Wednesday, August 26, 2015

UPDATED: Who Owns the Skies?

UPDATED:  August 30, 2015  - US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says he would maintain the current illegal unilateral US assassination drone program which goes against basic human rights. 

NASA films "Red Sprite" over Mexico thunderstorm

Recently a Vancouver woman reported that she was spied on while she sunbathed on her West End balcony.  A drone rose up in the skies adjacent her balcony and recorded her on its camera while she was topless. This was treated by the main$tream media as an amusing "oddity" and became nation-wide news. I thought it was a disturbing and portentous event--that got me thinking about a question that, I believe, will become one of the most contentious questions of the future--if humanity does have a future:

Who Owns the Skies?

This article, posted last June on The Epoch Times posed the question--What laws are out there to protect the public from spying and intrusive drones? IMO, the question is, unfortunately, much larger than that. The Powers that (shouldn't) Be are warming humanity up with little tinker toy drones that you can buy at Costco and annoy your neighbours with. The technology no doubt already exists as shown in the illustration above for spy satellites to "read the license plate numbers on a car" from outer space. The photo from NASA (Never a Straight Answer) above, captures something called a "red sprite" hovering over a thunder storm in Mexico.  I believe that mad scientists from NASA and other black ops already control the weather through HAARP and create extreme terrorist events such as droughts, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, chemtrails, etc.  All this is done without any discussion in society about laws and protection of the public or the planet. On the contrary, "they" created and have long fostered the meme that any discussion is "wacky conspiracy theory" talk.

The Jetsons  60's TV cartoon series

Back in the 60's there was an American TV cartoon series called "the Jetsons". It was about a futuristic family with the same tired stereotypes, stupid father, smart wife, nuclear family children...I never watched it. However, the depiction of the "flying cars" as shown above, is what I believe lies in wait for humanity in the future. Technology will (probably already has been) developed for "personal flying cars". Suddenly, roofs on houses will become the most important part of the house (it should be already....if solar panels weren't artificially kept so 'low tech'). People will take off and land from their roofs and overnight the skies will become this:

Crowded Skies await Drones and Personal Flying Machines take off

Noise in Urban centres will become a real threat to health. People will flee to the countryside to avoid it...bringing their personal planes with them. Air collisions will be frequent. Small robotized drones will do your personal shopping for you.  But, they will be owned by the big shopping carts. 

A License to Fly

This is actually the point of this post. The reason behind all of this technology and "quality of life improvements" will be, as usual, greed by the usual suspects. Banksters will want to get in on the bottom rung of a whole new source of lucre.  Licenses to fly will be mandatory and expensive. You will likely only be able to get a licence to fly on certain route(s). Who will own the flight paths for drones and personal aircraft?  Lemme guess...hmmmm.

Same old Schstick!

It's the same formula as "northern development through pipelines". IMO, the main reason for pipeline building is to "monetize the land".  Prior to development, particularly through pipelines and transportation routes, our earth is "free". Nobody "owns" it and people can wander as they wish. "Crown land" is what they call the pre-monetized, undeveloped land here in Canada. Eventually, "crown land" becomes monetized--as indigenous peoples are paid off for the use of "their" land. Banksters and corporations make a financial killing, printing money and selling it to the government (taxpayers) to pay off First Nations...and then funding the development of the land for use as pipelines and support industries. That, folks, is the overall basis of our economy. It is what our economy is ALL about and why some nations need to keep conquering new land and stealing resources.

But, inevitably, as land becomes scarcer and more monetized...the Banksters start looking around for other targets for their monetization schemes...Look up! hey, the skies are just waiting for them! You can be sure you will not own the skies...not even the skies over your own home. In the not too distant future, Drones and PFM's (personal flying machines) will be able to fly overhead, disturb you and your family and you will not be able to do a thing about it. Oh, and earplugs will become a very high tech commodity. Just like the days of colonization...the skies will be fought over and taken over by large corporate interests. You will only be able to afford a flight path from your home directly to your work.  Diversions will be VERY expensive. Toll booths for the skies will become common.

Things get out of control on the Jetsons

Drones and Personal Aircraft crowding the Skies will mean our Planet is finally "used up"

Where will humanity go after every square inch of the planet and its atmosphere are "used up'? Hopefully, solar power or "free energy" will power the drones and personal flying machines. Gas or fossil fuels will mean a death knell to air quality. Will we bottle and sell "fresh air" we now put clean water in destructive plastic containers???? This future is coming barreling towards us, folks. This post is a fair warning and hopefully will get people thinking and preparing a defense against this final escalation of planetary destruction. Some young people might acclimatize themselves to it...but all I can say is..... "Beam me up, Scottie!"


jo6pac said...

Well us in the New Amerika have moved on to this in the drone wars against the people.

greencrow said...

Excellent comment and point, jo6pac. I didn't even get to the idea of direct aggression on citizens from government terrorist drones in the skies. Just like the concept of police using tasers...this will one day be accepted as "normal".