Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Perfect Storm Coming in September...Trump, Putin and 9/11 Anniversary

Trump Leads Polls

The 'perfect storm' is brewing...and you'd better batten down the hatches!

The Trump Juggernaut just keeps rolling through mainstreet America. According to recent polls, Trump now has enough support to win the Iowa primary, possibly the Republican nomination...and (GASP!) even the White House.

Folks, as I've said over and over again...ain't gonna happen. Something's gonna give. Look for next month, September, 2015...(September is the "witching month" in the US) as being one of the most cataclysmic in US history. We have the perfect storm 'abrewin: First, the yearly anniversary of the big 9/11 coup...where an cabal of insane, international, Ziofascist criminals took over the US government.

Secondly....we have the address to the UN of Russia's Vladimir Putin...and, folks, my previous post of Putin training for the event by plunging to the depths off the Crimean coast in a bathyscathe wasn't just kidding. Putin--going to the vortex homeland (New York City) of the 9/11 diabolical criminals is one of the bravest acts in modern times. Just like at the bottom of the Black Sea, he will be surrounded by dangerous, murky slime and ooze. The 9/11 perps will not allow him to reap the gratitude and affection that the ordinary people will want to bestow on him--for all his peacemaking efforts of the past years. The evil ones are crouching in their lair...gnashing their teeth and spitting bloody foam from their mouths...and planning.

Finally, we have the "unfinished business" of an effective neocon response to the upstart presidential campaign of the unblackmailable (and therefore unsuitable) Donald Trump. Something has to be done, and soon. The perfect storm is brewing and you'd better batten down the hatches!

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