Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gotcha! The "Bloody Hands" geostrategic game

Bloody Hand

There is a well-known geostrategic game played amongst the upper echelons of "Humanity" called the "Bloody Hands game". One side kills people with abandon for years. Assassination programs are the order of the day..bunker bombs, drone missile strikes, proxy mercenary armies of terrorists...biological weaponry, denial of required food and water for subsistence...radiation poisoning of the land, seas and air.

All this time, they're daring someone to come and stop them. Laughing like Hyenas...blood dripping from their hands and teeth. They kill friend and foe alike...False flags, Friendly name it, they do it.

Then, someone steps in to put a stop to the carnage. They use righteous force, because that's the only thing the Hyenas will understand. The righteous have had a long time to prepare, while they've tried to negotiate a way to stop the killing. They've come up with some interesting weapony.   

Even though the righteous follow the "rules of combat", including waiting to be invited in by the victims...they've still fallen for the trap. The "Bloody Hands" trap. Now they're open to all kinds of lies about what they're doing. You see, no matter how sophisticated their weaponry, they do not possess the ultimate evil weapon...the M$M lying machine. They cannot, at will, poison millions of feeble, simple-minded brains.

The evil ones, caught militarily helpless and unable to continue (for the moment at least) their murderous ways...shriek..."Because you've used military you have bloody hands TOO!  Never mind all the humans we've murdered. Now we will don our whited sepulcher garments, stand before the TV cameras and pretend we care about killing people. We might even try to haul you before our corrupted international criminal courts! We got ya...coming and going!"

The neocon, globalist, Ziofascist cabal have been waiting and baiting a long time to drag Putin/Russia down to their having blood on his hands...they're not going to waste this golden opportunity to say, "Gotcha!"

That's the way the game is played.

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