Thursday, October 29, 2015

UPDATED: US Election Update....Cabal getting desperate...openly calls for assassination of Trump

UPDATED:  October 31, 2015 - Yet another Republican spokesperson has made vague threats against Donald Trump.  Sadly, this appears to be "politics as usual" in the US.

Mitt Romney says Trump won't be GOP candidate

Just checking in to the US Presidential Campaign for a bit, to see what's going on.  First item--is that upper echelon Republican Mitt Romney smugly announced on National TV a week or so ago that "Trump won't be the GOP Candidate" once the campaign finally gets underway.  Why?  You might well ask.  No answer was smugly given.

GOP Operatchik Rick Wilson did offer a clue when he said...also on US National TV... that the "doner class must put a bullet in Donald Trump".  "PUT A BULLET IN DONALD TRUMP?!"  After all the assassinations in the (fairly recent) history of the US???? You would think this incendiary, not to mention criminal, incitement would bring out the Secret Service, the FBI and (gasp!) the CIA.  Not so. Not even a murmur. Bidness as usual. It just goes to prove what Russian Prime minister Dimitry Medvedev said recently:

The [Russian] prime minister said: "What is the American administration usually accused of? That it allows itself something which cannot be allowed - weakness, indecision, incompetence, and fails to take adequate measures to defend its certain priorities. I don't know if it is so, it's their business. But, anyway, judging by the statements sounded this week, including from some of the White House clerks, it seems to be true".  Russian PM Medvedev

Next item...last Night's GOP debate was the usual pantomime of the cabal-owned media...asking potential puppets...ridiculous and trivial questions...e.g., about "fantasy football" betting. The US is fighting wars on at least three fronts and candidates get asked about "fantasy football betting"? That just about sums up the level of geopolitical discourse in the US right there.

Trump and the other GOP Candidates

Here's an analysis by CNN of the debate "Winners and Losers". Trump's far down the list of "winners". The most telling phrase of the analysis is that CNN divides the debaters into "politicians" and "non politicians" (Trump and Carson).  Silly me, I thought that anyone who was running for public office was a "politician".

As I've said in several previous posts.  I'm "hoping" that Trump is the GOP candidate and that he wins the US Presidency. Not because I think he has the moral character or even a smidgen of the political smarts of a, say, Vladimir Putin, but because Trump has such a big ego that he's "puppet-proof".  He cannot be controlled.  A lot of commentators observe that Trump is just as much in the pocket of the Zionist Cabal as any of the others. Yes, he does have deep connections with the governing Jewish faction in the US--through his longtime NY real estate bidness dealings. But they cannot trust him to keep all their 9/11 skeletons in the closet.  Ergo, the "bullet" Reference and all the other hints, allusions---and outright threats---that Trump "will not be a candidate" in the next election. This is IMO, exactly why he should be the candidate.  Stay tuned....

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