Friday, August 21, 2015

American Boxer meets Putin, requests Russian Passport

US boxer Roy Jones Jr. asks for Russian passport over cup of tea with Putin in Crimea
US Boxer Roy Jones Jr and Vladimir Putin 

Folks, this is what I've said in earlier posts...One of the biggest concerns the criminal oligarchy that took over the US in a bloody (over 3,000 innocents killed) coup on 9/11 has... is the flow of Americans to Russia.  Americans, particularly young males...are moving there (Russia and Ukraine) to work, live and fight for Novovossia.

How do I know this?  From snatches that I read in the M$M.  The M$M doesn't dare report on this directly but when you read stories that "More Americans renouncing American Citizenship in one year than any other year" know the Yanks have to be going somewhere.

Americans are just like any other people...they will flee tyrannical rule and unjust laws.  And what is it about Black American boxers?  The last American who stood up to the "Military Industrial Complex" ...which regards America as just a breeding ground for soldiers to fight their globalist wars...was another boxing heavyweight champion...Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay

You gotta believe the perps are pi$$ing their pants over this...and planning how to punish this boxer like they punished Ali...take away his championship?  Wait for it!!

And memo to Putin...give the Boxer a Russian passport as a humanitarian gesture...he will NEED it!

Simon and Garfunkel singing their classic "The Boxer"

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