Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beautiful Music...Reflections on my 308th post...... and bbl?

A beautiful and inspiring video

Readers are invited to watch this video--celebrating modern technology at its zenith--while listening to the above "Epic" music video. The music is also great to listen to while you're browsing through blogs...or, while you're reading some thoughts and reflections I've expressed I passed the 300 posts milestone several posts back. I was going to do a "reflections' post last week, but got caught up posting about the "Perfect Storm" I predicted for late September and then posting about the 9/11 yearly anniversary.  Speaking of the 9/11 outpouring of posts from all the Truth Bloggers out there...I was moved at the strength, power and dedication of my fellow bloggers. The Truth community is very strong. It seems we're all on the same page about the culpability surrounding that atrocity. This must be worrying for the evildoers.  That's why the M$M studiously ignores the alternative media in general--and Truth Bloggers in particular. "Hits" (statistics) on posts commemorating the 9/11 False Flag atrocity were very low, comparatively speaking. I saw one other blogger commenting on this phenomenon. It's almost like our 9/11 blog post stats were tweaked and twerked deliberately to demoralize us. I've said it before, and I will say it again...blogging is a cat and mouse game.

A couple of years ago, 300+ posts seemed like a lot, now it's a drop in the bucket. Yet, considered with all the other truth bloggers...we have a massive daily outpouring and archive of material, commentary, links and documentaries. (Please visit my page on 9/11 links and documentaries) proof, IMO, that humanity is not going down without a fight. Yet, in the blink of an EMP attack, it could all be erased without a trace.  We should all be backing up our blog posts onto the hard drives of old computers...and then disconnecting and storing the computers in a safe place.  That's what we should be doing..... : \  Speaking of an EMP attack...I'm tending to believe the "big event" that could take place in late September will be along the line of a "natural" event like an extreme weather event. Perhaps "Hurricane Haarpie" will attack NYC.  As I see it, the perps have two choices...the "lone nut" approach or the "Sweep it all up...things related and not" (quote attributed to Rumsfeld just before the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq).  IMO, odds favour the "sweep it all up" approach...using a "natural" event rather than the "lone nut" assassin approach...which has recently been done to death (pun not intended).

Whatever happens (hopefully nothing), you can be sure it will be covered energetically and relentlessly by the Truth Bloggers. I'm always encouraged and inspired by the army of Truth Bloggers coalesced around the issues of truth, anti-false flag/conspiracy/war, the environment--and, ultimately, the preservation of the dignity and freedom of humanity. You can access their work on my "Recommended Blogroll" to the right. It's amazing how Blogger has allowed me to maintain an automatically updated compendium of their writings and videos.  I need to repeat I don't agree with everything that's in the blogs....some of them are definitely dysinfo. I keep them there as a reminder of opposing viewpoints.  As an example, I just watched a video on Philosopher's Stone (newly added to the blogroll) where he attacks Russell Brand as being "one of them"...a member of the Rothchild Banking Family and the Fabians. It's important to always remain open and flexible to new views of the truth. My fundamental operating rule is:
"nobody owns or has a franchise on the truth".
Here is a good analysis of the information war

The reason I'm drawing reader's attention to the Blogroll, is because I'm going to be away from my computer for an extended period of time, beginning next week.  Ironically, I'm travelling very close to one of the European "Hot Spots" on the planet at this time in history.  It really pisses me off that this long-planned break will coincide with the "Perfect Storm" of events I've been predicting in NYC for later on this month. Hopefully, I'll be proved wrong and nothing atrocious will happen. But if something does happen, I'll likely not be covering it "live" as they say. I will take my Tablet...notoriously un-useful as I've discovered...but have not yet mastered the ability to update my blog from it (this could change). I might visit other blogs (like my Canadian blogging compatriots, Northerntruthseeker and Penny for your Thoughts) and post comments.  I regularly join in comments/discussions on those we'll see.

Regardless, you can be sure I'll be following events...and will post my reflections on them upon return.  So....bbl....perhaps...for now.

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