Sunday, September 6, 2015

NASA finally throws in the hoax towel...and the BBC immediately picks it up

BBC is going to go head to head with RT in new "World Service" to Russia

The old Hoax-o-meter blew a gasket today.  Two of the biggest liars and fakers made major moves. First, the BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) has been given the job (and the multi billion dollar taxpayer budget that goes with it) to broadcast its patented lies to Russia--in Russian. We knew it was coming. After all, RT is beating the western lying M$M with one arm tied behind its back...for the attention of readers and viewers.  You can't beat the product--the truth! Doesn't matter how much the BBC accuses RT of "impartiality breaches" and gussies up its "partially"destructive Ziofascist globalist lies...the Russians will no doubt see right through them...and not watch it in droves.

As Mike Rivero from WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM comments:

Impartiality breaches?!? This from the BBC (Brits Buggering Children), the "News" network that echoed the claims of Saddam's nuclear weapons, Assad's gas, the network that reported the collapse of World Trade Tower Seven 22 minutes before it actually happened? THAT BBC?What a joke!

Secondly....from a post from "Philosophers Stone", NASA, according to some space researchers, has finally "thrown in the towel" on all its decades of lies, hoaxes and phony science. I don't really follow the Apollo/NASA hoax issue all that closely, but those who do...say that the recent "photos" of the earth released by NASA and purported by them to have been taken by a US satellite million$ of mile$ out in $ a fraud. Watch this video and follow the logic of the comparative distance in space between the earth and moon...which makes this representation impossible. The researcher who made the video says the fraud in this one is so blatant it's almost as if NASA has "shot itself in the foot", admitting that it is a complete fraud. As I've said in the past...(according to an age old legal maxim) if a witness is found to be unreliable in one instance...then s/he becomes an "unreliable witness"...and cannot be trusted in ANY instance...including the obviously faked Apollo "moon mission" (hoax).

Researcher proves NASA "Satellite Photography" of Earth/Moon is a hoax

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