Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Trudeau's Victory Speech - I have to say, it's very good
...a real barn-burner. Watch it because
 it's the new international Face of Canada

It's (the Canadian Federal (s)Election) is finally over.  Trudeau won a majority and the NDP came in third, even in my riding...where the Liberals took the seat away from the Conservatives.  My riding is somewhat atypical...or perhaps it's typical in today's world.  There's been such a recent avalanche of immigrants coming in from China...the old blue collar society has been totally upended.  The Chinese, I guess, like to vote for one of the two wings of the same bird.

And that's what the Liberals are, folks.  As my colleague, NTS, notes in his very good analysis, Justin Trudeau has signed on to all the cabal talking points of the past few years.  He voted for C-51, he recently dissed Russia/Putin and he's signed on to the Mystery Treaty Agreement, the TTPP. I saw a lot of men wearing yarmulkes in the Trudeau TV crowd. They looked very pleased...running around congratulating each other. One thing NTS did not mention in his analysis is that Trudeau said he would legalize marijuana. This was one reason I could not vote Liberal. As a former social worker working with youth, I saw the damage that today's high-potency marijuana does to kids. Many youth end up in hospital with "drug-induced schizophrenia". The social and marital problems caused by Margaret Trudeau (Justin's mother) smoking marijuana should be enough of a cautionary tale for Justin.  I'm not in favour of putting people in jail or giving them criminal records for smoking or dealing small amounts of marijuana...and apparently it can act as a relief for those with painful diseases, like cancer...but I really think the truth should be told to young people of the very real dangers of smoking marijuana.

But, for two reasons at least, I'm satisfied with the results of the Canadian (s)election.  One, it got rid of the rigid, pro-zionist, demagogue Stephen Harper, who will soon be stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party.  Secondly, it's another generation taking over. That's as it should be.  I'm very much in favour of giving space to the young generations in government.  I hope Justin Trudeau is able to focus on his promises, spoken about in the speech above....well worth watching.  He is a very good public speaker...at least as good as his father was.

There's going to be a G20 meeting of all the world leaders coming up shortly in Istanbul, Turkey on October 20, 2015. This will offer the first opportunity for Trudeau to present a new image of Canada to the world. Hopefully, he will keep in mind his victory speech themes of healing, peace and inclusiveness...as these are values that Canada used to be proud to represent internationally...back in the Day of Trudeau (Pierre, that is).

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