Monday, June 22, 2015

Vote for Trump for President of the US!

Donald Trump

One of my favourite truth bloggers, Paul Craig Roberts, has come out with an early endorsement for candidate Donald Trump for President. Actually, Roberts denies that he's actually endorsing Trump...he insists he's just pointing out the positives of a Trump candidacy. His arguments make a lot of sense.

Trump’s ego might even be strong enough for him to stand up to the Israel Lobby, something my former colleague, Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said publicly that no American President was capable of doing.
It would take a lot of money to outbid Trump, although if he neglects the Secret Service and the CIA, he could go the way of John F. and Bobby Kennedy. He would have to make certain he was well protected if he cuts the budget of the military/security complex.
Money, lots of it, has one great virtue. Money in sufficient amounts conveys INDEPENDENCE. Trump, if press reports are correct, has money. This means, if correct, that Trump, unlike every other candidate, has independence from the ruling handful of private interest groups.
If Trump can assemble independent thinkers as his advisers, thus keeping himself out of the hands of the usual interest groups, should he be able to get elected, his administration could succeed in taking America in a more promising direction.
An important question is: can a really rich person find and be comfortable with peers who are not themselves really rich? If not, then Trump is not our man. But if Trump wants to save our country, he has the money and the ego, and he can find enough people to help him.
This opportunity doesn’t mean that it will be seized or that it would pan out. If Trump is our best choice, imagine how deplorable our situation is.

I actually agree with the very least...Trump would be bringing some new, not recycled, blood into the White House. But, speaking of I concluded in my earlier post...the PTB will only allow a blackmailable candidate (preferably with lots of blood on his hands) to succeed to the presidency...which they own. They bought the presidency through the blood of the 9/11 atrocity which they perpetrated on the American people.

The cabal have shown what they will do to "typical" candidates who throw their hats into the ring of what they naively believe is a functioning democracy.  Does anyone else remember "The Dean Scream"? 

US Presidential Candidate Howard Dean on TV---
The clip was manipulated by the Main$tream Media to show Dean as "slightly deranged" then it was played over, and over, and over again--until he was thoroughly "Trumped".
Hey...did I just say "Trumped"?

And that's just the kinder, gentler method of getting rid of "unsuitable" candidates. No...the jackals have already started circling Trump. The main$tream media began to ridicule his candidacy from the moment he declared.  This will swell to a fever pitch...and will make it impossible for him to get fair consideration.  He won't even make it to the final ballot.

Let's be perfectly clear. The Shadow Government will not allow Trump (or any candidate not chosen by them) to win... and will GO TO ANY LENGTHS to ensure that does not happen. The United States is no longer a functioning democracy.  Everything is rigged.  

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