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CawRANT Events #11

CawRANT Events #11

Last evening, we returned from the BC interior where we attended a weekend family get-together. I worried about the family members left behind...because the scene as we left resembled an apocalypse. Dense, acrid, wood smoke hung like a heavy fog over the town in the early morning light. The sun shone dimly through the haze with a reddish orange glow. My lungs were struggling with the polluted air and I thought about the very young children, who had to breathe the same stinky air. Get out of town! So we did. This summer has had unprecedented drought in the Pacific North West--and this has led to a record number of forest fires, both in the BC interior and in neighbouring Washington State. This past weekend, the Washington State fires crossed the Canadian border. Whole small towns have been wiped out in hours. A relative, who is working fighting the fires in the BC interior, says there are numerous huge tent cities set up with hundreds of volunteer fire fighters and heavy equipment...but it's not nearly enough. It's difficult to see things getting back to "normal" after so much devastation.

So, with such an eventful summer, locally and geopolitically,'s time for a RANT! Many times I think I'll run out of rantacious topics to cover, but the truth is the opposite. How can I cover so many topics in a reasonable--and not overly strung-out RANT? First, I'm still enjoying following the two election campaigns--in the US and Canada. As many have noted...why are US candidates even out there running so soon? I guess the puppeteers have to string out the US election campaign long enough so the voters can "forget" all the bloopers and scandals surrounding the anointed candidates and "vote" for them anyway. This seems to be the strategy with the Hilary Clinton campaign. NOBODY wants her as president, but she's the top running Democrat...go figure! But there are hints that the Democrats are giving up and mulling over the idea of VP Joe Biden as the candidate. 

Recently, there was an interesting moment in the faltering Clinton campaign. Hilary was meeting with some black activists and one of them said something to her that got me thinking:

In the above video, a black activist makes a great point with Hilary Clinton. He asked her whether the "for profit" US prison system...with its vast majority of black inmates...working for minimal wages...means that the prison plantation system is still making money for white owners???? Yes, that does make sense. But of course...all Hilary said in response to the black activist was "Hmmmmm".  She then advised him to get his campaign in order--with some "goals and objectives". This is the usual way politicians avoid hot button topics. They a helpful tone: "You're making some good points, but you need to get your activism organized and "in order" before we'll listen to you."

Over to the Canadian federal's another link proving my point about's for losers. As far as the leaders are concerned...Stephen Harper is having a difficult time avoiding the elephant that keeps following him on the campaign trail...the concurrent Duffy trial--about bribes and corruption at very high levels in the Conservative government.

Canadian Journalist, Susan Delacourt could quite possibly be the last real journalist in Canada. Here's an excellent election analysis she wrote for the weekend Toronto Star. In it, she says that the Canadian parliament that Stephen Harper recently dissolved to hold this election....might (hopefuly) just be the last of its kind...totally cocooned off as it was...from the reality of the will of the people. It had unprecedented success dodging the difficult questions now plaguing him in the campaign. I remember when Susan wrote her seminal analysis of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's infamous "roll of the dice" the climax of the Meech Lake constitutional crisis of the early '90's. I've always believed it was that column, written for the then reputable Globe and Mail...that was the final nail in the Meech Lake coffin...and Mulroney's corruption-filled political career.

Next, here's an interesting opinion poll taken of populations in countries all over the world.  The question was:  Which country is the biggest threat?line break
Poll figures: Which country is the biggest threat to peace?

More bad, but not entirely surprising, news for the US. The world's sometimes eager, sometimes reluctant policeman is the subject of widespread animosity. Predictable in some areas (the Middle East and North Africa) but less so in others. Eastern Europe's 32% figure may be heavily influenced by Russia and Ukraine, but across most of Western Europe there are also lots of figures in the high teens.
In the Americas themselves, decades of US meddling have left an awkward legacy. Its neighbours, Mexico (37%) and Canada (17%), clearly have issues. Even 13% of Americans see their own country as a danger. Pakistan's unenviable position as a (distant) second in the global threat stakes probably has a regional explanation - 15% of the world's population lives in its neighbour and arch-rival, India."

Note that Canada has 17% believing that the US is the greatest threat.  I think that's on the low side. But, funny, poll after poll shows how unpopular the US oligarchy is, but it still doesn't dent the US main$tream media's conscious denial of the truth...or their continued obsession with trivialities in America like celebrity-worship. Americans will hit the wall...never knowing what hit them.

Coming up to the one year anniversary of the downing of the Malaysian jet MH17 over spite of the media's deep-sixing of this crime (and the mysterious unsolved hijacking of MH370)....some people are still asking:  What really happened to MH17? Saker has posted a very good review of the evidence. But even Saker does not factor in the evidence that I believe is the most crucial...the Air Traffic Control Tower communications with the plane...and the black box recording of the pilot's last communications.  Publication of these would, IMO, solve the whole "mystery". And, perhaps even more significantly, failure to publish these communications is, IMO, prima facie evidence of culpability on the part of Kiev. Most things in life are actually quite simple...and when they've become complicated, it's usually because someone wants to hide something with a lot of deliberately confusing distractions.

Speaking of blowing things up.  I have asked the question several times on this blog...what entity has an absolute obsession with blowing things up?  I'm asking the question again...because there have been several suspicious explosions lately. One in an industrial centre in China, and two in US military depots in Japan. Regarding the one in China...Wayne Madsen is saying that it was a suitcase nuke, planted by the CIA/Mossad to sabotage China and provoke a war with Japan. Now, the explosions at the US weapons depots in Japan seem also to be retaliatory sabotage....but wait. Perhaps there's a third party trying to stir things up between the two countries and pit them one against another in order to destroy their economies....and perhaps drag BRICS (Russia) into a conflict. Now, what entity would be up to that kind of "no good"?

And, of course we have the made for TV/movie  train 'take down' in France recently...where three American "heros" saved the people on the train from certain annihilation at the hands of a malnourished darkie. THAT had all the earmarks of a "message drill" for the mainstream media. And of course, led by the lying BBC, they all marched in lockstep...reporting the "official version"... and so passed the drill/purge with flying colours. Confirmation (and comfort) for the cabal that "their" media has not one single "truth mole" in its entire globalist network!

Today, Monday morning...we have a negative run on the stock market.  So, let's forget all about last week's lies and crimes and get on with this weeks'....

That's it for this RANT....till next time...

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