Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back to Business

Istanbul at night....seen from hotel window

Well, folks, here I am back in Canada after a hectic three week journey, travelling from Istanbul, Turkey (above) to Barcelona, Spain...with numerous stops in between. I had hoped to continue to blog during the trip...certainly there was plenty to say...personal impressions, as well as geopolitical observations. A combination of problems...roaming access to server, denial of service and travel scheduling and logistics stood in the way. I've gained a new respect for professional journalists who must continue to report on deadlines while on the move and from far away posts.  

Another challenge has been that the last few days of the trip and since my return I've been fighting a bug that's left me exhausted and at low ebb. In order to maintain the kind of blog this is...I need to do a lot of, both mainstream and alternate, other blogs and analysis. I finally feel caught up enough to jump into the fray again.

September 28th, 2015 came and went without the crisis or false flag I feared might happen while the 70th anniversary UN general assembly was in session. Like I've said before, perhaps PTSD, caused by the spate of assassinations in the 60's has left me dreading any public appearance by a vulnerable truth-telling politician. Vladimir Putin's address to the UN did not disappoint. Here is a very good assessment of it by Zen Gardner.  Watching it on SkyNews was a 'treat'....the speaker just before Putin, the leader of China, was interrupted by "breaking news" from NASA....something about water on Mars. I just about blew a gasket...that lying agency being used to usurp the right of China to address the public!? I was worried that the "breaking news' gambit might also be used to deny Putin a TV audience...luckily, his speech was broadcast in entirety...complete with the question that rang out around the world "Do they (the psychopathic deep state that controls the US/NATO/Israel) even know what they have done?"  Putin threw down the gauntlet and declared he's not going to play nice anymore.  It's been a whole new ballgame ever since...with Russia declaring a no-fly zone over Syria and going after the proxie terrorist armies of the west...leaving Obama sulking in the corner. I also watched Obama's speech....a tissue of lies cut from whole cloth. I particularly noted the way Obama referred to "Legal Principles" not laws...when talking about the UN's historical authority. Putin, conversely, referred to "International Law". The United States is well on its exceptional way down the slippery slope of denying the very existence of international law. Someone had to call a halt.

Fellow Canuck James Corbett recently had a good comment on how all politicians are subject to blackmail...something I've been saying for some time now. This makes Putin's courage in speaking out all the more stunning. He must have a very potent "truth bomb" tucked up his him immunity...because blackmail can work both ways, as you know. Speaking of corrupt politics....I've also been following the Canadian Election that will be wrapping up on October 19th. The controlled media is playing a stupid game pretending that the Liberals are out in a prelude to the eventual horse race "fix" that will allow the Tories to sneak across the finish line first. IMO, the NDP is probably way out in front...but a backroom deal has been made between the Tories and Liberals. 

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

My overall impression of southern Europe at this point in history is that it's over-populated, crowded, packed to the rafters with under-employed and restless people.  All the chaos in the middle east has taken its toll.  In the bazaar in Istanbul, I bought some spices from a young man from Syria...the bazaars are full of young Syrians...because selling and hawking are the only jobs they can get. We talked about the Syrian situation and I apologized to the Syrian for all the problems the West has caused his country. He impulsively reached out and hugged me and said..."So at least some of you do understand!" I didn't enlighten him to the fact that those who understand are a very small fraction of the Western population.

When I was in Barcelona, the streets were absolutely jammed day and night with crowds of people. There was one night-time protest demonstration I was told was against 25% unemployment. Our guide told us that the problems in Spain are caused by a lopsided economy. The province of Catalan where Barcelona is...supports the rest of the country and is not given a fair share of the taxes. A recent referendum in Catalan for independence resulted in a 50/50 vote. The country is now walking on eggshells and the parliament passed a law forbidding public demonstrations (all this according to our guide and taxi drivers). The main industry in Spain is tourism. Barcelona is a beautiful, vibrant (if hot and over-crowded) city.  The architecture is stunning.  La Sagrada Familia, 

Ceiling view of La Sagrada Familia

...the world renowned church of The Holy Family...designed by ground-breaking architect Antonio Gaudi was truly the highlight of my trip and the most beautiful building I've ever been in.  And it's only 60% finished!  Begun in the early part of the 1900's, and funded by private's planned to be completed in honour the 100th year since Gaudi died.

I now have a new item on my bucket return to Barcelona in 2026, and see that stunning church "La Sagrada Familia" finished at last!!!

One of the three facades of La Sagrada Familia.
When complete, there will be 18 towers...several bigger than the ones above.

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