Sunday, July 5, 2015

UPDATE: "OXI" 61% "No"...Orthodox world gives 5th "No" to Anglo-Zionist Empire

UPDATE:  July 5, 2015 - Must read analysis by Paul Craig Roberts.  The Greek result is so positive on so many levels, it's almost too good to believe. "Been down so long, it seems like up to me." Could this actually be the beginning of the end of the ziofascist cabal?

The final results of the Greek Referendum are in and it's a definitive "No".  As Saker sums it up very's actually the 5th time the Orthodox world has said "No". 

Early Greek Referendum Results say 60% voted "No" to Troika Bailout "Offer"

Polls in Greece are now closed and the counting has begun...early reports are that 60% of Greeks voted "No" ("OXI") to the referendum question. Reminds me of early results in the Bush/Kerry election which were also significantly in Kerry's favour...then, there was an ominous silence in the media reporting...followed by a complete 180 degree turnaround and Bush "won".

I'm wondering who's tabulating the referendum count.  In the US and Canada...amazingly, shockingly and little known by citizens of those is the mainstream media that tabulates and reports on the results. Sure, the boxes are opened by the locals monitored by scrutineers and ballots counted. But then the local results are phoned in to "headquarters" (which is actually "media" run) and publicly reported from there. The vote fraud happens at "headquarters". So it's not over yet...not by a long's those last few hours and minutes where the fraudsters take over.

If the vote count is legit...and the "No" wins...then there will be the maneuvering and positioning for the official "spin" on the results. Was it a "feather in the cap" of the cabal?  Or, was it a "black eye"? I am always reminded of Joseph Heller's "Catch 22`` novel, which was the original satire on official spin.  The RT report linked to above says that 90% of the money loaned by the IMF to Greece went to pay off Bankster loans.  Only 10% went to the people.  That revelation is shocking...but hardly surprising.

Did the Troika finally overplay their hand in Greece.or was this what they wanted all along?  I'm sure the spin will say the latter. There will be a `calming of the waters`so the markets don`t go into a tailspin. It`s all about the markets to the cabal...dontcha know. If the "No" side won...we will know within the next few days whether the leaders were real representatives of the people or just more puppets.  If they are real representatives of the people...they better have good security and bodyguards...that's all I can suggest.

Finally, the big question I want to ask...and of course it NEVER will be asked is...if the Greeks are allowed to have a referendum and the results are honoured...WHY ARE THE PEOPLE OF CRIMEA NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE THE RESULTS OF THEIR REFERENDUM ON RE-JOINING THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (where they voted over 90% in favour) HONOURED by the West?????!


RickB said...

Excellent commentary. Yes, the counting isn't finished yet.

greencrow said...

Thanks for the kudo, RickB. Encouragement is the reward of blogging.