Thursday, August 13, 2015

Canadian Political Scandal....Take the "Idiot Test' along with all Canadians

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Here goes the test, Folks.  It will prove once and for all whether YOU ARE AN IDIOT...or you are not.

The CBC is reportering on the Mike Duffy Trial.  Mike Duffy is a Canadian Senator (former CBC political analyst) who was suspended from the Senate after he got caught with his chubby little hands in the Taxpaying Public's cookie jar. He ran up unauthorized "expenses" of over $90,000. Nigel Wright was Prime Minister Stephen Harper's right hand man at the time. According to the CBC:
....Wright testified he paid $90,000 of Duffy's expenses while serving as the prime minister's chief of staff because he felt he had an "obligation" to fulfil an arrangement that he said he made with Duffy.
Wright also testified that Harper wasn't informed that the Conservative fund was to be used in an initial plan to pay off Duffy's expenses, when they were believed to be only $32,000. Wright also reaffirmed what he said in a past statement, that Harper did not know he would be paying personally to cover those expenses.
Wright's term as chief of staff ended weeks later when that information became public, though it is still unclear whether he resigned or was fired.
Court also heard about a series of back-and-forth negotiations in 2013  between members of the PMO and Duffy's lawyer, in an attempt to reach an agreement that would see Duffy accept some responsibility for his controversial expenses. In return, those expenses, thought to be $32,000, would be covered by the party fund, Wright testified.
Wright said the deal went sour when it was learned Duffy's expenses actually totalled $90,000. That's when Wright personally intervened with his own money, court heard.....

After news of the scandal of Duffy's unauthorized expenses broke, Nigel Wright moved to Europe, where he now lives. Why? The following will explain a lot. Well, Nigel tried to convince Duffy to accept and pay the unauthorized expenses himself. Duffy refused. So, what did Wright do? He paid Duffy's expenses himself...out of his own pocket. Wright has testified to that effect in a court of law in Canada this week. [during a federal election campaign...this is VERY big news]. Why did Wright pay $90,000 out of his own pocket...without telling his boss, Stephen Harper? Well, the most logical answer is that Nigel is still angry that his mother named him "Nigel" at birth and is in self-destruct mode....


Nigel and his boss were being blackmailed by Duffy and HAD to pay the $90, keep some even worse secret from coming out.

If you do believe that Nigel:

a) did not tell his boss Stephen Harper about the payment, and/or

b) paid it out of the "goodness of his heart"

You are a certified idiot/aka "average Canadian voter".

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