Wednesday, September 2, 2015

UPDATED: Kiev Junta predicted to attack Novorossiya in Mid-September

UPDATE:  September 3, 2015:  The saker has posted an excellent analysis of the situation (and options) in Ukraine. This is a "must read" for those interested in the issue.  NOTE: Looking at the map in the video below...I had to smile.  With all the Junta ("Western") forces massed on the south western border of the Donbass....don't you think the situation is overripe and it's kind of tempting for the Novorossiyans to form another "cauldron"?  Even the greencrow...with the most infinitesimal of strategic military skills...can figure that one out.  

One more element to add to the "Perfect September Storm"
Donetsk/Lugansk military forces are predicting a Kiev Junta attack in mid-September

According to this short newsclip video...the Kiev Junta has built up heavy forces and weaponry all along the Minsk II border between Ukraine and Novorossiya.  The fear is that it needs to attack before the frost sets in and so will attack will full force in mid September.

Now, let me put my thinking cap on...and try to guess what would "provoke" Kiev to attack (that could be justified by the globalist western media).  Will it have anything to do with (or be under the cover of) the Sh!tstorm that I've already predicted will likely take place in and around NYC in September????

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