Saturday, July 4, 2015

CawRANT Events #8

CawRANT Events #8

The Pacific North West Coast is well into the third week of an unprecedented scorcher. This heat wave, no doubt, is having a serious effect on our rain forests. You can almost hear the trees crying out in thirst. Time for a RANT!

First, to a couple of housekeeping matters...back in early June, I posted a story about a cocaine bust in the US that turned out to be bogus. It was one of those stories that you really hoped was true, because it would have torn the lid off the drug smuggling over the Mexican border that we all know is going on by the CIA. Even Jeff Rense was fooled. I had to post a retraction--and have removed the "favourite blog" Political Vel Craft that contained the bogus story--from my "Favourites". Secondly, one of my favourite blogs, Old Phartte in Training...(just a compendium of other blogs) now has a "blogger survey' that pops up on it...and is very annoying. I'm thinking of removing the blog from my blog roll for that reason alone.

The Canadian papers are now warning that "Canada is already in recession". IMO, this is a scare tactic related to the upcoming October 19th Federal Election. The Alberta election shocker (NDP victory) still fresh in their memories...the mainstream media is starting a campaign of fear in the that people will be afraid to vote NDP (socialist).

I want to say a few things about how disgusting "Popular Culture" has become. I don't want to sound like an old fogy...remembering how our generation "disgusted" our parents. Shocking parents is part of the process of growing's called "individuation". The young carve out an image of themselves that's distinct from their parents. But I think this is something more. Pop culture is melding with the globalist, fascist, 1%--to brainwash and degrade the young. Not only are pop culture "icons" meeting with the ziofascist puppets. (Elvis met with Nixon). But pop videos have sunk to a whole new level of porn/crime promotion. I came across a POS called Rihanna, and her new Video BBHMM.  BTW, the letters stand for "Bitch Better Have My Money."  You would think she was singing about Greece and the IMF.

Kwik Quiz:  Who Bombs Mosques?

Speaking of noxious entities, the invasive Japanese knotwood plant is... HEEEEERRREEEE.  
As an avid gardener...I would advise others with growing space, no matter how start fighting against this weed (the Japanese knotwood)...pull it up wherever you see it. Another plant to get rid of in your garden is any kind of ivy. If allowed to grow in a garden or worse, a forest, it will eventually overcome and kill all other plants. It cannot restrain itself--as it is genetically programmed to overwhelm. Remind you of any type of "humans"?

Speaking of the ecology. Smart cities are on the horizon. We will all be hooked up to a grid and it will be against the law to live on, as an example, wood burning fire places or solar power. Do humans have an inherent right to live "off the grid"?  Personally, I believe we do. Most significantly, I believe solar power is a lot more adaptable than we've been told.  I believe it could power cars and even airplanes, if the energy was made store able. Of course, they need the technology to do this and who would be against that, I wonder? After power can't be hoarded and fought over, like carbon fuels.  We all have access to the sky and sun above, don't we, Eh?!

A few last minute geopolitical notes. Ukraine's Poroshenko recently admitted that the overthrow of Yanukovych was a coup.  Wonder what that it a Quid for a Pro Quo of receiving some gas from Russia? Poroshenko's caught between rock (EU) and hard place (Nazis). Russia has recently agreed to give Ukraine some more gas to keep its homes lit. Russia could have chosen to tighten the screws and force Ukraine into some political concessions...but they didn't.  Of course, the Western main$tream media will not be reporting on Russia's generosity. It has to maintain the boogy-man meme.

But I don't think the US military will be taking on the Rooskies any time real soon. Just from a superficial looks like the US is losing the cold war military race big time. Their latest rocket to the International Space Station (the ISS, as you may recall was designed and built by Russia) recently blew up shortly after launch. They haven't successfully launched a rocket into space for some time now. The Rooskies had to come to the rescue and launch their own rocket with supplies to the ISS. Also, it appears that the primary warplane used by the US has turned out to be a lemon. Unfortunately, the US has sold that lemon to a lot of other countries, including Canada.  But what is the Canadian military anyway, if not a storage warehouse for out-dated and/or faulty military hardware from the US and UK? Remember the lemon submarines Canada bought from the UK? Wonder where they are now.

Hope the "No" vote wins in Greece tomorrow...but if it's anything like the "Scottish Independence Vote" of a few months doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Well, that's it for this RANT. until the next time.....


Penny said...

"Smart cities are on the horizon. We will all be hooked up to a grid and it will be against the law to live on, as an example, wood burning fire places or solar power"

They aren't if we reject them- we have the power
Reject the technology that is used to enslave us- that starts with dumping anything starting with 'smart' which means pain

Smart Cities are Human Farms- controlling the commodity- controlling the human resource
always remind readers of this option GC- nothing is written in stone- nothing
we absolutely should reject our cradle to grave enslavement
I feel very strongly about this subject- it has been on my mind quite a lot as of late
the future generations need our help, because, we remember freedom far more then they ever have

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, Penny. Yes, we can outsmart the smart getting rid of all appliances that are 'smart". The problem in can't have any channels anymore unless you are "digital" or "smart". As you've said before, Penny, we certainly don't have to buy "smart locks" for our doors...(but then they'll probably up our home insurance if we don't).

What we need is competition...alternatives...choices. That's what future governments need to deliver...or they're toast!!!

jo6pac said...

Here's fun site that covers energy ideas new and old even cold fusion.