Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Brief Deconstruction of US "Exceptionalism" as foreign policy

A brief but comprehensive description
of American Foreign Policy

The first time I heard about the US foreign policy of unipolarity or "exceptionalism", developed in the late 90's by the Bush neocons, it was by US Foreign Secretary Condaleeza Rice.  She stated it as if it had been in place forever...but I knew better.  This was something new, but yet I had heard something vaguely similar before. During the late 80's and early 90's the Canadian Conservative Mulroney neocons had tried a similar stunt in Canada...with the failed Meech Lake Accord.  In that ploy, they tried to convince Quebeccers (and TROC-i.e., the rest of Canada) that Quebec was a 'distinct" society...and therefore needed a constitutional amendment enthroning this concept in our constitution. What made Quebec "distinct" was never fleshed out. In reality, it was an age old "divide and conquer" canard....that failed in the end...and in the subsequent federal election, the Mulroney Conservatives were royally trounced--reduced to just two seats in the 300+ seat Canadian Federal Parliament.

But canards die hard.  In US "exceptionalism" (aka as Barak Obama calls it...the "indispensable" nation) we see the same stupid effort, rising like a zombie from its putrid grave. The US and its increasingly obsolete military are the "exceptional" society. Never is it explained why the US society is better than, say, Cuba or Brazil.  Looking closely at the common people in the US...they seem, if anything, even more disadvantaged than some third world countries.  Obese, poorly educated, brainwashed by the M$M, violent, frequently homeless and culturally impoverished by the relentless Corporate-owned Big Sports/"Pop Star" media obsession...these people need a hand up!

The truth is that most Americans do NOT regard themselves as exceptional.  Like Quebeccers...they see through the desperate and pathetic "divide and conquer" ploy.  The only thing that remains for Americans to do is rise up and toss the murderous, scheming, neocon cabal out on its Quebeccers and Canadians did in 1992.  Trump might just be the man to do it...should he survive.

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