Thursday, September 10, 2015

Canadian Election Update: Why I will not be voting on October 19, 2015

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Stephen Harper,  Thomas Mulcair,  Justin Trudeau
Cast of Characters in the Canadian Political Theatre 
Under which "shell" (as in shell game) will we find the pea????

"I am not a US citizen, so I don't get to vote anyway. If I did, I still would not vote. The choice of a lesser evil is still a choice for evil. It is also a de-facto endorsement of the legitimacy of the system." The Saker (Vineyard of the Saker)

Wayne Madsen says
Canadian voters in the upcoming October election have no real choices. The top four candidates for prime minister, Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau, and May are all owned and operated by the powerful Israel Lobby in Canada.

I am still planning to spoil my ballot in October because, as Wayne Madsen said recently, all the parties are owned by the same powerful force which is anathema to peace and stability in the world.

Which of the controlled parties will win the election?  According to the latest CBC election poll analysis here is how the campaign is going so far:

.... the three major parties [are] locked in a close race, but the longer term trends point to the Liberals coming out of the first phase with the momentum — and the Conservatives on the decline.
The New Democrats still hold the lead in the CBC Poll Tracker, as they have since the start of the campaign. The party is averaging 32.4 per cent support, with the Liberals following in second at 30.2 per cent and the Conservatives at 26.9 per cent. Compared to where the averages stood on Aug. 2, when the campaign officially kicked off, this represents a drop of 0.8 percentage points for the NDP, a slide of four points for the Conservatives, and a gain of 4.6 points for the Liberals.
The trend line has generally been positive for the Liberals since the start of the campaign, and that of the Conservatives negative. The New Democrats, however, have been wobbling up and down. Their lead over the second-place party has been as narrow as 1.3 percentage points and as wide as 9.3 points over the past month."

Just today, the CBC is reporting that, if elected, New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair will remove Canadian military forces from Syria and Iraq...where they have been supporting the US/Israel/NATO forces--pretending to bomb ISIS--while really destroying Syrian infrastructure in an ongoing attempt to remove non-stooge leader Bashar Assad.  According to other reports, Canadian planes have already killed innocent Syrian citizens with these bombs.

Mulcair said the personnel returning would include troops taking part in missions against Syria and those involved in training. Canada currently has six CF-18s, an aerial refueller, two surveillance planes and about 600 personnel involved in the air war, as well as 69 special forces training Kurdish fighters.
"So we are out of the fight with ISIS if the NDP win?" Mansbridge asked.
"Yes. Yes, no question about that," Mulcair said.
Asked whether ISIS poses a threat to Canada, Mulcair said that it's war in the region for 35 years that has posed the true threat.
"I think that the best thing for Canada to do is to start playing a positive role for peace, and that would be a top priority for me as the prime minister of Canada," Mulcair said.

This is a block buster move for Mulcair. Normally, I would be duped into voting for a party that makes such a brave pronouncement for peace and to return Canada to its traditional role of peacemaker. Unfortunately, promises during campaigns have taken a black eye in Canada over the past decades.The truth of the matter is that campaign promises--and the post election realities have had no relationship. Politicians will say whatever they want, and whatever they have to, to get elected. But as we've found instances like Senate reform, tax promises and daycare reform...they are all "trial balloons of hope", easily burst.

No doubt, however, the negative zio-run M$M advertising forces will double down in attacks and fear mongering against Thomas Mulcair as a result of this surprising promise. Mulcair must have heard what voters are saying at their doorsteps when candidates come knocking. I had the NDP candidate come to my door a few weeks ago and I told her in no uncertain terms what I thought about the participation of Canada in the racist wars of the Ziofacists (yes, I used that word) based on the lies of 9/11 and other lies.

No, I will not vote...I do not want to risk getting blood on my hands by legitimizing with my vote a government that kills innocent civilians in foreign lands for their resources and for global hegemony. The only event that might change this decision, is if one of the parties promised (even a promise will do) to bring in electoral reform that included my idea which I call the "None of the Above" option. This is a very simple addition to the federal ballot--that includes a box to mark a choice if the voter does not support any of the candidates.  As shown below:


I don't know why this choice isn't already on all the ballots. It makes perfect sense to me. Why would a democratic society "assume" that one of five choices will be suitable to every voter? Why wouldn't a democracy allow for the situation where a voter is turned off by all the parties? Especially when the platforms are all so similar, i.e., where all the parties are "war" supporters????

As I've said in the past, putting the "None of the Above" option on the is already the case in Northern Ireland, so I have been told, will return true democracy to Canada. Within the space of one election cycle, I predict there would be a dramatic turnaround. Parties would no longer march lockstep. The reason for this is....if the option of "None of the Above" should win a majority of votes (in other words, if a majority of Canadians were turned off by all the parties) then that would be a huge "Vote of Non Confidence" in the entire slate of candidates. It would automatically force a new election.

In other words...there would be nowhere to hide for "owned and operated" lockstep puppet parties and their candidates!!!


Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... I already had one of the shill candidates come to my door just the other day asking for my vote... He was from the Liberal Party...

I asked him flat out "Do You Support The Criminal And Apartheid State Of Israel?".... He was dumbfounded by my question..And took his time in reacting first...His answer was "I will support my party's stand as it comes to Israel"... I then asked him what that stand was...He said..."Justin Trudeau has stated that Israel is an ally of Canada"... I said thank you very much, and said he therefore is not getting my vote...

Is there somewhere in the ballot where we can write in "anarchy"? I would say that is a better choice than these Jew dick suckers.... Oops.. Sorry, do not want to be too blunt, considering you are a lady, but there is no better method of calling them exactly what they all are!

greencrow said...


lol, I did not say the greencrow was a "lady"...just female. Yes, I can imagine the shock of your Liberal candidate when you actually asked him a question about the Liberal platform. What a concept!!! James Corbett of is an avowed anarchist. He has posted quite a bit of information about it. I asked him to support my "None of the Above" concept but he did Morris108. I don't know how these guys can profess to be so radical...but can't get behind such a reasonable and practical solution as my NOTA (None of the Above) initiative. It is a relatively timid step in comparison, IMO, with anarchy.