Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Italy check in

Hey guys
Just checking in from Italy.  Will be back blogging in a little over a week from now.  It was just too complicated to blog on the road.  Putin seemed very angry and fed up during his UN Speech yesterday.  Looking forward to catching up on the news.


Penny said...

now you are in the country of my heritage on one side of the house. And still have family there presently
I'm jealous beyond belief-
get in touch with me via email and let me know where about you are and if all is well
italy is beautiful, beyond words

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Just got back to Canada late last night. Fantastic trip around the northern part of the Mediterranean beginning in Istanbul and ending in fabulous Barcelona. Was not able to blog due to systemic efforts to deny service and e-mails on the part of servers. I will post on my trip hopefully with another pictorial essay in the near future. I was only in Rome and Florence on this trip to Italy, but previously have been in Milan, Venice, Pisa, Naples and Brendisi. As a general comment I can say that Europe is tremendously crowded. Packed together in cities like sardines. Barcelona in particular was hard to move around due to masses of people on the streets....lots of pedestrian only streets....people are discontented due to 25% unemployment. But I found the populations friendly and open to tourists and the food was great! Will write more soon but I have to go and pick up my dogs from their sitters.