Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Media Oddity Binge

Giant Chicken Church built by one man in
Indonesian Jungle - Metaphor for a Truth Blog?

Some days blogging is like jogging through quicksand.  Google can be soooooo slow and so can Explorer...depending on what subjects you're researching. As a blogger, I identified with the man in the Indonesian Jungle who built a "Chicken Church"--because a higher voice told him to. At times, I feel I'm also answering a higher voice--to spend a lot of time and energy on building something (this blog) that's a lot like erecting a chicken church in a jungle. A truth blog is also an isolated voice crying out in the wilderness (of lies) and focused on an obscure "quasi religion" in today's society--the "Truth".

Today, for example, I wanted to post on some of the summer oddities that are clogging (blogging, jogging and clogging, how's that for alliteration?) up the alternate and mainstream media. Over the years, I've noticed an ebb and flow pattern in the media. In summer, when most folks take their vacations and corporations, including media corporations, are working at half stories tend to be sensational and/or scandalous. These stories can be easily blamed on "summer interns/practicum students". Summer is when NASA publishes a lot of its lies, such as discoveries of "new" outer space bodies and mountain ranges on moons. When will NASA understand that once credibility has been lost, it's been lost across the spectrum? If NASA lied about moon rocks and "losing" 700 boxes of original Apollo's a liar...pure and simple.  No exceptions!

Summer is also when we hear from eccentrics, like that 73 year old ALS suffer and genius---Stephen Hawking. Like fellow truth blogger Jim Stone, I'm starting to wonder if there has been more than one Stephen can this fellow have lived so long with ALS...which severely limits lifespan?  Just one of life's mysteries. Stephen Hawking recently made a pronouncement about "finding alien life" in the universe. Time to figure out what role Hawking plays in enabling the "official propaganda narrative/agenda".

You know when you've touched a "truth" nerve--when the Internet servers slow down to a snail's pace. I really started to have trouble with Explorer today when I tried to upload a video onto this post about Autism being likely caused by the MMR vaccine. A woman in the UK is saying that her severely autistic 18 year old son became disabled immediately after getting the vaccine when he was a toddler. Of course, it's only anecdotal evidence. The way the mockingbird press has downgraded the scientific value of "anecdotal evidence" is one of my favourite hobby horses. Parents' witnessing what's going on with their own child is totally disregarded by the medical community when it comes to vaccinations. I find this see, my child also developed ADD (and a learning disability) immediately after getting the MMR vaccine when he was about 3 years old. Several years ago now, my now adult son reported to me that he has a clear memory of...waking up the morning after he got his shot...lying in bed and not being able to feel his legs for some moments. Either he did not tell me about this or I blocked it out for several decades until he reminded me about it. I do remember he became flushed/feverish, had a very sore arm and was lethargic and sleepy within moments of getting the shot. Of course, I was so never occurred to me that there could be serious side effects from such a universal vaccine. Big Pharma has now come out with studies admitting a link between autism and vaccine...but thus far it's only made the back pages. But, like NASA, Big Pharma has now lost credibility. I would (and do) caution all new parents about ALL vaccines. Unfortunately, at this point in history, parents are still caught between a rock (society's rules) and a hard place (anecdotal evidence of vaccine harm to children). All I can say is...a good law suit $eeking damage$--would work wonders!

Finally, during the summer doldrums...the press also focuses on "hot button" social topics it might otherwise play down...such as the "State of Justice in the USA". The media is again full of stories of police brutality and, in particular, against racial minorities. As Paul Craig Roberts says in the excellent link above, while the press reports incident after incident of police rarely analyses the root causes of this trend...such as the training of the police to regard citizens as 'the enemy" instead of people who hired them to "serve and protect". There is a direct line of dots connecting the uptick in police brutality and the deterioration/destruction of the justice system...police know they will not be held accountable for crimes. There is also a direct line of dots connecting the huge increase in the prison population in the US and the "for profit" prison system in the US. Capitalism gone haywire! Connecting dots is what truth bloggers dooooooo.

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