Saturday, August 15, 2015

Free Speech can cost you your job in Canada

Brian Ruhe (right) taught Buddhism at
Capilano University, BC, prior to being fired
for his political YouTube videos 

Brian Ruhe was an instructor at a Canadian university in the Vancouver lower mainland.  He taught Buddhism.  Within the last few years, Brian started posting YouTube videos about his political beliefs.  Watch the above video to learn what happened after Mr. Ruhe began to speak out about his belief that the "official" story behind the causes of WWII are revisionist and untrue. He is also concerned and has spoken out about Jewish world supremacy. That was his biggest "mistake". Well, a while ago he got a telephone threat from a member of the Jewish community in Vancouver. The caller ("coincidentally", a fellow Buddhism instructor, go figure!),  told him that because of his views he was going to lose his teaching job.  This past July, he did indeed lose his teaching job.

It's very rare that the truth about how dissenting voices are treated in Canada comes out like this. Normally, the outspoken "offender" just gets silenced, ignored and isolated (as in servers engineering false stats on a blog). This is the way it is. This is why most successful outspoken Internet Bloggers are either retired, like Paul Craig Roberts or full time bloggers like Mike Rivero or The Saker. If you have a job and want to keep it MUST NOT talk about/against the powers that surreptitiously control society. Can you imagine the arrogance of Brian Ruhe's threatening phone caller? The brazen audacity to actually call someone up and threaten to deprive them of their livelihood? What sense of entitlement and disdain for freedom lies behind this kind of behaviour??? Unfortunately, this repression goes on at all levels of society. Luckily, in this instance, Mr. Ruhe knows the identity of the person who called and threatened him. Hopefully, he will take the matter to one of the governmental or judicial bodies who are supposed to be preserving the right to free speech in this country. Only by fighting for the right to free speech can it be preserved.

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