Monday, August 17, 2015

Update on Ukraine....Why Peace in Ukraine is Dangerous to NATO

Patrick Henningsen explains why Peace in Ukraine is Dangerous to NATO

Today "Texas" is reporting that there was heavy shelling in Donetsk overnight. I hate to say it, but it's probably true that the Kiev junta is shelling that particular area heavily because soldier, videographer and war journalist "Texas" has become a burr under their saddle. He's the West's worst nightmare--a volunteer soldier from one of the fascist oligarch occupied nations "gone over to the other side" and fighting back. The Junta (and its puppeteer, the US State Department) is no doubt saying, as we used to say in the '60's, "kill it before it spreads". Texas needs to reflect on how these entities (I won't call them human) think. One of their grand rules is "collective punishment"....they think it's only logical and fair that all the civilians in Donetsk should be punished because they're being dissed and embarrassed by a 55 year old renegade from Texas.

Stepping back and looking at the big picture for a are 12 reasons why the US doesn't want to win the wars it starts. Yes, the US is revving up the engines for another go at causing mayhem in holding military drills close to the Russian border. The concern is that US military drills in Ukraine may cause damage to peace talk process---DUH! A long, drawn out, costly and destructive war...a la just what NATO wear Russia down.

Texas, and all Novorossians, need to understand that this isn't about them...they're just fodder. Just like the passengers of MH17 were fodder and the ongoing MH17 coverup is part of war on Russia. I know its a cover-up because even a grade 6 student could do a better job of getting answers to the obvious questions (like where are the transcripts of the Air Traffic Controllers' communications?)

All I can say is, Russia's being extremely patient.  That's its game plan.  Keep buying time, in the hope that the globalist cabal will run out of money, out of support from the vassals and ultimately out of options. I've been reading where Russia has temporarily switched its focus from the Ukraine back to Syria. Putin has been working like a busy little bee trying to negotiate a peace plan for all the stakeholders of the ME region (which peacemaking activity the M$M is studiously ignoring).

The US/NATO/Israel keeps hoping their shell game will confuse Putin...that he'll take his eye off the pea (keeping Bashar al Assad in office/or allowing Syrians to decide his fate in a democratic election) so they can replace Assad with a US stooge. Ain't gonna happen. People need to understand that the Russian Naval Base in Tartus, Syria is non-negotiable. And I don't think Syrians would continue to allow the naval arrangements if Putin threw Assad under the bus. Of course, if Assad were replaced by a US stooge...bye, bye naval base anyway.  So, here we have Russia delivering jet planes to fight the US/Israeli proxies ISIS.

Thank heaven, that Putin, unlike what used to be said about a former president, Gerald Ford, CAN walk and chew gum at the same time.

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