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CawRANT Events #10

CawRANT Events #10

Well, folks, the crow is Baaaaaaaack!  Been gone so long that my RANTaciousness level is up to the boiling goes:

Just returned from an out-of-province family reunion.  One thing I learned about reunions is...when people are reminiscing about those members of the family who have passed's nearly always about the kind people who did good deeds during their lives. In other words, all the education, all the career successes...and all the money earned means's the good we do that immortalizes us.

Upon my return, in reviewing the geopolitical news, I see that the US is proceeding apace with its efforts at world wide chaos/warfare.  Here is a report about an incident involving the US military that I categorize under the heading the "Tarnak Farm Syndrome". (This incident in April of 2002 where two US reserve fighter pilots shot and killed 4 Canadian soldiers just outside the Kandahar, Afghanistan military base).  As then prime minister Jean Chretien said:  "They (the US) said it was an accident."

Well, these friendly fire "accidents" have happened so often since, that I doubt they are accidents at all.  I believe they're deliberate killings by the real "shadow government" of the terrorize enemies and allies alike...and reinforce their presence and power.  Here is a very recent example, also in Afghanistan.

The US is also playing a wily game in Syria...pretending to fight their creation, ISIS/ISIL:

US says Assad "evil" while launching a strike against northern Syria.
Earlier, it was revealed that the US would attack forces loyal to President Bashar Assad, should they target the 'moderate' rebel groups, while NATO and its allies would also provide more support for those opposing the Syrian government.
“Now we are training and equipping the moderate [Syrian] opposition together with the United States, and we will also start our fight against Daesh [Islamic State] very effectively soon,” Foreign Minister Cavusoglu told reporters in Kulua Lumpur on Wednesday, at the start of a meeting with John Kerry.
Syrian political analyst, Taleb Ibrahim told RT that he has suspicions about the decision by Ankara and Washington to support those fighting against the Syrian government.
“The United States is not serious in fighting ISIS. I am very suspicious about American acts and American behavior in both Syria and Iraq. I am also suspicious about the Turkish role, which is up until now, has not been clear,” he said.
Is the US program legal?Since the US-backed rebel groups in Syria are operating in the “lawless area” of the country, they are under pressure from “a lot of different forces,” US State Department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner told RT’s Gayane Chichakyan, while trying to explain the legal basis for the change in US policy.
“I frankly don’t know what the legal authority is,” Toner said, adding that the situation in Syria remains “complex and fluid.”He clarified that Washington did not authorize itself to “go after Assad government forces,” insisting that such bombings would take place only in the “hypothetical” case that the US-backed militants came under fire from Syrian forces.

Yes, when Russia asked the US what the legal authority for their protection of ISIS/ISIL from the legitimate government of Bashar Assad was, the US admitted they didn't have any legal authority. "We don't need no stinkin' badges" being the overriding foreign policy of the US for close to two decades now.

US Foreign Policy in a nutshell

Folks, I gotta tell you that Turkey is made up of tribal forces that are genetically unable to be loyal to any one side in a conflict. They've been geographically caught in the middle in so many conflicts over the centuries--and have profited so much from playing one side against the other--that it's "second-nature" to them now.  Still, Putin recently called in Turkey's ambassador and gave him a blast over Turkey's military support of ISIS and aggression against Syria.  Turkey's not to be trusted.  In my life, I've found that fence (or wall) sitters often end up like Humpty Dumpty....and nobody will (or wants to) put them together again.

Turkey is Humpty Dumpty?

Still on the subject of ISIS/ISIL, former head of US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) said recently that the decision to create ISIS/ISIL was a "willful decision" of the US government.  No wonder they're trying to protect their "investment"--in bringing chaos and death to the Middle East.  When are the American people going to turf out these disgusting coupmeisters and criminals who form their shadow militarist oligarchy?  But, more on that later...

Weird or what?!  According to the Saker, Obama recently officially recognized the Donbass.  This is before Putin has recognized the rebellious eastern sector of Ukraine as an independent country. Even weirder, according to a recent public opinion poll...Ukrainians voted overwhelmingly for Putin as leader to run their country.  Heck, I think if that poll were held in Canada...or even the US...Putin would beat out the incumbents, or wannabees....which is why such a poll will never happen.

I see that a piece of debris thought to be from Flight MH370 was "found" on Reunion Island the other day. I don't believe it for a moment. Planting evidence is just what the perps would be doing around this time of close to the anniversary of their take-down (computerized hijacking) of the flight and all.  More likely, it's what Northern Truth Seeker said.  The victim's families don't seem to be fooled: Families express doubts that wing part is from MH370. What happened was that MH370 was converted in-flight into a drone...and then flown to the US military base on Diego Garcia.

Speaking of drones...they seem to be taking overDrones are a nuisance.  Apparently, most of the strikes against ISIS in Syria are done by US and/or UK drones.  Well, if the US has to pretend-fight its own mercenaries...I guess it can at least try to benefit by testing out its drone technology. I used to be very anti-firearm...but my view switched 180 degrees some years ago--after drones came on the scene.  Now I want to get me a high powered rifle with a very good scope...just to shoot down any drone that might invade MY airspace!

The Brits have a real problem with pedophilia at high levels but never seem to go after any perps till after they're dead. Here's me, little old blogger from Canada...and I've known for years that deceased former PM Edward Heath used to rape and kill small boys on his yachts and then toss their bodies overboard.  I've known about it for years...yet it seems to be news across the pond. But you gotta know the Brits will NEVER do anything about it...makes the old joke "No sex, we're British" a rather sick one at that. Blackmail over sexual deviance seems to be what keeps the British governmental gears turning.

Back to North American politics. It wasn't a coincidence that both the US and Canadian TV political debates were held on the same's just a conditioning strategy towards the "harmonization" between Canada and the US...until we become the 51st state (unless they keep Canada as a colony like Puerto Rico). I have to admit family matters precluded me from watching either debate (or saved me, I should correctly say). Here's Stephen Lendman's review of the GOP debate. The Canadian debate apparently had enough uncomfortable moments for Herr Stephen Harper that he's threatening not to engage in another one:
"....There are expected to be four or five more debates, but the lineup card for each is still the subject of some posturing and negotiation.
Harper, prime minister since early 2006, has said he will not participate in the traditional debates organized by the broadcast consortium, of which CBC is a member. Harper has agreed to the Maclean's and TVA debates, as well as those proposed by the Globe and Mail and the Munk School of Global Affairs.
Mulcair has suggested he won't attend debates in which Harper does not participate..."

Looking at the M$M reports on the US debate...I note that Presidential candidate Donald Trump is driving the lamestream media crazy!  The guy can say whatever he wants during a debate...and his poll numbers still rise! Gotta do something about that...I know, ban him from future debates. Wait for it folks, it's coming. One of my favourite alternate columnists, Mike Whitney describes the top "Trump moment" at the recent debate. The shadow government is pissing its pants in fear and trepidation.

Yes, the shadow government that runs both the US and Canada is indeed pissing its pants at the involvement of Trump and Mulcair as current leading candidates in the farce/puppetry campaign. Not because either man would step out of line...but because neither has blood on his hands. With the degree of criminality that has taken place in North America during and since 9/11...bloody hands (i.e., a seriously compromised (blackmailable) candidate) are a must!

That's the end of this RANT....s'long for now.

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