Thursday, June 4, 2015

What came first...the chicken (bird flu) shortage hoax? Or the egg shortage hoax?

Chicken and Egg

This bird flu controversy has been going on for decades now and frankly, I'm getting sick of it.  Years ago, whole farms of thousands of chickens had to be destroyed in the outlying farming regions of lower mainland British Columbia.  Supposedly, some chicken/egg farmers were wiped out.

I remember reading about suspicions by some...that some of the birds were getting sick due to deliberate contamination of the barns by some nefarious individuals.  Witnesses, after the fact, reported that they had seen strangers hanging around the chicken farms and going into the barns.  The unfortunate rule is, even if only one bird is contaminated...the entire flock has to be destroyed.

From the article linked above:
Did you know that 25 percent of all egg production in the United States has already been taken offline due to the bird flu crisis?  You aren’t hearing much about this in the mainstream media, but at this point bird flu has claimed the lives of 45 million chickens and turkeys in America.
When I wrote about this a month ago, the number of dead birds was sitting at about 20 million.  In just 30 days, the death toll has risen by an astounding 20 million.  This is a major crisis and it is already causing egg shortages around the country, and yet very few people seem alarmed about this?  Why is that?

Well, that's a LOT of chickens and turkeys...not to mention eggs.  I have an alternative theory about what's going on...price fixing.  The oldest game in the world.  Make a commodity scarce and then prices will be driven up.  After all...those damn chickens keep laying after day after's hard for a farmer to keep collecting them and, with thousands of eggs...the low price with such a market not worth the effort.  The poultry and egg collectives (in  Canada known as "marketing boards") need to protect their profit line.  So they might be tempted to pretend, and then highly publicize, a devastating illness--when it is really a price-fixing cull of the flock. Could there be insurance claims involved?  Well, I dunno.

There.  I've given my "reverse engineering" theory of what's going on with this so-called "bird flu". It's all (yet another) hoax. I feel better already.

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