Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Social Media is getting me down

Twitter is for Twits

And I don't even use it.

Social media is getting a lot of superficial people into a lot of superficial trouble...and their problems are being spread all over the Internet. Shakespeare must have been thinking ahead...towards social media...when he coined the phrase "Much ado about Nothing".  US Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, was called on the carpet recently by a Faux News reporter regarding a "Twitter fight" he's been carrying on with entertainer Rosie O'Donnell. Trump's fight with Rosie O'Donnell.

I saw in the news recently that the Pentagon is again missing a huge amount of it's budget...I believe it's 8 trillion Dollar$. May I humbly suggest they check* how much money is being paid by the N$A to facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other social media for spying on their users?

It used to be a social "no no" to rat on your fellow it's cool in some circles.  It's somewhat encouraging, however, that many young people have at least become defensive over their social media use. More and more I'm hearing "I don't use facebook...except with family and to post family photos". The days of people spending all their time keyboarding with their 2000 facebook "friends"...while not having a single real friend...are almost over, hopefully.  But Twitter is still being used to "out" and humiliate people unfortunate enough to be caught in the raw act of "being human". I'm not saying that Stanley Cup winning hockey player NHL's Chicago Blackhawk's Patrick Kane isn't a dufus for the way he's been carrying on of late...but hey, he's a young man with a serious drinking problem. These people are making mileage out of his addiction (i.e., Patrick Kane on one of his recent "lost weekends" ) as reconstructed on Twitter.  Patrick...get thee into rehab!

Yes, Social media is in reality a covert operation to surveil and control human communication/behaviour...and I think its disgusting. It's an intentional way of diminishing and controlling the impact of human interraction/communication.  Patrick Kane and other young up and comers could probably benefit from learning these "19 dos and donts of an effective social media presence."  Or.....

I have a better suggestion...get off social media altogether...and don't hang around anyone who "tweets".


* IMO, half the missing Pentagon trillion$ went to NSA spying and the other half to geoengineering through the "chemtrail" spraying program.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Good article, crow..

I have been saying for years for people to absolutely NOT ever have either a Facebook or a Twitter account.. They are being used to collect personal and private data on the suckers that use it... Now people are stuck with these Israeli/US developed spy programs and the programs themselves are being used against them!

I have never had either a Facebook or a Twitter account, and I never will.... The reason is obvious, for I am no fool...

greencrow said...

Thanks for the comment NTS. I DID have a facebook account once and had a devil of a time trying to get rid of it. I THINK it's gone now.....can never be sure.


Penny said...

Hey GC and NTS
Twitter is definitely for twits and facebook is a no go in my house
I am very suspicious of much of what is on twitter due to the fact it is used, obviously, by manipulators to manipulate- in simplistic, short, quick fashion
that alone is problematic- we have enough trouble with perception management as a whole- so best to limit our exposure that all of that crap
glad to see you back GC :)

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Re Twitter...what gets me is how "Journalists" for the M$M now routinely use Twitter to report on an assignment...forcing readers to read through all the cryptic comments, rather than a detailed report and/or analysis. When I was on holidays recently, I saw a TV advertisement for "Journalism"...kind of like a public service announcement...saying viewers should not get their news from alternate sources because "only journalists could be trusted to tell the truth". After all the lies of 9/11, etc. it made me want to barf.