Friday, September 4, 2015

UPDATE: OMG! Loose Trump Lips Gonna Sink Ships!!!

UPDATE:  September 5, 2015 Here is the complete video press conference held by Trump on September 3, 2015 when he signed a pledge to run only for the Republican Party.  I recommend you watch it in its entirity (I am unable to upload it directly to the blog) It goes on for over 25 minutes and shows why Trump is currently the frontrunner. He's an amazing politician...and the point he makes repeatedly...Trump is NOT under the control of the Special Interest Groups and Lobbiests...aka Ziofascist Cabal. I keep saying...this is "do or die" for the Zios...they need to get Trump eliminated from the campaign...or their "death grip" stranglehold on the US will end.  

Donald Trump on ISIS..
"It's almost like we're protecting them..."
Listen at 6.35

This is why politics is so much fun to watch.  Donald Trump is saying that the US "knows were the ISIS training camps are" and asks why isn't the US bombing them?  Helloooooowww? Every so often...a "real" candidate shows up and causes mass diarrhea amongst the PTB.  WHAT are they gonna dooooooooo??? (about Donald Trump, of course...we know they're not going to do anything about their construct proxy army, ISIS/ISIL/Al CIAduh).

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