Monday, November 30, 2015

UPDATED CawRant #15

CawRANT Events#15

It's a cold and sunny day on the West Coast.  The temperature has been below or near freezing for about a week now.  The other day, while walking my dogs along the nearby salmon stream in an urban greenbelt, I came across a small bear cub eating a decaying salmon.  Two local men were also watching the bear.  We all agreed this was an unusual sight...just about a block from a very busy street.  The men told me the bear had first been spotted up in a tree but then came down to eat the doubt left for it by its mother...who was no where to be found.  All three of us agreed that calling the "animal protection agency" would NOT be a good idea...because they would just come and kill the bear(s).  I took a side path out of the forest to avoid mama.  Time for a RANT!

Mental Illness

I've been doing a bit of thinking about the rampant mental illness that's plaguing humanity these days, ever since I watched this video:

According to the guy (with the very weird eyes) in the above video who's giving a seminar on schizophrenia...he suggests that the "voices" the schizophrenia sufferer hears could be "actual" voices of spirits. According to this thesis--which he claims has been developed by several psychiatrists after working with patients over a long time period and over a wide geographic area, these spirits thrive and survive on negative energy in the earth's atmosphere. It's an interesting theory. I find it particularly compelling in light of the relentless efforts of the neocon, globalist, Ziofacist cabal to produce negative energy (fear, paranoia, terror) all over the earth. All the negative energy must benefit somebody. Even the truth movement is subjected to all kinds of negative energy, e.g., a 'divide and conquer" mentality that comes down to dividing even families, couples and parents from their children. SOMEONE must be feeding off it.  I suggest a WWIII would be a banquet for these evil spirits!

Read this:

It would appear this conflict is fought on the macro and micro levels

This war, which is currently being waged in hybrid form, is called by different names and seen at different levels in different ideologies and world views. In geopolitics, this is the antagonism between Land and Sea. For conspirologists, this is an occult struggle. For Marxists, this is a manifestation of the struggle between labor and capital at the stage of national liberation and anti-imperialism. For the liberals themselves, this is a struggle for maintaining their precious neo-liberal capitalist “open society” and thwarting the “enemies of the open society.” For Eurasianists, this is a struggle for a multi-polar world against the unipolar “globalization” of the Atlanticists and the multi-faceted hegemony of the North American superpower. For Traditionalists, this struggle is against the destructive forces of modernity and what the Hindu tradition calls the Kali Yuga, the Christian tradition the Kingdom of the Antichrist, the Islamic tradition names Masih ad-Dajjal, etc. All of these struggles relate to, intersect with, and are woven into the fabric of the planetary confrontation of two alternative models of approaching human societies, organization, and interactions on a global scale.

This week, the public's being mesmerized by what's going on in Syria. Apparently, Putin recently dismissed the Turkish ambassador, telling him that Syria is the cabal's "Stalingrad"?

"...the net is closing in on the West’s death squad project in Syria. Turkey’s actions have merely demonstrated, again, the impotent rage of those who have thrown in their chips with a disastrous and bloody attempt to remake the Middle East. Syria is indeed becoming the Stalingrad of the regime changers – the rock on which the imperial folly of the West and it’s regional imitators may finally be broken.

But with lies being the kindling the negativity vultures use to start their fires of can we believe anything the "leaders" of any stripe say?  Just this morning, Obama expressed regret over the downed Russian jet over Syria.  Of course the photo accompanying the story showed the two leaders, Putin and Obama, studiously avoiding eye contact.  And then we have the video below...which shows just how "sincere" USrael is in de-escalating the East/West conflict:

Kiev Junta doing night time shelling of Novorossiya - contrary to the Minsk Agreement that Obama keeps insisting that Putin implement!

As far as I'm concerned...there will be no de-escalation of this headlong rush to WWIII--based on lies--until respect for the truth is restored.  This can only happen when the 9/11 perps are brought to justice.  Instead of a blah, blah, blah...climate conference, the world could benefit infinitely more from an international convention to establish the truth of what happened on 9/11.  The main reason for this is--it is the 9/11 perps who are still in control and still wreaking havoc!

Trump steps into 9/11 cow paddy

Trump has opened a 9/11 can of worms by inadvertently bringing up the verboten topic of 9/11 with the claim that he personally saw "thousands of muslims were celebrating in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11".   It is difficult to discern what, exactly, Trump is doing here.  Is this a "Ron Paul self-immolation" take himself out of the presidential race?  We know that the last "independent" candidate, former congressman Ron Paul, took himself out of the presidential race when he was leading in the polls...under a dubious pretext. What has happened here is that Trump has dragged the putrid, moldering corpse of 9/11 justice out into the sunlight and "stunk up the joint".  It is mystifying why he has done this.  UPDATE:  It now appears that Trump may have been correct...but again, the trail in this archived news report leads to Osama Bin Laden...who we now know was a longstanding bidness associate of the Bush's (and a CIA asset) through the Carlyle Group:

Archived News Report shows Trump Right about Muslims celebrating 9/11...but, also leads directly to OBL who was a CIA asset and member of Bush Carlyle Group...Oops!!  The still at large perpetrators of the atrocity won't like that!!!

Speaking of False Flags, here are a couple of analyses of two of the most recent...The Paris Attacks and the Russian Metrojet that went down over the Sinai.  These False Flags and/or False Flag hoaxes are now occurring at the rate of one every week and a half.  I agree with other bloggers that the perps are getting desperate...baffle 'em with bulsh!t is the modus operendi.  So far, the neocon globalist cabal has been getting away Scot free with all the false flags.  Only when they are brought to justice will the reign of terror end.  Of course, I've been saying this for well over 10 years now...along with many other truth bloggers.

The Truth Community has lost a pioneer

Researcher and writer Dave McGowan recently passed away from a fast acting cancer.  His is a great loss to all those who fearlessly seek the truth.  Dave is the latest of a growing list of truthers who have met untimely (early) deaths.  Here's a list:

Joe Vialls
Michael Ruppert
Kenny of Kenny's Sideshow
Michael Hastings
Dave McGowan

I may have missed a few.  Fortunately, however, there have been many more who have joined the movement. Readers can access their work by clicking on the "Recommended Blogroll" to the right. This shows that, no matter how powerful the dark forces become...their weakness is they can only work in the dark..."by deception".  They are like soon as dawn (truth) comes...they scurry like roaches into the dark crevices.  Truth and light will always prevail over dark and evil because only being able to work in the night has its disadvantages.

Speaking of roaches

Skull and bonesman, John Cohen/Kerry has come out and openly admitted that the US has a "responsibility" to create "Order out of Chaos":

The Truth will out! Well, that's it for this RANT...until the next time.


BuelahMan said...

Trump is a failure on several issues, 9/11 being a main one. But on the Jewish question and his support of Israel, he deserves NO further entertainment as POTUS. Yet there are still believers.

greencrow said...

Yes, it is very sad. There are absolutely NO credible candidates running for the Presidency.