. Or we too will suffer their fate. There is a war going on, all over the world, right now, today. This war is between Humanity and those who want to exterminate most of us and enslave the rest. Donbass and Syria are the front lines, and what happens in these places will determine the future for us all. Remember that, and think, and engage, with your heart and with your mind. We are all in this together, and the day of reckoning is near. Forego the comforting lie and face the hard truth. The future of Humanity depends upon your doing so.

I'm looking forward to a more extensive coverage of Texas's investigation into MH17. His use of eye-witness reports is something rare in news reports these days. It is not a coincidence that eye-witness reporting about anything has been discounted and disregarded in today's ma$$ media "news" reporting. Eye witnesses, since the beginning of time, have been the mainstay of truth-telling and the justice system in civilized societies. That's why the evil ones have worked so hard in their CIA psycho-laboratories and mass media brainwashing programs to discredit them. Texas brings up the most important questions about the tragedy that the Amsterdam "investigation" that have still have not been answered. I asked these questions myself right after the tragedy...and am still waiting for the answers:

"......First, always ask "Cui bono", who benefits? .........just ask yourself the obvious questions - why did Yatsenyuk resign less than a week later, only to be ordered to return. Why did it take 16 months for the report to come out, why does the US release meticulous satellite images of Russian forces in Syria, but releases none from Ukraine, when it is a known fact that the US had a satellite over Ukraine when MH17 was shot down? What ever happened to the air traffic control tapes from Kiev ATC, or the air traffic controller Carlos from Spain who tweeted about Ukrainian SBU agents confiscating the tapes minutes after MH17 went down?

If the Dutch report does not include US satellite images, info from the Black Boxes (that the DNR turned over to investigators days after they were found), the Kiev ATC tapes, and the info about the metal fragments found in the autopsies of the victims, it is total bullshit. Which is what I expect."

Russell Bentley (aka "Texas") tells it like it is

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