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Canadian Election Update

Federal Political Party Leaders
2015 Canadian Fall Election Campaign
From Left to Right - Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Quebecois,
 Stephen Harper, Conservatives, Elizabeth May, Green Party,
 Thomas Mulcair, New Democratic Party
and Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party.

As the summer winds down, and the Duffy Trial in Ottawa drones on....the Federal election campaign is heating up.  I am going to post from The Straight Goods a seminal piece I just read last night.  This post on struck a chord with me as a British Columbian.  The thesis is that NDP Candidate Thomas Mulcair, who is out in front by several percentage points at the moment...is going to roll over in the end.... and allow Stephen Harper to win YET ANOTHER TERM.  This is what happened in the last BC election.  British Columbians are still shaking their heads in disbelief over the last provincial election where the provincial NDP literally handed the election to Christy Clark's corrupt Liberal party....or the globalist PTB took the election away...whatever.

There is a strange pungent whiff in the wind coming from back east and it's not a backyard BBQ.  Read the following post and keep your eyes on the bouncing ball.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Is Thomas Mulcair Intending A “British Columbia Outcome” for the October Federal Election?


Written by Robin Mathews

"The outcome of the 2013 B.C. Election is burned into the souls of British Columbians. Beginning with a 20 point lead, the NDP went down to ignominious defeat. Even people who weren’t fond of the NDP knew a change was needed and helped make up the 20 point lead. But the B.C. NDP handed the election to the neo-liberal, deeply corrupt, so-called “Liberal” party of British Columbia (always in close harmony with the present national Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper.) The NDP lost the election as if it wanted to lose the election.

Could it be that the NDP did want to lose the B.C. election? And could it be that Thomas Mulcair and his “advisors” (how many from the BC election?) want to lose the 2015 national election? The federal NDP campaign pattern is shaping up to be stunningly similar to the B.C. campaign.

In British Columbia corruption was the first, second, third, and fourth most important issue. Rail tracks in B.C. were leaking pus from the corrupt sell-out of BC Rail. Hydro lines were dripping pus from the tragic corruption in BC Hydro. (For ten years - plus – year after year, the Auditor General of British Columbia publicly refused to accept the accounting practices of BC Hydro.) The give-away of B.C. rivers to private exploitation gave a new, lurid meaning to “exploitation”, as did the needless splitting and privatizing parts of BC Hydro.

BC Ferries became a tragic, ridiculous non-privatization to coddle corporate blood-suckers of many kinds. The scandal in Children and Families was brushed under the carpet. The person running as Liberal leader was Christie Clark who was Education minister (2001) under whom the government (court judgements still in process) – is accused of violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to savage the province’s teachers. The attack on unions was endless and dirty….

And much, much, much more ….

The B.C. NDP apparently decided it would be unmannerly, offensive to delicate ears, unbecoming to gentlemen and ladies to discuss the major issue in British Columbia – galloping corruption in every nook and cranny of government operation … corruption costing the B.C. people billions of dollars and dragging the democratic process into a pit of shame and ignominy. B.C. was so corrupt that Stephen Harper personally picked long-time B.C. “Liberal” premier, Gordon Campbell, to be Canada’s High Commissioner in London!

In the present federal election there is but one issue: Corruption – the corruption of the Conservative government, the corruption of the Conservative Party of Canada, the corruption of Stephen Harper, leader. Every other matter is secondary, because every other so-called issue is a product of the core corruption in the present government.

Ralph Surette, in the Halifax Chronicle Herald wrote on August 10, 2015 the following. “This is not an election like any other. What’s at stake is nothing less than the integrity of Canada’s most fundamental features – the justice system, the electoral system, the public service, the tax system and Parliament itself – all of which Harper has relentlessly assaulted ….”

Nor is the fact of Conservative corruption an uncertain claim argued by a small body of observers. Information has been pouring out in newstories, columns, articles, books. Books: Brent Rathgeber, Irresponsible government: The Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada; Lawrence Martin, Harperland: The Politics of Control; Michael Harris, Party of One; Donald Gutstein, Harperism; Mel Hurtig, The Arrogant Autocrat.

