Wednesday, September 2, 2015

UPDATED: Faux issue of the day: Should Pictures of Syrian Migrants be Shown on Social Media?

UPDATED:  September 3, 2015 It turns out that the little boy shown lying dead on the Turkish Beach below was rejected as an immigration applicant by the government of Canada.  It was only after his family's application was rejected by Canada that his parents decided to flee by boat.  

Victim of US/Israel/NATO proxie war on Syria
found on beach in Turkey

This is the headline on today's CBC website.  A total inversion of the truth about the current US/Israel/NATO-caused refugee/migrant Syrian crisis.  [UPDATE; The Truthseeker posted this today (September 3, 2015) which makes the same point about how the M$M is avoiding the truth about why refugees are fleeing en masse to Europe.]

The Western globalist-controlled M$M doesn't care a whit about the three year old boy portrayed in their "grief porn" photo accompanying the headline. All they care about is sensationalism--pumping up the volume of their "news sources" of the future..."Social media" and "Twitter".  So they posted the photo from "Twitter".  If they really cared about the Syrian refugee migrants, they would have a frontpage serious analysis of the root causes of the mass migration from that war-torn land.  The root cause of the mass refugee migration from Syria is to escape the US/Israel/NATO-created chaos caused by the their Saudi/Israeli-trained and funded ISIS proxy army, fighting the legitimate elected government of Syria. Chaos and violence are needed--as the cover under which the perps can steal the land/resources from the indigenous people living there. It's also an indirect effort to cause conflict with Russia. Never mentioned in the M$M news coverage is that Russia has a long-standing agreement with Syria to have a large naval base located at Tartus, Syria.

 Map of Syria showing geostrategic locations, including Russian Naval Base at Tartus

But, back to the question of why the Powers that (Shouldn't) Be are obsessed with sourcing "social media" and "Twitter" for news stories. It should be easy to figure out...using my patented "reverse engineering" (TM) geopolitical analysis:
  • The PTB  want to replace the dying, discredited (and expen$ive) main$tream media sources with the freebee social media and "Twitter" for economic reasons. Everyone can (and will) be a potential "news reporter".  All future so-called "journalists" will be contracted by 'Instagram" or "Twitter"-type social media...based only on the news they submit--"piece work" that is accepted for publishing.  Regular, full-time news reporters doing in-depth investigation will be a thing of the past;
  • They want to eventually get rid of (or drastically reduce) the number and impact of independent blogs. Blogs are running commentaries/analyses--and they don't want anyone to build a personal reputation for POV and/or judgment/analysis. They don't want continued, focused reporting on issues--holding government accountable. All they want are short soundbites--they can "tailor" to their propaganda needs;
  • They don't want bloggers to continue to enjoy the relative safety and freedom of anonymity.  They want everyone to be on social media (like facebook) where you have to use your own name..."sign up" submitting all kinds of personal's the kicker...where all your Tweets and Instagrams...and other social media your "facebook page" can be monitored and saved for future use/blackmail.  Or, if you're someone like a "crisis actor", your facebook page can be conveniently edited or erased;
  • They want to know who's using Paypal to support social causes like alternative news and/or foreign opposition groups. They don't want Paypal used for that purpose at all.  They want to control blogs and website content--by offering "ad posting services" then strategically withdrawing/penalizing blogs for "infractions" (like they recently did with "We Are Change") and/or surreptitiously planting disgusting/annoying ads on blogs.  
Yes, folks it's all about control. They had it, they're losing it, due to the Internet, and they want it back....only cheaper and nastier. We're on the verge of another phase of the Internet revolution--this time in terms of information sourcing/sharing and this time, blogs (in particular truth/geopolitical blogs) are, IMO, in the crosshairs.

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