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Keep your eye on the bouncing September "Perfect Storm" ball

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“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create 
our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality
 — judiciously, as you will —we’ll act again, creating
other new realities, which you can study too, and 
that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s
actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left
 to just study what we do.”

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The above quote...officially anonymous--but generally attributed
to George W. Bush's strategist Karl Rove, will haunt me
forever. I have already quoted it several times on this blog...
but whenever we've reached a point where the "empire's reality"
comes into direct conflict with the human reality ...demanded by
most of our species...the quote comes to mind. As we move
towards the "Perfect Storm" that I have predicted for September,'s ringing like a fire alarm bell in my ears.
Since I posted my have become even more
converged and those three allegorical
category 5 hurricanes (HAARP? as in "when in doubt...bring on the
 "natural disaster(s)) currently whirling around out in the Pacific.
It's very important not to become distracted...because they
will try to distract us. Keep your eyes on the bouncing ball.
Here are some of the points it will hit:
Malaysia tries to kick out Western Stooge Leader

There's a struggle in Malaysia going on now which is
really testing the globalists. Malaysians, with the guidance
of their former leader, who is also a prominent 9/11
truther...are trying to kick out their
Western stooge prime minister. This is a very important
geopolitical battle and one of the reasons behind all the
(aircraft) sabotage against Malaysia.
Trump is running away with the US (s)election and it is not even
formally underway

I've been following this very closely...trying to figure
out how the perps are going to "solve" the Trump problem
by reading the M$M sly, oblique attacks on Trump.
"They" are still of the impression that they can do it
by destroying his character and/or making him a laughing
stock--like they did with Harold Dean.
One thing that has them worried Trump's
surprising success at campaign public speaking.
Hell...he's performing like an old-time "politician
on the stump" ...getting crowds all revved up
...and using verboten words like "patsy".
In a recent speech Trump actually used the word
"patsies" to describe Americans being victimized
by current Washington politics. Well, next thing you
know...he might start talking about some other
(historical) patsies. 
The perps are so unnerved by Trump's loose (candid) talk
...they don't know whether to sh!t or go blind. Watch for
something unusual to happen in the election to disrupt
Trump's campaign.
Russians proposing to move the UN out of the US...finally!!!

There has been a controversy simmering just below the
surface of mainstream America about the US not
allowing a female high level Russian Parliamentarian
free access to political groups in America to
attend UN international conferences. This has to do with
US "sanctions' against Russia. 
So Russia is now openly discussing the need to move
the UN out of the US...Helloooowwww. The time
has long past for this move to be made.
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez having to risk his life
going to the UN should have been the last straw.
And now we have President Vladimir Putin
risking his life (and world peace) to address the UN
General Assembly.
I have very grave concerns about Putin's visit to the
US. If anything happens to him, it could
set off WWIII. And we KNOW that the perps
cannot allow his visit to be a success.
What happens....when an irresistible
force meets an immovable object???!!!
Perhaps a Hurricane will touch down in NYC
while Putin is there.
Oh, and just to totally confuse the issue, the Pope
is also coming to New York at the same
time to deliver a speech. I predict this will
somehow be used to destroy Putin's visit
...I don't know how...perhaps there will be an
"incident" involving the Pope.

I should do an entire post about the Pope. One
of these days I will address the totally weird
situation where you have two,
a shady character...still living in the Vatican.
As someone brought up strict Catholic...I can
attest that this was/is an unacceptable breach
of centuries-old Catholic "tradition". 
It should have totally destroyed the Catholic Church
...(an investigation into the real reason why
the first Pope "had" to resign). The fact that it was
totally glossed over...and the Catholic Church
proceeded "as per usual"...well...what can
I say? (It does deserve its own post.)
What we have with the latest Virginia TV reporters
false flag hoax--is a convergence of too much
black ops money vs very poor actors.....
crisis actors, I mean.
You just can't buy good production values anymore.
The staging of the shooting was almost deliberately
amateurish...and the actors! But, as I've noted in
the past...perhaps the phoniness is deliberate...
rotten stinking bait...set to draw the truth moles
 in the Mainstream and alternate media
out into the they can then be purged...
prior to the main event.
Alarmingly, PressTV has broken the
"ancient Western Code" as Leonard
Cohen would say...and has published an
interview with an investigative researcher
who doubts the official for
what happens to PressTV.

As I say, folks, keep your eye on the bouncing ball
...the September "Perfect Storm"
the clouds building up on the horizon.

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