Saturday, June 20, 2015

UPDATED Was the South Carolina Church Shootings a False Flag?

UPDATE:  June 22, 2015 - a consensus seems to be forming in the alternate media that this was yet another (Yawn) US Shadow Government False Flag.  I say the biggest "tell" is the way the media covered this episode vs the other two mass shootings that took place within 24 hours of the SC shooting (one in Philidelphia and the other in Detroit).  In the SC False Flag, it was the media feeding frenzy/"binge" coverage methodology and in the latter was the "if we ignore it, it didn't happen' methodology....both standard tactics.

Frankly, I have to force myself to delve into all the permutations and perambulations of this latest "Lone Nut run amok".  All I will point out is that this episode (like all the previous ones) needs to be examined primarily in terms of its timing.  Timing is everything with False Flags.  This one (if it was one) was timed to go off at exactly the same as the big St. Petersburg Economic conference in Russia. The Conference has 6,000 business leader attendees from all over the world with Putin as a keynote speaker.  Putin also made himself available for an unprecedented late night session with all the media of the world who attended.

I cannot ignore the timing and speculate that it may well have been a planned media distraction from the St Petersburg conference. No doubt, the Pentaguys and gals have False Flags lined up like chickens at a slaughter house...awaiting the proper times. After all...distraction is an indispensable tool to use on the ADHD US mainStream media and public.  Look Up!  No...Look over THERE!

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