Maud Barlow has a long article written for the Council of Canadians; Ralph Surette points to voices-voix.ca in which a coalition of “200 civil society groups like Amnesty Canada and Democracy Watch” present a report entitled “Dismantling Democracy”. The news website, The Tyee, has prepared and released an accounting “of Harper government assaults on democracy and law”. The Tyee group lists 70 abuses by the Conservative government, itemizing violations, crimes, deceptions. At every turn information is available: the list given here is just a start….

But none of it has, apparently, been picked up by Thomas Mulcair, leader of the National New Democratic Party.

At the beginning of the two-hour Maclean’s leaders’ debate Thomas Mulcair should have pointed out the categories for debate amounted to one thing: Stephen Harper corruption and the corruption of the Conservative government. Thomas Mulcair should have seized, held, and controlled the two hours of debate, focussing every subject on its aspects corrupted by the Conservative government. That would not have been hard to do.

But Thomas Mulcair never mentioned corruption in the first, major election debate. Nor has he mentioned the subject since. That looks and sounds like the strategy followed in B.C. in 2013 by the NDP to assure that it would not become government, to assure that the deeply corrupt government in power would stay in power. The psychology of such a state of being is very hard for ordinary, honest, straight-forward people – like most Canadians – to grasp. How … WHY … does the leader of the Opposition and his Party miss – purposefully avoid - the major issue in a national election?

Why would a political party that could take power in an election decide to “throw” the election … and award it to a grossly corrupt entity guaranteed to strip the population of its rights and freedoms?

Let us say – to start – that the major issue in the present election, Conservative Corruption, had to be discussed (in private) by Thomas Mulcair and organizers preparing their NDP election strategy. They had to decide to avoid the subject of corruption – and they had to have a reason or reasons to make that decision…?

As I write, documents and testimony are flowing from the trial of Mike Duffy on 31 (Alice-in-Wonderland) charges of fraud, breach of trust, and bribery. The documents and testimony are rock-solid in their content. Canadians may, I believe, honestly conclude from them: (1) That Stephen Harper was deeply involved in the deception involving the whole operation; (2) that Nigel Wright should be charged with breach of trust, and offering and concluding a bribe; (3) that Mike Duffy (whatever his paddings of expenses) was (first) pressured to follow Prime Minister’s Office plans; and (4) then (secondly) had charges heaped and heaped and heaped against him – as what seems like revenge.

When the charges were laid Duff Conacher, former head, and present director, of Democracy Watch, stated - with crystal clarity (July 17, 2014): “the RCMP and prosecutor’s opinion of Nigel Wright’s role is entirely legally and factually incorrect.” The present trial is underscoring Conacher’s statement.

We don’t need Conacher’s expert opinion to realize corruption involving the Prime Minister’s Office and some Senate members has almost certainly been extended to the Prosecution Office and to the RCMP. Thomas Mulcair should be on his feet – all over Canada – in genuine anger and urgency, revealing, explaining, analyzing, drawing conclusions about the GIGANTIC FRAUD Harper and his group have perpetrated on all Canadians (as well as Mike Duffy). It is the responsibility of the Leader of the Opposition and Opposition Party members to inform the public, to tell Canadians in clear, comprehensible terms the meaning of government crime that has to be of grave concern to them.

[Faced with the issue on the campaign trail, Stephen Harper acts ‘in character’ . He declares (groundlessly) that he will not comment on a matter before the courts. But he doesn’t say that until he has repeated his (obviously) rehearsed comment about the matter before the courts that - knowing nothing of the matter – when he learned of it, he acted. He, of course, “learned of it” when a CTV journalist spilled the beans on a matter his team was doing everything possible to keep secret.]

Thomas Mulcair is avoiding the subject, and NDP candidates are ‘following the leader’. Why? WHY?

A charge against them of bottomless stupidity is not good enough.

The radical Conspiracy Theory that Thomas Mulcair is in the NATO/U.S./Israel loop moving towards World Government by Global Fascist Private Corporations seems impossible to credit….

But something is wrong … something is deeply wrong. Are we facing (because of NDP failure to fight the election campaign on the real issue) an historical situation in which Canadians will be pulled into a state of repression, poverty, and despair (over decades) until a wholly new force is born to fight its way to something like a life of decency for Canadians? In his latest article in Common Ground (Aug, 2015) Anthony Hall calls this election, “the most important federal election in Canadian history”. Aware Canadians know Tony Hall is right.

Thomas Mulcair, apparently, is not among those Canadians."

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